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In Me, I am

In silence, I find my inner voiceIn darkness,I find my eternal lightIn light,I find myeternal darknessIn In me,I find my truth (1)


The Shadow of the Light

Good and bad: the foundation of division, the pillar of fear in a constant state of arousal.  One is not without the other, both mere illusions.   A matter of perception upon limited reflection, they are but us, and we are they.   At the dawn of every day the sun rises without compromise.   When engulfed in the light, shadows disappear.  It is not an absence, or lack of, but rather a place in this space.

It is within the darkness, as the shadow appears, there is added insight.  When the shadow is gazed upon, it is but a person (or animal, a tree, or whatever it may be).   Based upon the reflection and outline there may not be male or female, but certainly it is void of race or nationality, religion, or political affiliation.   The shadow is the core of being reality amidst the delusion.

Whatever the differences, no matter how great the divide, to find common ground, to break bread and find that there is more alike than different is to have a foundation to build upon and a pillar of strength.  Compassion and kindness are building blocks, love and respect the mortar.

There too may be anger and hate, but every body has a shadow reflecting that too.  When losing sight of one’s own shadow is to neglect both the dark of night and light of day.   The sun and the moon, both have their place.   Each holds space.

Walking out of the shadow and into the light a form appears who may be seen as male or female, questions of their race and nationality, of religion, and political affiliation.   No matter though where they came from, what their ideology, or what they look like they breathe the same air and walk the same Earth.    From beginning of time until the end this will hold true.

Living does not commence at birth.  It begins today.  What happened yesterday cannot be undone.  Life is merely this moment, and the moment is but a shadow.  Neither good nor bad, but simply is.

I See The Light, By Cathy Roberts

I see the light …….
the light in you ……..   …….
that reflects back to me ……..   
……….. the true you that I didn’t see!!!  
Forgiveness for thoughtlessness
…….. days of uncertainty cloud my perception
…… changing the reality I should see!!!
The door is open through the mind …….
at the point of seeing ……..  .
…….. what my heart couldn’t see!!!
Forgive me if I ever hurt you with my words …….
never my intention to make you small ……..
you’ve been a great teacher through it all!!
Your heart is big ……..
your light is great ……..  
………. you shine so brightly
…….. even in your darkest flight!!  
Love you ……
for all that you are ……..  
……. a diamond in what can be
“the roughness of life”
@By Cathy Roberts