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Proliferation of Insanity

When insanity becomesthe normbecomes insanityWhen insanity becomesthe normbecomes insanity


Emotion trumps logic and reason

Evoking an emotional response is the basis for headlines, plot lines, story lines and so much more.   The more emotionally captivated an audience, the less a need for logic and reason.

If one only looks only at the body of work that is the news it would be easy to assume that every category of violence and crime has increased dramatically to the point of overtaking every fabric of society.   Even if categorically false, and can be proven statistically, it matters not.   What is seen is a never ending constant visual barrage of rape, ravage and pillage 24 hours a day seven days a week.

It was not that long ago, though, when the newspaper and the 5:00 a clock news were main sources of information.   The newspaper delivered daily, and sometimes only weekly depending on how rural the area.  The news segments lasted a merely hour (coupled with late night news and the morning news).  That is a stark contrast to today’s world, but is their more news worthy events?  Or, do we have more time slots to fill and as such less than news worthy material ends up making the headlines?

When emotions run high, logic and reason can be thrown right out the window.  It is only through time, looking back, that the picture becomes much clearer to see.   Part of that is disassociating from the emotion of the moment.

Has life really changed that much, or rather has the coverage of life changed?  Or both?

May history be the guide.