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This moment
THE most pivotal
In all history
To stay
Or go
To turn right
Or go left
Or to take it slow

These are but a few
Choices to be made
In this moment
THE most pivotal
In all history

That was
For it is now
And this
Is now.

the moment
it will be
THE most pivotal
in all history

As quickly
As it came
And went
But without it
We would have not
Gotten from there
To here.



I’ve died
and gone to Heaven
Reincarnated in a new light
Today, Nirvana is all abound
light and dark sun and moon
Moksha, she my love
Most beautiful a sight
As surely as​ summer falls
into winter and winter springs
into summer the seasons
they move and sway
but never leave and only
bring me back closer to you
And to the 6 realms
You, my beloved thetan,
Seeing you over and over again
Committed to the moment
Married to every second
of each and every day
Embracing you with open arms
Passionately kissing head to toe
and every inch in between
forgetting not your lips
Neglecting not our most
precious gift, time, for
her loyalty is never wavering
Yet, truly, she is as mysterious
a creature there ever was
Or, is, for her cruelty
is but pure Hell
when we have wasted
away and turned to dust
letting our lust die
in the grave of forgotten
souls, so my dearest one
To explore, all 7 of your
most private of Heavens
we cannot wait for another day
another moment may be too late
Because, I have died, and I am gone
As all the worlds and lives prior to you
Mean nothing without your blessed touch


Waking up to the new day, every day,
with the belief that today is going to be
THE greatest, the greatest in all history.
What does that mean?
What does that look like?
For one, today is all there is.
Two, if I reflect upon my own
as well as world history
there is a consistent pattern.
The darkest of days may have not been
so dark with some even turning into being
the best.  Transversely, the best of times
were not usually as wonderful as
them out to be in our nostalgia for days
long gone.   If I embrace not merely
this day, but this moment
and make it THE best it can be,
without judgement or attachment,
but rather knowing at the end of it all
I did, and am doing, the very best I can
today, and each and every day.

-Hope that wherever the wind takes you, that it is a gentle breeze and where ever your path leads that you get there with ease...-


….in someone’s life today.

….in someone’s life today.

Someone somewhere, you never know who, may be asking how you are doing with the intent of wanting to hear that you are doing great and having the greatest days of your life.

Someone somewhere, you never know who, is having today as being the one that is everlasting in their memory as the best day of their life whether it be that today is their first kiss, the birth of their child, they are getting married, or today is the day they fall in love.

Champions ….

To you: Believing in yourself even when you don’t know how YOU WILL GET THERE.  You know beyond knowing somehow you will, even when no one else believes it  like you do, because you KNOW you will get there.

To others: Believing in someone even when they don’t know how they’ll get there, you know somehow they will even when no one else believes it like you do, because you KNOW THEY WILL get there.

Your champion(s):  Believing in you even when you don’t know yourself how you’ll get there but somehow you will even when no one else believes it like they do, THEY KNOW YOU WILL get there.

Be your champion and surround yourself with champions!