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he sparks between us will


Walk Into The Fire, Together We Will

Walk we do into the fire
not in solidarity
but rather in solitude
although together we can
extinguish the flames
of fear together.

Hold my hand of hope
and for ever
we shall be forever
free from the hate
that fear brings
on the cold
winter’s night.

Kiss me my darling
On my lips
Of change
For the night
Turns to day
Darkness to light
And, my dear
Tonight we are one
Without anyone
Able to chain us
Into their misery

For our freedom
Is free from any and all
External circumstance
Our peace it is eternal
For it resides within
So, no matter how hot
The heat may get
Burning boiling melting
The fire it is but
Extinguished with the passion
Of our touch

Together, love
Ours is beyond walls
No matter the differences
Between us, because we see
That together, love
Sets us free


What is your naked truth?

At what point does panic strike you?  Not set in, but hits you in the face with a sledge hammer?   When do you sincerely feel the pain, and when does that pain become too much to bear?

Have you ever been in an enclosed room with a low ceiling and the water rising?   When the water begins seeping through the walls did that get your heart racing?   How about when it was at your knees?  When up to your neck with your body submerged did you feel you were still in control?  How about when it rose above your lips, your eyes, until your whole head was under water?  Were you able to stay calm throughout?  Did you forget about all your worldly problems?   Was life instantly put into perspective?  And, most importantly, were you able to hold your breath long enough?

It may not have been rising water that pushed your panic button. It may have been a health, financial, spiritual, emotional, or other issue that did it for you.  I know at least 7 people that I have met personally who have been brought back to live after having breathed their last breath.  One was a gentleman who was pronounced DOA , but the irony is that this was not his worst day.  He instead proclaimed proudly, “it was the best day of my life.”
Recently, the water has been up to my proverbial eyeballs, and I kept feeling the water rising.   Did I panic? Yes, on multiple occasions.   My feelings were of being completely alone, isolated, frustrated, and lost in terms of how I was going to get myself out of the situation.
It is the not the first time I have been in a panic, and for the very similar reasons.   From this experience I have learned the following and more:

  • Empathy and Compassion
    • My empathy is such that I understand that everyone goes through pain, and we all handle that pain (and panic) differently.  I go inwards, others the opposite.   We all find our our way.
  • Forgiveness
    • My forgiveness really was about forgiving myself for being in this situation, and for having it happens more than once.   Through this process, it has helped me to learn:
  • Unconditional Love
    • My unconditional love can be summed up with my now adult children. Whenever I have communication with them I tell them “I love you, and I am proud of you”.
  • Peace, Happiness and Joy
    • My natural state is being happy, and being nice, to myself and others.  While walking this morning, I waved and said “Hello”  to every person I met and saw on the street.  In my authentic state, I don’t wait for someone else’s greeting.  I don’t wait for someone else to be nice to me.  And, I certainly don’t find my peace happiness and joy in anything externally, I go within.   
From my most recent panic situation, I realize the importance of focusing not on what I don’t want but rather focus on what I do want.   Pretty easy, right?
How often do you focus on what you don’t want?  Whether it be personally yourself? Or, with others in your life?  And, on a more global scale as well? 
Have you defined what you want?  Really?   Have you?   Personally, and professionally?  
For myself, I thought I wanted money in the form of being independently wealthy; healthy, in the form of being in the best shape of my life;  happy, in the form of  enjoying every minute of life.
And, while I do, those things are not really what I want.  I want my life to be a love affair (with myself and others). 
When I’m in love with life, I want to share that. I love making others feel better about themselves after they have been in my company than before.  I love inspiring others, I love thinking and believing in ways that is sometimes in contradiction to everyone I know;  I love finding my way, and it may not but your way (in fact it won’t be, and that is what makes life amazingly awesome); I love my house as much as I love any person; I love my dog, as I love any human; I love being with that special someone who is my champion in every sense of the world, and I theirs; I love the ground I walk on as much as the sky above; and, I love being me.  
I have many quotes I have written and one is, “every day is a good day. It’s only the moments within each day that differs.”   The moments they may be exuberant; they may be exciting; or, they may be despondent; and, they may even be horrific.   
When life is put into perspective, it is a miracle to be alive.  We may have almost drowned, but we have come out alive.  We have an opportunity, if not to do the impossible, to at least find the the naked truth that rests inside each of us.


As a culture, we fail
when we let fear; hate and/or violence
become social norm.
As a society, we fail
when we shun “them” instead
of embracing them.
As a community, we fail
when even one member dies
feeling unloved.
~ Bryan Hayes

We Failed