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This moment
THE most pivotal
In all history
To stay
Or go
To turn right
Or go left
Or to take it slow

These are but a few
Choices to be made
In this moment
THE most pivotal
In all history

That was
For it is now
And this
Is now.

the moment
it will be
THE most pivotal
in all history

As quickly
As it came
And went
But without it
We would have not
Gotten from there
To here.


…Must We?

…We must
a different path
than the one we’ve walked.

…We must  

on a different way
than what we’ve always done.

…We must 

into the eyes
of others and be compassionate.

…We must 

peace within
that resonates without borders.

…We must 

to be Love
because it is the only way.
Throughout history neighbor has turned against neighbor, comrade against comrade, and family against family.   Friend or foe is as fine a line as between love and hate, genius and insane.

We must find a different path that is a bridge of consciousness as well as an awakening of spirit that guides us not out of fear, nor hate but out of Love.

Throughout history there are voids in what is exposed, explained and detailed.  Education is a mighty, powerful weapon that is kept out of the hands of the masses over and over again.

We must decide that we are going to learn from our mistakes, or we will continue to bury sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers,  sons, and daughters.  It is not enough to simply know what is happening, but we must stand up and be a part of the solution rather than being a part of the problem.

Throughout history we have looked the other way as injustice happens all around us.   We have seen “them” as being bad, as lesser than or even as cockroaches, as vermin, as subhuman.

We must find within ourselves the will to engage in the same fervor and price for price as we do for water.  We must celebrate the heroes who have fought for peace with as much admiration as we do for those for war.

A World A Way…Or, not……

Throughout history we have failed generations by believing we are somehow
better, morecivilized, more intelligent, and ours is the only way.

We look but do not see; we hear, but we do not listen;
we know, but we do not understand.

We must
choose Love.
We must
or we will perish,
literally and figuratively.

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield

How eerily quiet the mountain she was as her majestic beauty transcended the landscape. Only she truly knows the truth as her now lush green was once blood red with the toils of many a men who never made it off.

Below are pictures from two days of exploration. One, on Mother’s Day, with fog at the tree tops and then another on Monday. Both completed the introspection of what it must have been like when the rain turned the red clay to mud and the scorching heat that must have been as overwhelming as the confined conflicts between and among the trees.

….”Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield is a 2,923 acre National Battlefield that preserves a Civil War battleground of the Atlanta Campaign. The battle was fought here from June 19, 1864 until July 2, 1864. Sherman’s army consisted of 100,000 men, 254 guns and 35,000 horses. Johnston’s army had 63,000 men and 187 guns. Over 67,000 soldiers were killed, wounded and captured during the Campaign”……http://www.n-georgia.com/nps-kennesaw-mountain-battlefield.html