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As I Am, As You Are

I love you
But, may not necessarily
Like you
(all the time)
You Love Me
But, may not necessarily
Like me
(all the time)

I like you
But, may not necessarily
Be in Love with you
You like me
But, may not necessarily
Be in Love with me

We can like one another
And, can agree to disagree
We can love one another
As people, as souls
Even with opposing viewpoints
Because we can choose
To go beyond the points
To view each other
As people,
As souls


You and I are one, but equally unique.

What works for one is not necessarily going to work for all.

Every person has their own unique authenticity that is a gift to the world, and each person has their own unique authentic gift to give to the world.


In this world, I call my own, it is not my time or place to judge what someone else does or doesn’t do if it is distinctively unique and different even than the way I perceive the world to be.   I will though stand up, or sit down, as is appropriate for those who can not stand for themselves or so that someone is not sitting alone.

As long as someone is praying for peace, for love, I care not how they pray or to whom.  As long as someone is being kind and loving, I care not where they are from, or where they are going.

As long as someone holds value in this moment, they are worth my valuable time, and I am willing to give that to anyone regardless of if they are in line with how I look at life from my tiny window.



I am
In acceptance
That I am not alone
That you are here
With me


I am
In acknowledgement
That I am connected
To eternal source energy
Within me


I am
In reverence
That I am supported
By your holy light
With me


I am
In gratitude
That I am blessed
By the divine insight
Within me


I am
In appreciation
For it all
And all that is
With me


I am
In love
With the gift
Of love
Within me