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We are but worlds
yet intertwined
connected by the yarn
that binds
from distant planets
place and time
dancing to a rhythm
but separate
in our beat
swaying to the notes
following no lead
holding hands yet never
ever touching
two strangers too caught up
unable to concede
powerless to completely
to the moment 
or stopping long enough
to have an experience
of what it is to be
truly living
is the
the passion
that is only here

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I’ve died
and gone to Heaven
Reincarnated in a new light
Today, Nirvana is all abound
light and dark sun and moon
Moksha, she my love
Most beautiful a sight
As surely as​ summer falls
into winter and winter springs
into summer the seasons
they move and sway
but never leave and only
bring me back closer to you
And to the 6 realms
You, my beloved thetan,
Seeing you over and over again
Committed to the moment
Married to every second
of each and every day
Embracing you with open arms
Passionately kissing head to toe
and every inch in between
forgetting not your lips
Neglecting not our most
precious gift, time, for
her loyalty is never wavering
Yet, truly, she is as mysterious
a creature there ever was
Or, is, for her cruelty
is but pure Hell
when we have wasted
away and turned to dust
letting our lust die
in the grave of forgotten
souls, so my dearest one
To explore, all 7 of your
most private of Heavens
we cannot wait for another day
another moment may be too late
Because, I have died, and I am gone
As all the worlds and lives prior to you
Mean nothing without your blessed touch

I BEG OF YOU ! Please….

Where are you?

Where did you go?




Come Back.

I beg of you.

I long for you.

I miss you.

I love you.

Where are you?

Where did you go?




Come Back.

I am sorry.

So sorry.

I neglected you.

I never fully

Appreciated you.

That was until you

Were gone.

And, I know not

where you even

vanished to.

Where are you?

Where did you go?




Come Back

Please forgive me.

You were,


You ARE,

All that I have.

You are my soulmate,

My lover,

My everything.

Oh, precious one


My Most Beloved,



Love, Making For Today

Don’t wait!

That night may never come

that moment might never

be perfect

and that what you hope

you’ll find when

the time is just right

may soon completely

drift away down the

naked stream of

missed opportunities


Embrace the moment

kiss the lips of life

and hold onto what is

present right now

before indulging in

a tomorrow

that may never be


Sweet Scintillating Seduction

See me here
standing in the way
but please,
please don’t go away

With a slip of the tongue
she lets her fingers run
down the length
of her long blonde hair

Hearts they hasten
Towards the next taste
of lavender
that is in her embrace

Come closer to me
as never before
leave me alone
no more

Just a simple touch brushing
against her flesh no rushing
to extinguish the fire
burning deep in her soul

Hot breath soft
against her cheek so slight
quietly she surrenders
herself to the night

Take me now
to that secret rite
under the stars and moon
where heavens unite