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I am appreciative

Of My Life

This morning, I woke up and opened my eyes yet again for another day.   I got out of bed, let my feet hit the floor, and without any assistance stood on my own two feet.  Without any conscious thought, I breathed in and out.   Into the bathroom I walked and there in the mirror I was introduced to my face, my body, my thoughts, my feelings, my circumstances, and my situations, and instead of looking away, I was able to smile embracing that this is the life of my dreams now.

Of My Love

Today, and each every day, is opportunity of infinite proportions to choose each and every thought, every word, every action, and I am fully responsible for my behavior.    Love is the light within that I choose to radiate allowing myself to become one with myself and the world around me.   Love not only of others, but of self,  of life, and love of living today embraced fully in the moment that is now.

Of My State

There may be circumstances and situations, there has been, and there will be, that will cause me to pause and to peer into the pond and to see myself in my own reflection.   My focus can either be on the problem(s) or the solution(s), but it is up to me to be fully accountable for my current state of being.    It is mine to choose to love myself as whole, to embrace the love that I am as enough, and while each and every day I get better and better, my life it is amazing and beautiful right now.

There is always something to be thankful for. (1)




Waking up to the new day, every day,
with the belief that today is going to be
THE greatest, the greatest in all history.
What does that mean?
What does that look like?
For one, today is all there is.
Two, if I reflect upon my own
as well as world history
there is a consistent pattern.
The darkest of days may have not been
so dark with some even turning into being
the best.  Transversely, the best of times
were not usually as wonderful as
them out to be in our nostalgia for days
long gone.   If I embrace not merely
this day, but this moment
and make it THE best it can be,
without judgement or attachment,
but rather knowing at the end of it all
I did, and am doing, the very best I can
today, and each and every day.

-Hope that wherever the wind takes you, that it is a gentle breeze and where ever your path leads that you get there with ease...-

Look (The Other Way)

with Love

We will forever be limited
by our line of sight
if we only look
in but one direction
not looking left or right
before crossing the street
watching our back
but neglecting to see
what lies ahead
and not seeing it
from the other side
looking up to only
see the light
without looking down
to see the ground
looking out for strangers
looking inwards to find
that stranger within

with Peace

And, if I may

I just wanted to say
For being you
The very best you,
You can be
Through and through


Have a wonderful day!

I am, Not

Resentful, I am not
For that which I have lost
For I am so incredibly thankful
For all that I have gained
Sad, I am not
For those which are now gone
For I am so absolutely grateful
For those memories I have engrained
Hurt, I am not
For those myriad of falls I have taken
For I am now so much stronger
For every time I got myself back up
Devastated, I am not
For the multitude of failures
For I am that much better
For the lessons learned
Bitter, I am not
For being let down
For I am so at peace
For I forgive myself, and others
Crippled, I am not
For the crushing blows I have endured
For it has toughened me
Forever more
Hateful, I am not
For I am engulfed in love
Loving myself, and my world
For love changes everything

~ Bryan Hayes
October 17, 2016

I Hear You

Out of the Haze

Just because you speak,
Doesn’t mean you are heard.

Just because you are heard,
Doesn’t mean you are understood.

Just because you are understsood,
Doesn’t mean you are valued.

Just because you are valued,
Doesn’t mean you are cherished.

Just because you are cherished,
Doesn’t mean you are loved.

Just because you don’t speak,
Doesn’t mean you have
Nothing to say.

When you speak
I intend to listen.

And, when I listen,
I want to understand.

And, when I understand,
I want you to feel valued.

When you are valued,
I want you to feel cherished.

And, when you are cherished,
I want you to feel loved.

When you speak,
I want to hear
Everything you say.

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Live an Extraordinary Life!

After attending a funeral today of a friend I began to reflect.  Reflect on what?  The bigger picture. What might that picture look like?

It is our duty to live extraordinary lives.

All of us.   We not only deserve to be happy.  It is our duty.  It is not only our hope to do well. It is our duty.

Words like “OK”, “good” and “fine” all are lacking in excitement.  There is no enthusiasm.   Why can we not replace them with  “great”, “brilliant”, “amazing”, “fantastic”, and “excellent” into our normal vocabulary?

Living with a purpose, and having a purpose for living is a driving force.

Why not include them in our normal vocabulary with our children?  At work, with our employees?

The best we can do to honor someone who has passed on before us is to live an extraordinary life.  The happier we are, the more successful we are (both personally and professionally), the more at peace we are (with ourselves and others), the bigger the contributions we make to society, they all are ways to life to the fullest.   Whatever our job, whatever our role, we can make a difference.  We can be great at whatever it is we do.

My friend who was buried today what made him extraordinary was his level of loyalty to others, his drive and dedication, as well as simply being a truly down to earth nice guy.   There are not enough of these people who are willing to do for their friends and others without fail.  They are rare commodities, and we can learn so much from them.

One lesson is that it is never too late to start living and never too early to begin, because we never really know when it will be too late.   Every day, every moment we are here, in every way we have the opportunity to get better and better.   Don’t wait.