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Embrace It All?

Living life
without an ounce of gratitude
is living without realizing
the vast blessings
bestowed by life’s

Living life
Being grateful for only what
has been so gratiously given
provides only half of
the vast blessings
bestowed by life’s

Living life
Offering thanks for the pleasure
but not the pain the sun
but neglecting the rain
embraces not fully
the vast blessings
bestowed by life’s

Living Life
With regard only to the wins
Celebrating only success
Grateful to only that
But not the full
bounty that is
life’s givings
is to
all of
living life?

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I AM … G R A T E F U L …

  1. I am grateful to be me.
    • I’ve had the good fortune to like, even love, the person that I am and enjoy my individuality, creativity, my mind, and my thought process.
  2. I am grateful for my castle.
    • I have the most beautiful house, and I love every inch of it now and am so excited for beautification projects.
  3. I am grateful for Anthony and Ryan
    • Amazing how they have grown into young men. Anthony is strong and sensitive at the same time. He is as honest as honest can be, and isn’t afraid to share what’s on his mind. Ryan is an artist’s soul that even when not playing music or writing still has that wonderful side.
  4. I am grateful for Mr. Scheister.
    • All anyone needs is Love and a dog. Scheister is the best dog ever.  He doesn’t care when gets up, what time he is fed, he is just so completely chill.   And, he has the chillest personality and is always in a good mood.
  5. I am grateful for Arionna, Alora and Toni
    • Awesome, together and individually doing great things in the world for themselves and shining stars each and every one.
  6. I am grateful for the breath of life.
    • Every breath is involuntary, most goes unnoticed, but without breath I would have no life. I am equally grateful for life itself, and to be able to live in this moment in time.
  7. I am grateful for my parents.
    • For my parents are what gave me life, and without them I am nothing.
  8. I am grateful for Marie and Chance
    • Family is forever, and I am fortunate to have an insanely supportive one, especially with the insanity that is me and my whacky ways.
  9. I am grateful for humor.
    • “If you can make me laugh. I don’t care how much work you do.” That was my indoctrination into my first job at college, and it is something I have followed ever since.  I love to laugh, and love those who make me laugh!
  10. I am grateful for the sky.
    • On days like today when I look upwards and see nothing but constant and consistent blue with shades of contrast on the horizon makes me wonder if it could ever get any better than this.
  11. I am grateful for the night.
    • There is something peaceful about the night, the stars, and the peace that comes from absence of light.
  12. I am grateful for my own thoughts.
    • In the silence and sanctity of my own, I find respite from the world around as I make my own.
  13. I am grateful for learning.
    • There is something stupendous about the wonder of learning of something new.
  14. I am grateful for words.
    • Because, words matter.
  15. I am grateful for finding my way.
    • It is my way I seek, to be better and better in every way, every single day.
  16. I am grateful for art and culture.
    • We breathe to live but we live to love, and to love life.
  17. I am grateful for music.
    • “My religion is Billy Idol.” – from a dream I had years ago.
  18. I am grateful for movies & television.
    • To be able to create characters, stories, and dialogue that captives as well as cultivates emotional response is such a surreal experience that transcends time and space.
  19. I am grateful for my misery.
    • Because, it is my own. I wouldn’t want anyone else’s journey.
  20. I am grateful for humans and human interest.
    • Human interest stories are my favorite, and we all have a story. I like to hear them, see them, investigate, and know more about people.
  21. I am grateful for the unknown.
    • Not having to have the answers, to be able to let go and be ok with not knowing, and allowing myself to explore the depths of my being and the wonders of all that life has in its most wonderful giving.
  22. I am grateful for my teachers.
    • I love school I actually love being in class. Learning is such an aphrodisiac and I had some amazing teachers who propelled me to delve further into my curiosity and to engage in the process of excavating into new layers of gaining knowledge.
  23. I am grateful for being alone.
    • Being alone does not necessarily equate to loneliness and while I have tasted this too, I enjoy my time to myself, which has been a majority of my life.
  24. I am grateful for diversity.
    • In thought, in people, in eccentricities. I love to see, taste and experience different cultures, foods, ideas, and philosophies.
  25. I am grateful for love.
    • As critical as breath is for living.
  26. I am grateful for touch.
    • See above.
  27. I am grateful for awakening.
    • Rising to new heights of awareness, seeing every moment with the newness of a child and capturing its essence.
  28. I am grateful for sleep.
    • Oh, how I have to come to love thee as she is the most beautiful of comforts on a long night.
  29. I am grateful for my car.
    • Not just because it is functional but because it is also offers me great comfort, is safe and I’m able to enjoy my music coming and going.
  30. I am grateful for the material world.
    • I love that we are able to have nice things, to enjoy something more than the basic necessities.
  31. I am grateful for my abundant healthy.
    • And, getting younger and younger by the day.
  32. I am grateful I have never been admitted to a hospital.
    • And, that will continue to be true.
  33. I am grateful for the mirror.
    • Being able to look in the mirror and not only like but enjoy what I see in the reflection is truly special and something I don’t take lightly, because it’s many years of work.
  34. I am grateful for all of my incredible wealth
    • Every cent allows me more freedom to do what I want, when I want, with whomever I want, and that is such a beautiful thing.
  35. I am grateful for my neighborhood and neighbors.
    • It is quaint, quiet and peaceful community. That is pretty sweet.
  36. I am grateful for Candy.
    • Without her, there would no A&R, who truly are gifts.
  37. I am grateful for James.
    • He is at his core a really sweet soul.
  38. I am grateful to be heard.
    • To be in silenced, instead of being silent, is having a gag not only on the mouth but also to the depths of the soul.
  39. I am grateful for Cathy.
    • Beautiful beyond compare, and the experiences are beyond measure, 4 years worth of positive and memorable, beautiful and bright, a most wonderful delight with so much gained love, light and one of the best periods in my life.
  40. I am grateful for Thumper.
    • Our first dog that I remember sitting underneath the dining room table thumping its tail against the floor.
  41. I am grateful for grandma and granddad Willson.
    • My favorite people growing up with Granddad being so open and trusting and Grandma being so alive.
  42. I am grateful for growing up Wright.
    • Because, anything else would have been wrong. Such a magical upbringing being able to be outside, running, playing sports, basketball, football in Gary and Jason’s yard, woofle ball in the back yard, those were all so much fun.
  43. I am grateful for fun.
    • My second favorite f word.
  44. I am grateful for a dirty mind.
    • Because, I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints.
  45. I am grateful for being shallow.
    • Because, that way I don’t drown.
  46. I am grateful for the ability to see multiple points of view.
    • Not merely black and white, right and wrong, and this or that.
  47. I am grateful for traveling.
    • Exploring and seeing new sights is a sight to see.
  48. I am grateful for AA.
    • To be able to travel the globe, and see things I never thought I’d see.
  49. I am grateful for Florida.
    • For embracing me and welcoming me as my home as I would have never for a second believed I would ever be here, except maybe on vacation.
  50. I am grateful I can take a compliment.
    • Some are proud that they can take a punch, but I’m more grateful I can take a compliment.There is always something to be thankful for. (1)
  51. I am grateful for Mark P.
    • Intellectual uplifting, and positive conversations are a must along with being surrounded by the same.
  52. I am grateful for Jodee S.
    • From kindergarten to today, the beauty of the world today is the ability to stay connected.
  53. I am grateful for Jeff S.
    • It’s those early childhood memories and people who meant so much who shape who we are today.
  54. I am grateful for Mark S.
    • The world outside is so much bigger than the world inside and to be out and about is the best place to explore.
  55. I am grateful for Eric M.
    • Intellectual masters who we were introduced through the dawn of the computer age, long before the world we see today.
  56. I am grateful for Gary B.
    • The yard with the slant that never stopped us from playing football every chance we got.
  57. I am grateful for Jason F.
    • Another yard, another friend who loved sports.
  58. I am grateful for Tom K.
    • Being able to be there in the most pivotal moments, those that change us forever.
  59. I am grateful for Elna B.
    • There are those who show us the way and those are there along the way, both guides of light.
  60. I am grateful for Jeremy L.
    • Heart Ranch was one the most places to reside, and of course, play basketball.
  61. I am grateful for Shannon L.
    • Even when dropping out of sight, there is something bright about the light that shimmers off the snow.
  62. I am grateful for Andy G.
    • Both he, and his dad, who was one of my first employers.
  63. I am grateful for Tom W.
    • Anytime you travel halfway around the world, you know there is a brother like no other.
  64. I am grateful for Catherine B.
    • Friends, become family, much the same especially when they are there when they thought you wouldn’t be able to make it through.
  65. I am grateful for John B.
    • Johny B good and the drawings that I kept as a keepsake for many years.
  66. I am grateful for Grant P.
    • Musical and basketball. Need we say more?
  67. I am grateful for Pamela.
    • Frozen, in time, not to be forgotten.
  68. I am grateful for Willie W.
    • Who said you’re not supposed to jump off a moving horse?
  69. I am grateful for Carey H.
    • Soulmate, best friend and first love all rolled into one magical person. One of the best periods of my life, and always cherished.
  70. I am grateful for Jenny H.
    • Hey, lil’ sis what have you done? Still have the engraved name plate.
  71. I am grateful for Peggy H.
    • For still today being on the holiday card list, which is always a favorite of every season.
  72. I am grateful for Paul G.
    • Coworkers who become great friends and share that common bond of heavy music.
  73. I am grateful for Clint W.
    • For introducing me into a new wonder, a music I never knew existed, and am forever grateful for the introduction.
  74. I am grateful for Paul A.
    • Basketball. And, more basketball.
  75. I am grateful for Floyd T.
    • Because, I’m still a pussy, even if not Faster Pussycat.
  76. I am grateful for Gregg B.
    • Having very unconventional college buddies was the name of the game.
  77. I am grateful for Dixie I.
    • And, very much the same.
  78. I am grateful for Monika C.
    • Great neighbors are beautiful inside and out.
  79. I am grateful for Kelly M.
    • At what point does long time friends become family?
  80. I am grateful for Jon M.
    • Gracious in giving.
  81. I am grateful for Bob and Norma.
    • Always a fun time with such sweet souls.
  82. I am grateful for Antje B.
    • Fun and weathered many a storm, more specifically, a few tornadoes.
  83. I am grateful for Marshall and Prima.
    • Two beautiful people who have done so much for our family.
  84. I am grateful for Angelique M.
    • It’s never too late or too early for New Year’s horse shoes.
  85. I am grateful for Oneida M.
    • Amazing to think both our kids were so young at that time, which seems a lifetime ago.
  86. I am grateful for Kelly M.
    • A true Vision of Change.
  87. I am grateful for Debbie S.
    • Love by not merely a last name, such a caring individual.
  88. I am grateful for Eric K.
    • Bud!
  89. I am grateful for Eddie.
    • Not just a neighbor but a great friend and an even better person.
  90. I am grateful for Suzanne B.
    • Caring is sharing, and sharing is caring and the epitome of caring.
  91. I am grateful for Judi H.
    • Love the many years of guidance, coaching, friendship, and so much more.
  92. I am grateful for Eric M.
    • We all need a champion to champion our efforts.
  93. I am grateful for Janine W.
    • English may be a second language, but kindness is certainly the first.
  94. I am grateful for Adam & Ron.
    • I wouldn’t be sitting here if it were not for you two.
  95. I am grateful for Alyn D.
    • Such a creative genius and wonderful friend.
  96. I am grateful for Bill G.
    • Great guy, and while it’s been too long, always thankful for then and now.
  97. I am grateful for Bob L.
    • Not only an exquisite photographer but an absolutely brilliantly amazing person.
  98. I am grateful for Shelly T.
    • While it may be frigid in Minnesota, couldn’t find a warmer heart.
  99. I am grateful for Carla F.
    • So many friends that I’ve never met, and yet, they are more so than those I meet every day.
  100. I am grateful for Dario P.
    • Introducing me into an industry I never thought I’d venture into but what an amazingly wonderful experience.
  101. I am grateful for Deana C.
    • Beautiful inside and out with such a sweet and caring soul.
  102. I am grateful for Dina S.
    • So sweet to have friends for so many years.
  103. I am grateful for Halley E.
    • Friend, coach, guide and such a really good person.
  104. I am grateful or Lynn A.
    • It’s not all BS, but then again, it is.
  105. I am grateful for Eli C.
    • When professional acquaintances become great friends.
  106. I am grateful for Linda L.
    • And, best of friends for sure.
  107. I am grateful for George I.
    • Drop the L and start Earning, such a wise one.
  108. I am grateful for Matt K.
    • Seeing such growth is inspiring.
  109. I am grateful for Jenny.
    • Even if wasn’t the right person, it was the right park.
  110. I am grateful for Gigi.
    • Kind and considerate.
  111. I am grateful for Gregory L.
    • A champion of a person who champions others in so many ways.
  112. I am grateful for Heather T.
    • Great friends are a special treat and seeing them living the life of their dreams is even better.
  113. I am grateful for Julie C.
    • Very much the same. An amazingly kind and considerate soul.
  114. I am grateful for Julie K.
    • Such a person with class, and fortitude, so only fitting we meet in class.
  115. I am grateful for Ivanka
    • Always striving to be the best.
  116. I am grateful for Claudine.
    • A heart as big as big can be.
  117. I am grateful for Jackie K.
    • A professional relation who becomes a great friend who is healing the world.
  118. I am grateful for Ilan Z.
    • Steelers!!!
  119. I am grateful for Elaine W.
    • Super sweet and such a thoughtful individual.
  120. I am grateful for Jolie D.
    • Beautiful soul delivering messages of light to the world day and night.
  121. I am grateful for Jim D.
    • Such a cool guy who as much just loves on people.
  122. I am grateful for Rene.
    • Can’t get any more generous a soul.
  123. I am grateful for Kevin G.
    • Because, he Rocks!!!!
  124. I am grateful for Kat D.
    • Wonderful warmness and such a great supporter and strength for family.
  125. I am grateful for Kevin S.
    • The industry would simply not be the same without him.Seems betterbefore addiction (1)
  126. I am grateful for Lisa O.
    • Such a great friend who makes wonderful introductions.
  127. I am grateful for Mark S.
    • A family man through and through.
  128. I am grateful for Jeff Y.
    • And, really good.  Family, friends, and community.
  129. I am grateful for Tim C.
    • Timmy!!!! Anyone who enjoys history is a friend of mine.
  130. I am grateful for Lou F.
    • For everything from my kids, to me, and everything done for my family.
  131. I am grateful for Lynn W.
    • Grounded and centered, through and through.
  132. I am grateful for Patrick M.
    • Intellectual discourse is always a favorite hobby of mine.
  133. I am grateful for Paola Z.
    • So nice to meet someone by chance who end up being really cool people.
  134. I am grateful for Rowena D.
    • Could not find a more authentic person with a bigger heart and kinder soul.
  135. I am grateful for Teryl Z.
    • The most perseverant person I will ever meet.
  136. I am grateful for Victoria M.
    • Just an awesome friend and a great person.
  137. I am grateful for Wendy S.
    • We are all in this together, and we help support one another.
  138. I am grateful for Michael K.
    • For the many lessons learned.
  139. I am grateful for Nicollette F.
    • Such a caring individual.
  140. I am grateful for Krista K.
    • Well, because you’re hot.
  141. I am grateful for Kathy K.
    • A really good hearted soul.
  142. I am grateful for Frank C.
    • In this world and past, such an amazingly wonderful friend who is such a great
  143. I am grateful for Ana P.
    • Producing, directing and making great moments in the world.
  144. I am grateful for Alyce H.
    • Working with great people are great to work with and become great friends.
  145. I am grateful for Virginia A.
    • Simply hypnotizing.
  146. I am grateful for Inga W.
    • Good people are always good with me.
  147. I am grateful for Doris B.
    • Sweet soulful, old soul with a big heart.
  148. I am grateful for Robert A.
    • Making healing music!
  149. I am grateful for James L.
    • Flame may burn, but such a cool intelligent individual.
  150. I am greatful for Rob A.
    • Priest!
  151. I am grateful for Christine R.
    • A rose by any other name.
  152. I am grateful for Tammy H.
    • My favorite carpool buddy and the many trips back and forth to Casper.
  153. I am grateful for Alan Alda
    • I think I’ve watched every episode of MASH at least 20 or so times and counting.
  154. I am grateful for Rick P.
    • The world needs more cool down to earth guys.
  155. I am grateful for Boris.
    • The car and the fun times in it.
  156. I am grateful for Def Leppard
    • Virgin concert experience.
  157. I am grateful for Grant P.
    • Basketball and KiSS.
  158. I am grateful for Ed M.
    • Because, the dead is great and so is your wisdom.
  159. I am grateful for Kathy C.
    • For always trying to get me hitched.
  160. I am grateful for Joey H.
    • Because, dude, I know words matter. And, bullying sucks. Peace.
  161. I am grateful for Ralph H.
    • Lived so close and yet so far but always a great cool guy.
  162. I am grateful for Grandma and Granddad Hayes
    • What’s for dinner? Ok, I’m eating here.
  163. I am grateful for Ryan and Christopher
    • And, the many others taken way too soon. Only, good.
  164. I am grateful for the beach.
    • And, the ocean too….
  165. I am grateful for everything that nature, oh how beautiful a mother she is.
    • Mountains, lakes, trees, dirt, etc., etc…..
  166. I am grateful for our Native cultures
    • Their culture not be visible today or told in history class but there is so much to be gained and so much to learn.
  167. I am grateful for child support.
    • Because, yes, men too have that right.
  168. I am grateful for the Buddhist monk
    • Who told me what truly matters is you practice kindness.
  169. I am grateful to be published.
    • And, it won’t be the last time.
  170. I am grateful to be on television.
    • Would always rather drive than be sitting in the passenger seat.
  171. I am grateful for Mattie S.
    • And, every other masters of the universe who did more in a few years of life than most do in a 100.
  172. I am grateful for The Prophet
    • I used to keep it with me at all times, and now today, it is still one of my most prized possessions.
  173. I am grateful for libraries
    • Throughout college, while most went to parties and such, I went to the library and whenever I move someplace the library is one of the first places I want to visit.
  174. I am grateful for my eye and my hearing.
    • Not merely that I am able to see and hear, but I really love my outlook on life.
  175. I am grateful for college.
    • It would so easy for me to be a perpetual student, because I so enjoy being in class.
  176. I am grateful for no reason.
    • As my granddad once said. “Why does there have to be a reason?”
  177. I am grateful for Super Friends
    • Early morning cartoons made getting up in the wee hours of the morning so much fun.
  178. I am grateful for Steve M.
    • Always rockin’!!
  179. I am grateful for Rena
    • Yes, I am Superman.
  180. I am grateful for Suwicha
    • One of my favorite names ever.                      Wishing you a super special birthday! (1)

Good Morning !

I woke up early this morning

taking a few moments to get out of bed

not for any thoughts of not wanting

to get up filling my head

but instead sincere and intense

feelings of gratitude knowing it will provide

knowing today is the most beautiful day

to ever be alive

Boca Raton-20110815-00400

~ Bryan Hayes

Taking Action – Act 1

Took part in a weekly mastermind group this evening with the topic of the night being “Taking Action”.   Quite a rather appropriate subject for the audience I might say.  The meeting began with the facilitator speaking about taking action, what is limiting us from taking action, why, and what are we doing about it?   Then, we had a round table discussion about it all.

The call prompted me to start “taking action” by highlighting those who have crossed my path over the years and honor them through the writing.   It may be family, friends, acquaintances, or quite possibly someone I do not even know but they did something to make a positive impact on my life.

The “Taking Action” project is also something quite similar to a meditation that I practice. I am not sure anyone else does this but it is something I created for myself whereby I first relax, then close my eyes and put myself into a meditate state and set my intention on letting names flow through my head.  Whatever the name, I don’t judge it.  I simply visualize the person seeing them as being happy and healthy.

I say to myself “I love you. Thank you.”   It matters not if they are male, female, living, or not.  It does not matter if they are someone I necessarily like, or not.  It is a practice of expressing gratitude towards everyone that comes into my head equally without judgment.   It is based on the philosophy of either being able to see God in everyone, or not being able to see God at all.

Why is it that we wait?  Procrastinate?  Hesitate?  Deliberate?

Any one of these have a myriad of answers.   We all experience moments in our lives when we have waited until it was too late.   Or, procrastinated until the moment passed and the opportunity is no longer available.   Sometimes we hesitate instead of taking action, and that hesitation costs us again that window of opportunity.  The deliberation becomes analysis paralysis if you will.   And, the same can be said for honoring people in our lives.  How often do we actually publicly share the positive contribution of others? Sure we do that at funerals, but really, isn’t that a little too late?

With that in mind, I will begin my “Taking Action” project by providing you a glimpse of someone who I have known professionally for over 10 years.   She has grown to become my best friend, confidant, and my coach all rolled into one.   Her repertoire includes being the mother to six children, numerous grandchildren, a former executive in the hospitality industry when it was not in vogue to be a female executive and much, much more.

In fact, the most notable thing I can say about Judi Hedge is the fact she is the only person I have ever met who when people meet her in the course of the initial conversation the other person will inevitably say “I love you” to her.  It does not matter the age, if it is an adult or a child, she has the same kind of affect on others.

I get the question all the time.  Why do you have a business/life coach?

What does Judi do for me, both professionally and personally?  Both are logical questions. I typically answer the same to the first.  Why wouldn’t I have a coach?   To me, all successful people surround themselves with coaches.  Whether it is in those exact terms or not is a matter of pragmatics.

I look at having a coach much like having a sports coach, except instead of engaging in a sport, I’m engaging my professional life.   A basketball player, for example,  may have the utmost talent but that talent alone does not make for a winning team.  It takes a coach to get the most out of the talent of not only one player but all the players working together.

The key point here is that the coach takes the raw talent and molds it into something special.   A good coach is able to understand strengths and weaknesses, is able to motivate the individual, and teach the player how they can improve.  Great coaches not only build better players on the court but also in life.

For myself, I want to be a better player in the game of life.    I have no intention of being ordinary.   Having an ordinary life is not really living, but rather is wasting the gifts that each of us have been given as each of us have something special to offer the world.

Thus, being extraordinary is the only goal, and the only objective.  In doing so, I want to surround myself with those with the same mindset.   I want to meet extraordinary people living extraordinary lives.     And, one of the most extraordinary people I have met thus far in my travels has been Judi Hedge.

Judi has taught me more about myself than anyone ever has, and as I continue to grow I am very proud to say that I have her by my side as a professional asset to my greatest investment.    Investing in myself has always been, and always will be, a priority of mine.   If I do not invest in myself, who else will?   (Of course, if you would like to do so, you are more than welcome.  Investors are always encouraged).


Please Fasten Your Seat Belts

Too many times, more than I can count, I hear someone say something negative about the people living in Florida.  I typically hear it from those living here, referring to other less favorable members of the population.  Maybe it is just me, or I must be living in an entirely different state all together.
Last week while parking in South Beach, I closed my door and heard a thump.  My intuition told me that I had dropped something.   Not listening closely enough, I simply glanced down before meandering over to the parking meter to feed her my quarters.   Just as I dropped the first dollar through, a gentleman riding a bicycle stopped at the side of my car.  He was leaning down by my car door and then he popped his head over the hood.
“Is this yours?”  He asked, holding up my wallet.
Continuing the feeding frenzy uninterrupted and without any trepidation before finally responding, I simply glancing over, I said, “Yes.  That is mine.”
He playfully waved it back and forth and after she was fully fed, I made my way back over to other side of the car where he was holding up my wallet with a big grin on his face.    “Do you want me to put it in the mail?”   He shouted rather softly.  “Give me a dollar.”
Without breaking stride, I reached out and retrieved my wallet with one open hand.   Opening the car door, he moved to the side, as I assured him I would be happy to give him a dollar.  For his kindness, it was the least I could do.   The only problem is I very rarely carry cash.
He was excited, asking me  to make it a good one.  His mind was going wild as he out loud began wondering if maybe there would be a $20 in it for him, or something even better as I searched my pockets but to no avail.   I apologized that I did not have any cash, he said it was ok and then he went on his way but not without first sharing some rather insightful advice.
The advice I shall not share, although I will share another story of someone who exemplified kindness in a rather extraordinary way.   It was from this past weekend’s trip to Pittsburgh to watch the football game.  I had one layover, which was in Newark before landing in Pittsburgh.
While the first leg of the flight was extremely smooth both literally and figuratively that was not the case for the second.  The saving grace for the final leg was being engaged in a rather deep spiritual conversation with the passenger next to me.  As is typically the case, I strike up a conversation with whomever I am around, so not surprising, I became instant friends with this total stranger.
Through the course of our conversation she confided to me her fear of blood. This led to another discussion about hypnosis and into past life regressions.  She discussed how she is vegan had never eaten meat, and I asked how she felt towards animals.  Not too surprising, she has a deep connection and retrieved her phone to show me pictures of hers.
Since we were engaged in discourse the focus was not on the plane until she announced “this flight is really bad” referring to the turbulence.
The screen of the phone was rather small.  Trying to make out her turtle as the plane moved up and down and side to side was enough to make me dizzy.   At that moment, I began sweating almost instantly.   Knowing it was going to be substantially colder in Pittsburgh than it was in south Florida I had a jacket on but had to quickly remove it.  I was burning up and in mid conversation, facing forward, closed my eyes and practiced deep breathing.   My stomach was almost as quickly quite nauseous.
By concentrating on the deep breathing and having my eyes closed I calmed my stomach down, at least for the moment. Both the sweats and the nauseousness seemed to subside so I opened my eyes, turned to my neighbor, and apologized for needing to turn away.  She said that was ok, she felt the same way.
The captain had been on the speaker minutes earlier informing the cabin that we were on our final approach and would be landing momentarily.   Feeling more than a little relieved to have made it, I breathed a sigh of relief.   It was a bit premature, though.
Within a heart beat, the nauseousness came back and I got physically ill just as the plane was about to land.   Not able to reach for the bag fast enough, it was not a pretty sight.   Luckily though, my savior in the aisle seat sprang into crisis mode and swiftly implemented an action plan.
We steadfastly reached the terminal, parked and she deplored me to stay “right there” as she was going to go to the restroom to get some paper towels.   She did.  And, came back empty handed. No paper towels.
Undaunted, she reached into her purse found what looked to be a shawl and began using it to wipe up the mess.  I began to protest knowing it was going to ruin her article of clothing, but before I even get the words out she knew what I was going to say.   “Don’t worry about it.”  Calmly, she replied to my silent remark.  “I can get another one.”
While I was preoccupied with my little mishap passengers were exiting the airplane, walking by wondering why I still remained sitting in my seat with my friend rushing through the front of the cabin.   She did find some paper towels, gave them to me and I was able to finally gather myself enough to get off the plane.
As we walked down the walkway, she remarked how green I still looked.  I assured her I felt as good as I looked, and she offered to buy me some ginger ale for my stomach.  I politely declined and said that I was fine.
Feeling rather embarrassed, I offered her my card which she took.   She said she would call me so we could go to lunch and continue our conversation about hypnosis.   That was the furthest from my mind at the moment and repeatedly thanked her for her generosity and apologizing for the rather unpleasant way to end our flight.
Our separate ways we went, but her kindness I will certainly remember for a long time. That won’t easily go away.  For someone who is squeamish about blood, she reacted to this with complete composure and made a very uncomfortable situation rather bearable.
There are random acts of kindness going on throughout the world, and in our lives every single day.  Maybe its just me, but I truly believe their actions should be recognized.   Their names may remain anonymous, even their faces unrecognizable, but it is their good deeds that should be what is remembered.

Didn’t You See The Horse?

I sat eating lunch with a friend at a restaurant.   It was yet again another gorgeous south Florida day.  As we were engaged in conversation I nonchalantly turned my head and asked out loud, “Is that a horse?”

“That’s not something you see every day.”  I quipped as I peered out the window taking another look realizing there was not one horse but two.   These were not the Clydesdale type that would tower over everything but rather two quaint miniature horses that politely stood next to the table as the family ate their lunch.

I wonder if when finished they offered the two an apple for their good behavior?

Seeing a horse standing at a restaurant is certainly not the norm, at least not in this day and age, but I equate them as being the elephant in the room.   How can we possibly miss a horse standing there?   Yet, every day there is an elephant in the room in one shape or form that goes largely unnoticed.

Several years ago, for example, I was witness to what was by far the most magnificent day at the beach.  Staring out into the ocean I noticed there were these dark spots all about.

What were they?

I wondered the same thing, as I kept straining my eyes trying to figure what it was.   Finally, a big wave rolled in and within the wave was the largest culmination of fish I had ever seen.  The dark spots, I instantly realized, were schools upon schools of fish.  The bigger the wave the more it reminded me of an aquarium as I stood there in total awe of this remarkable sight.

After several minutes simply soaking in the experience, I turned and started walking down the beach. As I did, I happened upon a couple sitting on the beach in their lawn chair covered by an umbrella.   I would have stopped and shared in the experience of witnessing such vast schools of fish with them, but they were totally oblivious of the situation.

There they sat not even looking in the general direction of the ocean. Instead, they had their backs to the water  facing a large cement condo building.   For me, part of the reason I venture to the beach is to be away from the cement and to get back to nature.  To see and feel the water is where I find the greatest pleasure.

We all find pleasure in our own little way.  It is not how we are alike that makes us truly magnificent but rather those special qualities that make us unique.  Each of us have our own opportunities to find beauty in this great big dazzling world that we live in today.

Finding the beauty though is like seeing the horse standing outside the restaurant for all to see.    There they are in plain sight and yet how many walk by without even a clue of what they missed?   It happens every day, people so caught up in themselves they can’t get out of their own way.

While it is most certainly a much easier task to see the beauty in the world when you’re own world is going beautifully.  It is during the times of the most turmoil that the world around appears unsettling.  When life has got us down, it can be quite a struggle to turn that around.  Sometimes it takes a giant elephant in the room for us to finally see what we have been  missing, or quite possibly in this case, two horses.

They are majestic animals, horses are,  who symbolize beauty and grace.   Today as they stood before me I was grateful to be watching something unique, something different.  I am eternally thankful for every opportunity to see the beauty of life that is all around me.


Thank You….

Fortunate am I for a myriad of opportunities, of places here and there, and of such amazing people whether they be simply walking by and saying hi or for being around for a season or more.  Whatever that has passed my way, I have learned from and am still learning. I realize that the more I think I know, really the more I really have no idea, as I have only begun.  What I have come to the conclusion of though is that whoever it may be, gracious I should be.
Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. 
It turns what we have into enough,
and more. 
It turns denial into acceptance,
chaos to order, confusion to clarity. 
It can turn a meal into a feast,
a house into a home,
a stranger into a friend. 
 ~ Melody Beattie

Whether it’s some rather large need, or something rather minute in scale never do we really know if someone is need – of something.  Maybe it is simply an acknowledgement of their being, of having someone out there letting them know that they are concerned.  Whatever that may be, we all have those moments.

 There was a woman some time ago that when asked what she was grateful for, she replied rather truthfully, “Nothing”.   In her mind, there was nothing to be grateful for, that she had nothing.  I asked her if she was in front of a computer, because there is a lot of people in this world without a computer.  She said, she was.   I inquired about her living arrangements and if she was fortunate enough to be living in a house or apartment rather than being on the streets as is the case for so many.  She said, she was.  I wondered if she had a job, since so many are without one.  She said, she had one.  I continued by asking if she was able to pay her bills this month and if there was any money left over in her account since a plethora of those out there wish they could say the same.  She said, she did and there is.  I queried her about her health and asked if she was sick even terminally so as so many suffer daily from health related issues that cause constant pain or are terminally ill and know they don’t have much further to go.   She said, she was fine.
Her honesty continued by her saying that she had never thought that way. It was a new line of thinking.  She never even thought about those things.  She never thought about those things, and it never even occurred to her be grateful as they went unnoticed.
Instead, she focused on lack and on when she did not have.  She spent her entire living feeling that she had nothing, when in fact, she was quite rich.  She was poor in her own mind though in many a myriad of ways.
What this particular person needed was someone to shed a little light on her darkness and her help her to become aware of the things that she for so long had overlooked. In fact, her entire life was that way and because of that she never really experienced any type of satisfaction.  Hers was rather unfulfilled so she asked my advice.   It was elementary.   Simply start by giving thanks.
“Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot.” 
~ The Hausa of Nigeria
Utilizing that same principle, my intention is quite a simple one and that is to say:  Thank you.
I appreciate all that you have done for me so is there anything I can do for you?
I find it quite interesting when every now and then I’ll simply throw it there and say – how can I help you?
Never know how someone may respond.  Typically not at all, and that most certainly is perfect.
And, whatever the new day and week brings to you I hope yours is a great one and it brings you all that you need, want and desire.
“For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson