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Is it? It is.

“Whatever you believe, is”  ~ Bryan Hayes

It is as simple as that.  Whatever you believe, is (your reality).  Whether it be religion, politics, or life in general.   Each of us sees the world differently through our own periscope, if you will, and that is our reality.   It is a unique experience to each individual.


Some may look at the picture, and see a flower while others may see something quite different just as one person may see darkness while another sees light, one sees beauty while another sees it not.  Therein lies the majestic wonder of the world in that we all experience it through our own eyes, thoughts, emotions, and at the same time we are interconnected like never more.  The collective consciousness and that we are more alike than we are different.

(just something to chew on…….thank you for reading.  Enjoy your day.  And, where ever you are in the world – both figuratively and literally, hope that yours is a beautiful one for you and yours)