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Look (The Other Way)

with Love

We will forever be limited
by our line of sight
if we only look
in but one direction
not looking left or right
before crossing the street
watching our back
but neglecting to see
what lies ahead
and not seeing it
from the other side
looking up to only
see the light
without looking down
to see the ground
looking out for strangers
looking inwards to find
that stranger within

with Peace

And, if I may

I just wanted to say
For being you
The very best you,
You can be
Through and through


Have a wonderful day!


YOU. Yes, YOU!

You are beautiful
No matter your

You have value
No matter your
net worth

You have strength
No matter your

You have enough
No matter your

You are complete
No matter your
missing pieces

My Conversation With God

My Conversation

With God

I am Athletic,

Although, I find myself stumbling through life.

I am Beautiful,

Although, the mirror can sometimes get in the way.

I am Creative,

Although, the canvas does not always see the labor of my thoughts.

I am Driven,

Although, I’m not always sure of what road to take.

I am Enlightened,

Although, it is the darkness, which often prevails.

I am Free,

Although, I find myself a captive to the world around me.

I am Gifted,

Although, I forget that giving also means to myself.

I am Humble,

Although, my ego can get in the way.

I am Independent,

Although, I do need you.

I am Joyous,

Although, it is sad to see how we treat one another.

I am Kinky,

Although, life can be such a prude.

I am Loving,

Although, I hate to look out into the world some days.

I am Modest,

Although, I am perfect in every way.

I am Noble,

Although, I don’t have the most charitable thoughts.

I am Open-minded,

Although, the night can be so intolerant.

I am Perfect,

Although, I often forget I was made in the eyes of you.

I am Quick witted,

Although, don’t always respond as such.

I am Resourceful,

Although, I have a hard time finding the right tools.

I am Strong,

Although, sometimes I just don’t have the strength.

I am Trustworthy,

Although, I don’t always trust myself.

I am Useful,

Although, the outcome can seem truly useless.

I am Vivacious,

Although, my energy can become so drained.

I am Wise,

Although, I can make such foolish decisions.

I am X-rated,

Although, the street is not exactly G.

I am Youthful,

although the day can get so old.

I am Zealous,

Although, the enthusiasm can get the best of me.


-Bryan Hayes

@2002 All Rights Reserved

Good Morning !

I woke up early this morning

taking a few moments to get out of bed

not for any thoughts of not wanting

to get up filling my head

but instead sincere and intense

feelings of gratitude knowing it will provide

knowing today is the most beautiful day

to ever be alive

Boca Raton-20110815-00400

~ Bryan Hayes

Is it? It is.

“Whatever you believe, is”  ~ Bryan Hayes

It is as simple as that.  Whatever you believe, is (your reality).  Whether it be religion, politics, or life in general.   Each of us sees the world differently through our own periscope, if you will, and that is our reality.   It is a unique experience to each individual.


Some may look at the picture, and see a flower while others may see something quite different just as one person may see darkness while another sees light, one sees beauty while another sees it not.  Therein lies the majestic wonder of the world in that we all experience it through our own eyes, thoughts, emotions, and at the same time we are interconnected like never more.  The collective consciousness and that we are more alike than we are different.

(just something to chew on…….thank you for reading.  Enjoy your day.  And, where ever you are in the world – both figuratively and literally, hope that yours is a beautiful one for you and yours)

Where did he come from?!?!?

While driving on the interstate I felt something on my left hand.  Looking down, I realized that something was crawling around.   Luckily, I am not a jumpy person or I would  have most certainly found myself in a crash with my car in the ditch.   Instead, I shook my hand trying to get it off of me.   It did not budge.

Almost as quickly as I had tried to get it off, I felt guilty for doing so.   There was no reason for me to harm him (or her).    He was causing me no harm, so why should I?

There was nothing to be afraid of, in fact, he seemed quite friendly.

Please let me introduce you to my new friend.


That’s right, a caterpillar.  

More precisely an Oleander caterpillar.   It is orange with black legs and is in the larvae stage.   It will eventually transform into a Polka-Dot Wasp Moth.   The moth is dark blue and has white dots (accordingly to the research that I found online).

Delving deeper, legend has it that the symbolic meaning of caterpillar is much aligned with its physical being in that a caterpillar symbolizes transformation, reincaration, and transmutation.   What does that mean?   Is there a significance?

I am not sure.   You tell me….

Crawling up and around my hand, then transferred to the other hand,the caterpillar continued the exploration of one finger to the next until I finally made it safely to my destination.

What fascinates me is how he got onto my hand?   Before I got into the car I was pulling weeds in the yard, but I have never seen an Oleander caterpillar in years.   I also changed my clothes before I left.   I did not notice anything on my hand until I was driving.   It was like it just magically appreared.


I will most likely never know how he got here, but then again how many people magically appear out of nowhere?   It reminds me of a story someone shared with me not too long ago about someone they had known who was traveling on the interstate when she got a flat tire.  Luckily she was able to get the car safely off the road, but the mere thought of changing the tire was something she really was not looking forward to at all.  With cars zooming by, and with great reservation she got out of her car.

It was only a few minutes later when a gentleman in a Poursche pulled up behind her car, got out and without much of a word changed the tire.  Once finished, he simply got back into his car and was gone.   He never mentioned his name.   It was like he magically appeared out of nowhere, and then he disappeared.

Some would say there are no such thing as coincidences.    If this is true, then it really does not matter where someone comes from or even where they have gone because living life is about being in the moment.   It is what is here and now , which matters.

For myself, when I got to my destination and was sitting in the parking lot I started really looking at the caterpillar, seeing him for who he really is.   How his head perked up as he was looking around, for example.

There are such subtle nuances throughout the day that we miss, because they are too small.  They are often overlooked, and yet they may carry great significance.   Small and insignificant is also sometimes how we feel and yet we are as large or as small as we make ourselves out to be.

Because the caterpillar reprents transition, maybe change is on the horizon?   Maybe I will soon transform into something of a butterfly.  Oh wait, this particular caterpillar turns into a moth.   A moth?  That does not sound quite the same as a butterfly, does it?

But beauty is a reflection of ourselves.  If we see ourselves as beautiful then we are able to see the world and those in it as being beautiful.     It matters not if we are a caterpillar, a butterly or a moth.   Whatever stage we may be in at the moment, there will be other stages in our lives.    Throughout we will encounter challenges.    What matters is not the challenges we face but rather how we face those challenges.

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”  ~ Proverb

And so can we.   Just as we think our world is coming to an end, it may instead be a new beginning.