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We Are One

Tip for my  fellow Florida peeps: Have someone outside the emotional attachment who is a trusted friend who is also very rational in their thinking provide some feedback

Example: Yes, I was getting emotionally charged about my place even to the point of considering leaving. But, cooler heads prevail.

My next door neighbor is a fireman, his wife a nurse, my other next door neighbor is a retired police offer. I had the latter come and get his feedback as well as from a friend who is my trusted go to guy who has been through and seen everything there is. The result is unanimous. Stay put.

My house has one of the newest roofs in the neighborhood. I have a cement structure on a newer home. It is one story and a single car garage (a good thing right now). I have three safe rooms, not including my garage, which I can use as one as well.

So, here’s my point. Let cool heads prevail. Someone who is honest and will provide helping feedback – NOT HURTFUL, which is oh so prevalent right now.

For those who are concerned about us, we got this. We appreciate your concern, but worrying doesn’t help either of us.

For those that are religious – pray OR worry, but don’t do both. We will accept prayers, good will and positive vibes all day long. For those that are not religious, just send us the good tidings, and we will be grooving to that as well.

It won’t be pretty, but my neighbors have all ready said that we are all a community and after we will pull together to do what needs to be done to help one another. As a larger community, Florida will do the same. And, an even larger community beyond that, we as people will, no matter where we are we will be here for one another. I know it. We will need assistance from those in other areas to get back to normalcy, and we thank you in advance.

And, we are all facing one storm or another. Asia has flooding, we know what Houston went through, there are fires in multiple states, and we are all facing our own much more personal storms on an individual basis.

For me, I can offer my contribution through my writing. It’s what I do. Maybe it will help someone somewhere in a way that I could not imagine, because that is the power of our connectivity.

The more precarious the situation, the more it has a tendency to bring out the best and the worst in people (including myself). We have that in all of us. We are not immune, and what I have learned more than anything else in the last 24 hours is how Pro-Choice I am right now.

No. No. Not THAT Pro-Choice but the choices people by the thousand are making right now that are life and death that affects them and their families. There is not anyone I can think of who does not take their choice lightly. Whatever they decide for themselves and their family, they have done so with the best of intentions, including myself. It may not be what you would choose, but then again, what you choose may not be what others would either.

We are a community. When natural disasters strike there are zero borders. I have friends from all over the world, and have heard from many different countries, states, and down to a man (or woman) we all have one common goal – we all want to be safe.

And, can we all get naked for a second. We all die. All of us. Whether it is a storm or walking down the street, or whatever it may be. Most of us, we really don’t want to die right now, and some of us really love this life we are living and really want to continue on to even greater challenges that most likely lie ahead. Most of us will, and I know my next challenge will be better served because I did endure this one.

For myself, I like so many of us, I’m doing it alone and that in of itself has his positives and negatives. But, can I please just for a split second just ask if you, and I, if we could all take a deep breath. That’s probably enough. Take two or three deep breaths, including myself, and re-center ourselves because when cooler heads prevail, we are much sharper and less apt to make stupid mistakes (which we all make).

I do want to say thank you again for your thoughts and your well wishes. I can say for all of us, we are grateful and appreciative of each and every one’s kindness. Facebook is a global community, and one of the reasons I love this particular tool is what it provides us right now.

Wherever you are today, it is the day that maybe someone’s life may be helped by not being hurtful, because we all need a little help in one or another, and we all are in this together.

Peace my dearest friends.