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Today Is The Day!

I woke up this morning

Opened my eyes

And instinctively

I began to pray

Not to God per se

Or for anyone or anything

But rather simply a moment

Reflective of the miracle that is

Another day here today

And while I should have been

Most grateful for it

And all that it is

And, IT IS

All of life

Miraculously divine

From Everyone

To everything

From the finite clock time

To the illusion of psychological

Time and space

I did not

Feel it in that place

Where in my bed I lay

Awake but still asleep

Alive and yet dead inside

For as much as I know to be

I instead went ahead

And felt a twinge of something

Far less appreciative than

Gratitude and while my latitude

Of where I am was high

I could feel my vibration

Was nowhere near my intention

Of where I set myself out to be

As a silent wave of sadness

Rippled through my veins

Along with a flow of feeling

Isolated in the world

My world that I create

The one that is my own

That I alone atone

For my convictions

Of where I was and am

Where I will be as me

 Allowing the emotions

To move through my

Weary head while still

And silent lying in bed

Before trying to decide

Whether to again

Roll over and partake

In slumber

Or to make the decision

To let the feelings

Subside and rest assured

They are but passing through

Only on vacation

Not taking up permanent

Residence as they are

As much a part of my being

As even my seeing

That I so naturally take

For granted

As that gift of sight

Like so many others

Are mere oversight

As I make my way

Through another day

Unconscious of it all

That is going on inside

As it too is an entire

Ecosystem all to its own

My body my mind my soul

Not parts but rather all

That makes me whole

And complete

The vessel that sails

Through the night

And into the light

Of morning

As this morning

Was like any other

It was merely my

Perception that altered

Where I thought

I was at

In those moments

That were a production

Of all I cultivated

Knowing full well

That there are billions

Of people who like me

Are all connected

Interdependent Intertwined

A collection of thoughts

Feeling emotions and actions

Pulling together a web

Of consciousness

Stretching across the universe

And beyond

As no one is beyond

Feeling alone

Or feeling sad

Or feeling

Life’s blood flowing

Through the veins of each

Vessel knowing

That me is a byproduct

Of we and we

Is a byproduct of me

Together so sublime

Together we are here

In this most limited

Of time that continues

Ever more to tick

And it is up to us

Up to we

Better yet

Up to me

Whether it is

A jail sentence

Or a life sentence

A life that begins with

A capital not punishment

But reward

And ends not with death

But of living

A life completely free

From the captivity

Of the mind that is the cell

Most often occupied

Choosing instead to surrender

To and let go of

All that does not provide

An exclamation point

For at the end

Whether it be

The end of the day

The end of a thought

The end of a conversation

The end of a relationship

Or, the end of it all

Because there is far too

Much living to be done

Before it’s all said

And done

To stay lying in bed

As what matters most

Is getting up

Time and time again

Moving forward

Even in the face

Of uncertainty

Of doubt

And, of fear

For they too are

Aspects of giving

To this world all that is

To be living

Because we fall not

And get hurt

But rather we get hurt

But the way we fall

It is when we relax

It is when we breathe

It is when we allow

Ourselves to fall

That we are able to

Maybe hit the mat

Sometimes even hard

But as hard as it is

To again rise to our feet

The more times we do

And the less times we

Stay on the ground

Stay stuck in our head

Stay lying in bed

Stay afraid

Of this and of that

The more we find ourselves

Open and capable

Of being able to

Have everything be

As it should be

Here and now

With everything falling

Neatly in place

Whether it is

Falling in love

With all that I am

All that is possible

All that there is

To be grateful for

To appreciate of

To honor

And to respect

The life

That is

And the lives

That are

To show up

To find a focal point

That is at the center

Of what is wanted

What is desired

What is needed

To fill the coffers

With all the riches

Not of merely coins

But rather the wealth

Of radiant health

Of complete peace

And security

Of blissful joy

And happiness

Of unbridled success

And prosperity

Of Unlimited Choices

And opportunities

As today

Is the day

It can all happen

Is happening

The moment

I opened my eyes

And began to pray

Simply by being

Afforded today

As the ultimate gift

To have and to hold

To cherish all that

There is to behold

Allowing love to unfold

Kindness reign

Joy to sing

And in certainty

That today

Is the day

I pray




I am appreciative

Of My Life

This morning, I woke up and opened my eyes yet again for another day.   I got out of bed, let my feet hit the floor, and without any assistance stood on my own two feet.  Without any conscious thought, I breathed in and out.   Into the bathroom I walked and there in the mirror I was introduced to my face, my body, my thoughts, my feelings, my circumstances, and my situations, and instead of looking away, I was able to smile embracing that this is the life of my dreams now.

Of My Love

Today, and each every day, is opportunity of infinite proportions to choose each and every thought, every word, every action, and I am fully responsible for my behavior.    Love is the light within that I choose to radiate allowing myself to become one with myself and the world around me.   Love not only of others, but of self,  of life, and love of living today embraced fully in the moment that is now.

Of My State

There may be circumstances and situations, there has been, and there will be, that will cause me to pause and to peer into the pond and to see myself in my own reflection.   My focus can either be on the problem(s) or the solution(s), but it is up to me to be fully accountable for my current state of being.    It is mine to choose to love myself as whole, to embrace the love that I am as enough, and while each and every day I get better and better, my life it is amazing and beautiful right now.

There is always something to be thankful for. (1)


Who Are You?

Who are you?”   They asked, as I walked by.  “Can you tell us about yourself?”

I without a sound nod my approval and almost instantaneously the first question is posed.

“You have to live somewhere.”  They begin.   “Where do you live?”

 Smiling, I answer.  “Where else? “  And, continue.  “I live in the only place there is.  I live in the moment.”

Looking a bit confused, but undeterred, they ask the next.

“You have to like something.  What you like to do?”

Smiling, I answer.  “What else?”  And, continue.  “I like to do all there really is. I like to be.

There is yet even more confusion, but again undeterred, they ask the next.

“You have to be living your passion.  You must.  You need to be playing a bigger game, so what do you do for work?”

Smiling, I answer.   “What else?”   And, continue.   “Every day, I wake up working on making today better than yesterday.”

There is even more confusion, but that is fleeting, as the questions are not intended to gain insight, to listen and to find meaning, but rather they are about more questions, and they continue undeterred and on to the next.

“You have to know what is going on in the world.  Don’t you see how scary it is?   What are your political views?”

Smiling, I answer. “What else?”  And, continue.   “Every day, I wake up and view today as the most amazing time to be alive in all of history since today is all that there is.  I am scared to think that I may miss one day of living by giving into my, or someone else’s, fears.”

There is still more confusion, but again undeterred, they ask the next.

“Are you married?  Single? You need to be with someone.  You must have someone special in your life.”

Smiling, I answer. “What else?”  And, continue.   “I am married to this moment, committed to living life and singly focused on loving every second of it as I am with my soul mate, always, and that someone is very special.”

There is still more confusion, but again undeterred, they ask the next.

“But, who?  Who? You must tell me who that is?”

Smiling, I answer. “Who else?”  And, continue.   “I see them every day smiling back at me when I look in the mirror.”

 There is still more confusion, but again undeterred, they ask the next.

“You must want more.  You cannot be satisfied.  What more do you want?”

 Smiling, I answer. “What else?”  And, continue.   “I want to continue living the life I live, giving myself completely to each and every day satisfied and equally grateful for all that I have, and all that I am right now in this moment, because that really is all I have and all I want.”

Who are you?”   They asked, as they walked away.

In the end

In the end
I can only hope and pray
That I can
With confidence safely say
That I

Achieved far greater success
Than monumental failure

Broke more unsubstantiated rules
Then played it safe

Caught a higher number of fly balls
Than committed unforced errors

Delivered on more promises
Then made frivolous excuses

Encountered much healthier days
Than sick time

Found greater inner peace
Than internal strife

Gained further financial freedom
Than shackled in debt

Harbored more authentic friends
Than true enemies

Invested extra time in people
Than to things

Joined healthier conversations
Than engaged in gossip

Kept closer distance to great wealth
Than extreme poverty

Loved life at a far higher quality
Than hated anything

Moved weightier mountains
Then got stuck running in place

Narrated more positive dialogue
Than negative thoughts

Performed at a higher standard
Then called upon

Questioned better
Then responded in kind

Reacted less to others opinion
Then formed my own

Swallowed more pride
Than ate unwanted flies

Touched the lives of far more
Than touched mine

Under promised at greater frequency
Than under delivered

Viewed more genuine good in others
Than focused on the bad

X-rayed greater depth of being
Than wallowed on the surface

Yelled much less
Than need be

Zeroed in on the right thing to do
Than followed others blindly

Shall I
With confidence safely say
That I did
I can only hope and pray
In the end.

~Bryan W Hayes
@ August 20, 2014


Where did he come from?!?!?

While driving on the interstate I felt something on my left hand.  Looking down, I realized that something was crawling around.   Luckily, I am not a jumpy person or I would  have most certainly found myself in a crash with my car in the ditch.   Instead, I shook my hand trying to get it off of me.   It did not budge.

Almost as quickly as I had tried to get it off, I felt guilty for doing so.   There was no reason for me to harm him (or her).    He was causing me no harm, so why should I?

There was nothing to be afraid of, in fact, he seemed quite friendly.

Please let me introduce you to my new friend.


That’s right, a caterpillar.  

More precisely an Oleander caterpillar.   It is orange with black legs and is in the larvae stage.   It will eventually transform into a Polka-Dot Wasp Moth.   The moth is dark blue and has white dots (accordingly to the research that I found online).

Delving deeper, legend has it that the symbolic meaning of caterpillar is much aligned with its physical being in that a caterpillar symbolizes transformation, reincaration, and transmutation.   What does that mean?   Is there a significance?

I am not sure.   You tell me….

Crawling up and around my hand, then transferred to the other hand,the caterpillar continued the exploration of one finger to the next until I finally made it safely to my destination.

What fascinates me is how he got onto my hand?   Before I got into the car I was pulling weeds in the yard, but I have never seen an Oleander caterpillar in years.   I also changed my clothes before I left.   I did not notice anything on my hand until I was driving.   It was like it just magically appreared.


I will most likely never know how he got here, but then again how many people magically appear out of nowhere?   It reminds me of a story someone shared with me not too long ago about someone they had known who was traveling on the interstate when she got a flat tire.  Luckily she was able to get the car safely off the road, but the mere thought of changing the tire was something she really was not looking forward to at all.  With cars zooming by, and with great reservation she got out of her car.

It was only a few minutes later when a gentleman in a Poursche pulled up behind her car, got out and without much of a word changed the tire.  Once finished, he simply got back into his car and was gone.   He never mentioned his name.   It was like he magically appeared out of nowhere, and then he disappeared.

Some would say there are no such thing as coincidences.    If this is true, then it really does not matter where someone comes from or even where they have gone because living life is about being in the moment.   It is what is here and now , which matters.

For myself, when I got to my destination and was sitting in the parking lot I started really looking at the caterpillar, seeing him for who he really is.   How his head perked up as he was looking around, for example.

There are such subtle nuances throughout the day that we miss, because they are too small.  They are often overlooked, and yet they may carry great significance.   Small and insignificant is also sometimes how we feel and yet we are as large or as small as we make ourselves out to be.

Because the caterpillar reprents transition, maybe change is on the horizon?   Maybe I will soon transform into something of a butterfly.  Oh wait, this particular caterpillar turns into a moth.   A moth?  That does not sound quite the same as a butterfly, does it?

But beauty is a reflection of ourselves.  If we see ourselves as beautiful then we are able to see the world and those in it as being beautiful.     It matters not if we are a caterpillar, a butterly or a moth.   Whatever stage we may be in at the moment, there will be other stages in our lives.    Throughout we will encounter challenges.    What matters is not the challenges we face but rather how we face those challenges.

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”  ~ Proverb

And so can we.   Just as we think our world is coming to an end, it may instead be a new beginning.

Can you hold a candle to his (f)light?

The other day I was in my car driving to my house and just as I almost arrived, there was a guy yelling at me, pointing with his finger to roll down my window.  The man standing before me was unshaven, missing teeth, completely unkept, had fractured English, along with a nose that appeared to have seen its better day, and his natty hair was entangled in dreadlocks. But, ever so reluctantly I rolled down my window ever so slowly as I have seen him before.

With an unyielding confidence he pointed up to my palm trees and said, “I need to cut your trees. I need to cut your trees.”   He said again.  “They need to be trimmed, and I need to do it.”    He was forceful but not aggressive.

I told him that I would do it myself, but he insisted,  “No. No. No.  You can’t climb up there.  Let me do it I will do it for you.”

He continued, looking straight ahead with a steadfastness that had me left with few answers but finally I confessed that it was not in my budget at the moment.  It was only then that he gave up and said okay as he turned and walked away.

But he did not go down easily.   He did not take no for an answer, and you know what I found refreshing?  It was not that he did not take no for an answer from me, but from life.

He is someone who obviously is compromised by many limitations but none of that has stopped him from having this beat up and broken down truck as his means of making a living for himself as he puts his equipment in the back and drives around the neighborhood searching for business.   He drives and he drives until he finds that person (and hopefully persons) who will finally say, “Yes.  Cut my trees”.

Ironically, when I first moved in I almost jumped through the roof when there was a knock at my door.   Not expecting anyone, I looked outside to see this scraggly man standing outside.  There he was with a crooked hat on his head telling me that I needed my palm trees trimmed.   I had to agree, and without hesitation I was the one on that particular day to say, “Yes.  Cut my trees.”  And, you know what?   He did, and he did a fantastic job in the process.


He has not been around the neighborhood lately.   As I walk past my palm trees every day I look up and see the coconuts as they increase in number and I think about how the next time see this gentleman I will gladly have him cut them down, because I really admire him for his tenacity.   He is one who truly has taken on the world and has not let anything hold him back.  Just because he may not have an education, just because he is not put together, and just because he may not have a lot of resources, he has made the most of what he does have.

How many people have everything, and yet never realize what they have?  How many know what they have, but yet, do nothing with it?  And, how many are too afraid to give life a try?

There is such an influx of limiting beliefs.  The thinking that there are no opportunities, that there is more lack in the world than abundance is overwhelming.  It is easy to fall into that trap.  Falling into the darkness, it is most difficult to find the light.

And just as I admire this inspiration of this man for his tenacity I am equally empathetic for those who do not possess the will to pierce the darkness as they, for possibly no fault of their own, cannot find it within themselves to move beyond their self to where they dwell.

Simplistic is it to say, “Get a job”, but much more is the complexity of the situation dire to many who deserve not our sympathy but rather our compassion for they too deserve that which we all desire.   No one, I do not believe, sits in their elementary school classroom peering out the window cracked from the wind dreaming of what may lay ahead thinking that their destination is one of destitute.

While my admiration is true, so too is my consideration for others’ sadness.   Whatever makes one person go beyond their means to be something more, I cannot for tell what makes them so.  Neither can I be so callous as to think I can be of judgment of another for their tears I have not shed nor their toils I have not bled.

The best that I can do is see the life that lives within each of us, that life only wanting to live.  If I can remember that we are all breathing the same air, walking the same walk no matter our own path, and that each of us is trying to get out of our own way.   Some navigate the troubled waters more swiftly than others, but that is not to say that even in the darkest of days there is not hope.

He may drive a broken down truck and have little change to spare, but he may also be the beacon of light for someone who cannot find it on their own.