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Whenever I complain
I disrespect
life itself
When I forget the blessing
of each and every breath
then I lose sight
of what it is
to be here

Until I stop
giving attention to my
(and/or the world’s) plight
to instead put my energy
and focus on all that is right
then I will perpetually be
on spin cycle

When I have expectations
of others and of things
so far out of my control
then I will continually
be disappointed

If I compare myself
to “them”
and see them
as “they”
instead of
then I create
from all that
I am
we are

I am
We are

We are

Life is a teachable moment



I am
no longer allowing
uncertainty, or the unknown
to cloud my judgment

I am
living a life of
and Conviction


I am
no longer having
lack or guilt
dictate my decision(s)

I am
living a life of
and Passion


I am
no longer being in
hurt or suffering

I am
living a life of
And​,​ Gratitude


I am
no longer feeling
alone or helpless

I am
living a life of
And​,​  Peace


​I am
And, Light​


I am



I am
In acceptance
That I am not alone
That you are here
With me


I am
In acknowledgement
That I am connected
To eternal source energy
Within me


I am
In reverence
That I am supported
By your holy light
With me


I am
In gratitude
That I am blessed
By the divine insight
Within me


I am
In appreciation
For it all
And all that is
With me


I am
In love
With the gift
Of love
Within me


Don’t Look (Away)

Locked in a cell

Consumed with rage

Inconcievable Hell

Living in a cage

Muted, No voice 

Only screams

Matter of choice

Judge, me not

Jury, still out

Just let me rot?

With seeds of doubt?

Help me

I’m dying

Forgive thee

I’m lying

Awake but not living

Consumed by hate

Start fogiving

Before it’s too late

Morality lost

Change begins now

At all cost

The cell in which we reside may be within our own being. 

Locked in perpetual misfortune of life’s most inconceivable misgivings, not knowing who we are or where we are going.  

The cage may be our own mind, or those around us screaming we’re not enough. 

Hell, may not be a distant place in the future but rather now until all eternity.

The voice lost is not merely our own but our power to realize change is achievable, that those of lesser fortunes may need someone stronger than they to help them get to their feet rather than looking down on them with crippling words of distain for their state. 

Choice is theirs, and ours, how we treat others is as much a reflection of ourselves as as of anything else. 

We can throw away the key, but the key to living is to keep on giving – to ourselves and to others.  

We can judge their fate, be the jury of our peers, we can hate all we want, but how about learning more? 

Seeing more? 

Judging less?

Harming less?    

An eye for an eye is a grand scheme, but the world we are already blind – to what we don’t want to see.  

We can turn the other cheek, the but world we continue to look away – from what’s staring back at us.  

It’s not they who is lost, it is us. 

It is not them who is not worth the cost, it is we who are will pay the price. 

We are One.


My resolve

My resolve
For Love
Is greater than
My fear;
Is greater than
Any hate;
And, is greater than
My discord.

My resolve
For Peace
Is greater than
Any need
To be right;
Is greater than
The need
To be heard;
And, greater than
Any want to fight.

Today and every day
My resolve
Is the same
No matter what
Is happening
In the world
Today and every day

Out of the mouth of babes

I don’t care if you’re black, white, green blue or….

as long as you are compassionate, that’s all that matters.

It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, bi, trans or…..

as long as you are nice, that’s all that matters.

I don’t care where you pray, how you pray, if you pray or….

as long as you are kind, that’s all that matters.

It doesn’t matter if you’re conservative, liberal, or…..

as long as you are loving, that’s all that matters.

I don’t care if you are man, woman, what you look like, or….

as long as you rub my belly graciously, that’s all that matters.”

~ Scheister

Scheister says it like he doesn’t see it……