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Embrace (Let go)

Life is eb and flow
Like the
Sun and moon
Night and day
People come
And people go

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​Your Lover today
May be your​
Stranger tomorrow
Your stranger today
May be your​
Lover tomorrow


Hold her tight

For the only certainty
Is the unknown
So, embrace it now
Allowing this moment
To ring in the light

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Let not ​your​ love
Sit outside in the rain
And turn to rust
Waiting for another day
Or for the ​sun to shine
​Or clouds of doubt to subside​


All there is
Is this moment ​​
​T​o frolic and ​to ​play
As everything else
Is not real
Outside ​your kiss

beach sunrise

Naked ​you must be
With your emotions

Thoughts and feelings
​So ​you may b​e able to act

In congruent with y​our being
That is inspired living​


Allow ​yoursel​f to let go
Free from being tied down
By the lies of yesterday’s story
Or tomorrow’s fantasy of glory
Give yourself to the moment
It will be gone before you know​




We are but worlds
yet intertwined
connected by the yarn
that binds
from distant planets
place and time
dancing to a rhythm
but separate
in our beat
swaying to the notes
following no lead
holding hands yet never
ever touching
two strangers too caught up
unable to concede
powerless to completely
to the moment 
or stopping long enough
to have an experience
of what it is to be
truly living
is the
the passion
that is only here

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Let There Be (F)light

The body,
Beautiful and amazing
The mind so sexy
The spirit or soul
Such a completely mystery
Intangible the power
When freeing the mind and body
And Just Be
What yesterday was impossible
Is today probable
Even solvable
No one knows where
Each tomorrow may lead
Or what we will see
Don’t ask why
Taste the pleasure
Taste taste the pain
Sweet is letting go
Delicious the unknown
As the spirit is
Free to fly


Naked, Lets Get, Me and You

Into the darkness, she reveals herself
With but a murmur scarcely audible
Her voice cowering as she tries
In vain to conceal herself
From her being naked

There are things
I don’t like about you
There are things
I don’t like about me

Waiting, impatiently she turns away
Unable to look at what is directly
In front of her the harsh reality
That is the truth unveiling

I look at me
And, there is not
Everything I want to see
There is not
Everything I want to be

Stumbling, words they become
A jumbled mess attempting
To escape all at once
Chaotic jailbreak

But, I keep looking
Stripping off masks
Of insecurity
To look deeper
Getting naked
With myself
And, being ok
With every
Scar of hurt
Scratch of
Wrinkle of

Daringly, they do, marching
Out of her mouth rolling off
Her tongue in complete

I look at you
And, there is not
Everything I want to see
There is not
Everywhere I want to be

Stumbling, trying to take
Hold her words are
Powerful and yet

But, I keep looking
Stripping off masks
Of insecurity
To look deeper
Getting naked
With you
And, being ok
With every
Scar of hurt
Scratch of
Wrinkle of

Courageously, she finds great
Insight in the plight that is
Hungry for more as she
Keeps her focus

There are things
I like about you
There are things
I like about me

Timidly, the shroud of secrecy
Is lifted as she reveals it all
Letting her words drop
To the floor exposing
Herself completely

It is a matter
Of what I choose
To see
In you
Of what I choose
To see
In me

Calmly, she licks her lips
Cocks her hips and
Proceeds to dance
Seductive provocative
She is in a trance

If we can
Find that the
Is not too great
That we cannot
Bridge that gap
Meld into one
Bring together
All that we are

Longingly, the trance
Becomes a stance
For which she

For all our myriad
Of holes
Being able to fully
Our truth
Holding true
To being you
Holding true
To being me
Knowing we are
Me and you
Knowing we are
Me and you

Into the light, she reveals herself
Without the need to be audible
Her voice powerfully silent
No constraint to conceal
Herself from being

Today, She Burns

Being grateful
for each step
never underestimating
the power
of the moment
when at any second
something so unbelievably
amazing and beautiful
may arise
out of yesterday’s
being thankful
for every gift
every breath
every one
as life’s eternal flame
burns bright



I’ve died
and gone to Heaven
Reincarnated in a new light
Today, Nirvana is all abound
light and dark sun and moon
Moksha, she my love
Most beautiful a sight
As surely as​ summer falls
into winter and winter springs
into summer the seasons
they move and sway
but never leave and only
bring me back closer to you
And to the 6 realms
You, my beloved thetan,
Seeing you over and over again
Committed to the moment
Married to every second
of each and every day
Embracing you with open arms
Passionately kissing head to toe
and every inch in between
forgetting not your lips
Neglecting not our most
precious gift, time, for
her loyalty is never wavering
Yet, truly, she is as mysterious
a creature there ever was
Or, is, for her cruelty
is but pure Hell
when we have wasted
away and turned to dust
letting our lust die
in the grave of forgotten
souls, so my dearest one
To explore, all 7 of your
most private of Heavens
we cannot wait for another day
another moment may be too late
Because, I have died, and I am gone
As all the worlds and lives prior to you
Mean nothing without your blessed touch

My Two Favorite Words

From my tongue you taste like honey
Dripping like nectar from an endless pot
Of the Carniolan’s most illustrious
Lust for life’s boundless divinity
Yet for as sweet as you truly are
Your nectarous heart is tainted
by bitter doubt and trepidation
Artic reality from life’s stings
and other leather restraints
too often and even once
even once is too often
You are but a shadow
on a clear sunny day
unpleasantly displaced
irrevocably replaced
unforgivably misplaced
and neglected to silence
so if my love
I do not profess
and to my stranger alike
please, oh please forever realize
I am more grateful than you could
ever possibly know and even though
I do not show it or allow you to hear it
Today your sky it will will not cry
Today your sun will forever be bright
Today the stars will align inside the moonlight
That sparkles inside your conflicted eyes

Co-Written By

Kelly McNulty

Bryan Hayes