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Walk Into The Fire, Together We Will

Walk we do into the fire
not in solidarity
but rather in solitude
although together we can
extinguish the flames
of fear together.

Hold my hand of hope
and for ever
we shall be forever
free from the hate
that fear brings
on the cold
winter’s night.

Kiss me my darling
On my lips
Of change
For the night
Turns to day
Darkness to light
And, my dear
Tonight we are one
Without anyone
Able to chain us
Into their misery

For our freedom
Is free from any and all
External circumstance
Our peace it is eternal
For it resides within
So, no matter how hot
The heat may get
Burning boiling melting
The fire it is but
Extinguished with the passion
Of our touch

Together, love
Ours is beyond walls
No matter the differences
Between us, because we see
That together, love
Sets us free


Too Blind To See

Is Color Blind

There are
Of all colors
From all walks of life
From all faiths
From all backgrounds
From all corners
Of the world
Rich and poor







Is Color Blind

There are
Of all colors
From all walks of life
From all faiths
From all backgrounds
From all corners
Of the world
Rich and poor








I am, Not

Resentful, I am not
For that which I have lost
For I am so incredibly thankful
For all that I have gained
Sad, I am not
For those which are now gone
For I am so absolutely grateful
For those memories I have engrained
Hurt, I am not
For those myriad of falls I have taken
For I am now so much stronger
For every time I got myself back up
Devastated, I am not
For the multitude of failures
For I am that much better
For the lessons learned
Bitter, I am not
For being let down
For I am so at peace
For I forgive myself, and others
Crippled, I am not
For the crushing blows I have endured
For it has toughened me
Forever more
Hateful, I am not
For I am engulfed in love
Loving myself, and my world
For love changes everything

~ Bryan Hayes
October 17, 2016

Don’t Look (Away)

Locked in a cell

Consumed with rage

Inconcievable Hell

Living in a cage

Muted, No voice 

Only screams

Matter of choice

Judge, me not

Jury, still out

Just let me rot?

With seeds of doubt?

Help me

I’m dying

Forgive thee

I’m lying

Awake but not living

Consumed by hate

Start fogiving

Before it’s too late

Morality lost

Change begins now

At all cost

The cell in which we reside may be within our own being. 

Locked in perpetual misfortune of life’s most inconceivable misgivings, not knowing who we are or where we are going.  

The cage may be our own mind, or those around us screaming we’re not enough. 

Hell, may not be a distant place in the future but rather now until all eternity.

The voice lost is not merely our own but our power to realize change is achievable, that those of lesser fortunes may need someone stronger than they to help them get to their feet rather than looking down on them with crippling words of distain for their state. 

Choice is theirs, and ours, how we treat others is as much a reflection of ourselves as as of anything else. 

We can throw away the key, but the key to living is to keep on giving – to ourselves and to others.  

We can judge their fate, be the jury of our peers, we can hate all we want, but how about learning more? 

Seeing more? 

Judging less?

Harming less?    

An eye for an eye is a grand scheme, but the world we are already blind – to what we don’t want to see.  

We can turn the other cheek, the but world we continue to look away – from what’s staring back at us.  

It’s not they who is lost, it is us. 

It is not them who is not worth the cost, it is we who are will pay the price. 

We are One.


…Must We?

…We must
a different path
than the one we’ve walked.

…We must  

on a different way
than what we’ve always done.

…We must 

into the eyes
of others and be compassionate.

…We must 

peace within
that resonates without borders.

…We must 

to be Love
because it is the only way.
Throughout history neighbor has turned against neighbor, comrade against comrade, and family against family.   Friend or foe is as fine a line as between love and hate, genius and insane.

We must find a different path that is a bridge of consciousness as well as an awakening of spirit that guides us not out of fear, nor hate but out of Love.

Throughout history there are voids in what is exposed, explained and detailed.  Education is a mighty, powerful weapon that is kept out of the hands of the masses over and over again.

We must decide that we are going to learn from our mistakes, or we will continue to bury sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers,  sons, and daughters.  It is not enough to simply know what is happening, but we must stand up and be a part of the solution rather than being a part of the problem.

Throughout history we have looked the other way as injustice happens all around us.   We have seen “them” as being bad, as lesser than or even as cockroaches, as vermin, as subhuman.

We must find within ourselves the will to engage in the same fervor and price for price as we do for water.  We must celebrate the heroes who have fought for peace with as much admiration as we do for those for war.

A World A Way…Or, not……

Throughout history we have failed generations by believing we are somehow
better, morecivilized, more intelligent, and ours is the only way.

We look but do not see; we hear, but we do not listen;
we know, but we do not understand.

We must
choose Love.
We must
or we will perish,
literally and figuratively.


As a culture, we fail
when we let fear; hate and/or violence
become social norm.
As a society, we fail
when we shun “them” instead
of embracing them.
As a community, we fail
when even one member dies
feeling unloved.
~ Bryan Hayes

We Failed