We are Change

I have no interest in changing the world.

I cannot in due consciousness spend my hours ever dwindling on that which I have no control. Instead, my intention is to grab the helm while I can and steer my own vessel to calmer more peaceful waters. By keeping my compass centered internally laser focused on improving myself by building upon each and every day, like laying bricks, with today being the solid foundation for tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow achieving ever more rewarding results than the one I had today, I will continue to be the captain of my ship thus changing my world. And, the world of those around me. As they too are charted in the same direction. That is how We Change the World.


Sometimes, the end is just the beginning; and sometimes, the bitterest of goodbyes may be the introduction to the sweetest of hellos.


This is the end…..

My friend. The end.

Thanks to all who participated in making the last 30 days so memorable.  During this time, I have consciously made it my intention to be of service to 30 random people and it has certainly worthwhile.  Every day is an opportunity for learning for me, and through this experience I have been able to expand upon so many different things.

I have been able to not only practice hypnosis but also traded to be hypnotized myself.   I was fortunate enough to assist someone with a writing project that positively impacted their professional career.   And, getting an updated profile picture will hopefully help someone else make a great first impression that will in turn connect them with their next professional opportunity.

It is all about opportunities.  Every morning as the sun rises on another day so too is the availability to choose how we are going to spend the day.   For me, my choice was (and is) to find ways to be of service and to help others.  In turn, I gained more than they did probably by simply enjoying the experience of living in the moment and being present.

The end is really just the beginning. The beginning of something new.  Another new horizon to be looked upon with great anticipation for whatever beauty may arise.

Image     Here’s to a new bright, beautiful beginning!!

You Are What You Ingest

Is it just me or mere coincidence?   Miley who!?!?

Ok. I won’t go so far as to say I have no idea who she is, but I can safely say I have not listened to any of her music nor have I seen her on television other than one episode of a popular TV show not too long ago.    I can also say that I have not watched the station she was on that created all the rage since they stopped playing videos.

Because I really do not know her (although in all reality does anyone?)  I won’t offer an opinion about what everyone is talking about but rather offer my own general observations.   The first is that there seems to be a lot of words being thrown around like “shocking”, “disgusting” and “poor dad.”

In terms of shocking, I am completely obvious to it all and even I have seen a gradual transformation. It is not like this happened over night with this particular entertainer.  I am also not quite sure what is so shocking about the entire event considering the station it was on and the platform it was taken place.  I mean is it not the station’s number one goal is eyeballs.  The more people that watch the better.  I’d say mission accomplished.

In terms of disgusting, I completely understand the phenomenon that is much like not being able to look away from an accident. I get it but equally understand there are two universal buttons on any remote. They are the “Off” button and the button to change the channel.  If something is not appealing to the eye there are alternatives including simply looking away.

As far as poor dad, I completely understand this ideology but at the same time I revert back to my comment about being shocking. This is not something that has happened over night with this particular entertainer.   It has been a very gradual transformation and one I am sure not only his father is quite aware of but many others around her as well.

I must confess though that not only have I not heard any of this entertainers songs, but I can say the same for most pop songs.  The same is true for most of the popular television shows.   I also do not watch the news.  Some may say that I am not connected, and it is true because I would make a terrible contestant on a game show but being on a game show is truly not my destiny cause or calling.

I used to watch a lot of what is considered popular, listened to a lot of the popular music and kept up to date by watching the news.   That was until a couple of years ago when I made the conscious decision to stop.  Ironically, about the same time I also stopped attracting negative people.

That is not to say that someone is negative by partaking in any of those forms of entertainment. I applaud those that enjoy them.  What makes the world so beautiful is the diversity in us all.  It is not that we are alike but that we are different that makes each of us so special.

There is an adage that you are what you eat. I would like to alter that a bit and say you are what you ingest.  We are much more than the food we eat.  We are a product of the thoughts we carry with us inside our heads, we are a product of our environment, and so much more.  We are though what we ingest whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, or even spiritually.

I personally find what is popular in pop culture to be very negative.  So, I choose not to participate.   It works for me.   I wake up every day completely in love with being alive.  I experience the most amazing days meeting the most amazing people. And in my own way, I have fun living life.

It is up to all of us to find within ourselves what is our passion and what brings us alive.  There is a difference between simply living and being alive.  It ours to choose, each and every day, what it is we want from our today.


What did I do today?

“Good morning?”  She asked over the phone in a rather pleasant tone to her voice.  “How may I help you?”  She continued as her standard opening line from her customer service desk.

“I am excellent. Thank you.”  I responded with a smile on my face.

She noticed it too.  “That is quite a bright and cheery response for this early in the morning,” she stated.

I went on to share with her that there is no reason to be anything but grateful.  It is a beautiful day, and my expectation is that I’m going to make it that way.  Plus, just because I may have a customer service issue with her company does not mean that I have a personal issue with her.

It seems that took her back a little bit as she explained, “That was rather refreshing”.   Then, she told me that most of the time her job entails listening to people complain all the time although she does enjoy her job. She likes listening to people, solving problems and does not mind listening to people yell and scream.

That really is a skill set, and I told her such.   We need people to be able to do what she does. Customer service is a very thankless job with a very high burn out rate.  It is one that requires a special kind of person who can listen, not get emotionally attached to the situation and keep smiling regardless of the circumstances.

“I know what you mean.”  She acknowledged, and added her own thoughts. “We had someone come in and talk to us about staying motivated.”   He taught them to not become emotionally attached to the situation as well as keeping everything into perspective.  It is only an “inconvenience” he taught them.  It is not “life or death”.

There is a big difference, too.   If I am calling, because my cable television is not working properly (which, in fact, was the reason for my call) it is truly a mere inconvenience. I am not going to die without my cable TV.   I want it to be working properly, but it is nothing that I cannot live without.

I shared her with her the story that I often share about a man who goes to work via the toll road early in the morning every day.    One particular morning he saw this woman in the toll booth. She looked like she was crazy with her arms flailing around, and it looked almost as if she was dancing.  Dancing?  Inside that small toll booth?  So, the next day he went through the toll booth and noticed the same thing.  Then, the next. And, the next.  Finally, after seeing this woman enough times, he got up a little earlier than normal so there would be less traffic on the road.   He let the flow of traffic that go ahead of him so there was no one behind him when he stopped at this particular woman’s toll booth.

“I have got to ask you,”  He asked, quite emphatically,   “What are you doing every morning?”

She looked around and pointed to the adjacent toll booths and explained that she was visualizing each one of them as other people.  They were all at a party, and she was dancing.   This was her party, and she looked at him when she said, “if you don’t like it, you’re not invited.”

It mattered not that she had to work early in the morning every day.  She saw this as an opportunity to make the most out of her job.  She was going to be happy in a situation where most would find excruciatingly boring.  This woman though made the best of her situation.   If she is there working for 8 hours a day, why not have fun doing it?

I also shared that making the most out of any situation is a matter of perception. There are those I have personally met who have endured the most, more than anyone could even imagine, and so often they are the ones who complain the least. In fact, some are the most grateful and appreciative for life’s myriad of complexities.

“Wow, that’s right?”  She interjected.  “There are those I know too that have gone through so much and yet complain so little while others literally find things to complain about.”

We got back to her specific job, and I expressed my feeling that if I did have something that was bothering me it is not her doing.  She does not need to suffer simply because I am suffering.  She has a job to do just like the rest of us.  And If I respect her, then more than likely she will respect me too.

She went on to ask me if I am one of those “people who go and talk positive stuff to others and you know talk to people.”  Then, the title escaped her at that moment.

“Do you mean an inspirational speaker?”  I inquired.

“That is it.”  I laughed and told her I do speak.  I also thanked her for thinking so highly of me.

She nicely said, “We need more positive people.  That is something we all need. Here at my job there are so many who get so frustrated.  It is good to have those reminders.”

In between our dialogue, she did resolve my issue.  More importantly, we made a connection.  She went away feeling better about herself, and so did I.

This evening, far removed from the conversation I had to start the day, I began evaluating my level of personal progress wondering if I got very much accomplished. That is when I began to reflect.   That is how I got from there to here.

Now that I am here my perception has changed.  What I accomplished today is reflective upon her last comment before we hung up the phone when she stated to me, “You are the kindest person I have talked to today.  Thank you for that.”

We may not realize the impact we have on someone else’s day.  We may not notice when someone is watching.    We can make a difference.  Often times without even knowing.


30-30 Update

With only about a week left in my initiative to offer services to 30 people in 30 days, I wanted to not only provide an update but also add some detail as well.

How did I manifest this idea in the first place?  Professionally, being in transition I have been spending time focusing on extreme self-care.   Along with that, I have been focusing on creating opportunities for myself.  How have I been doing this?

Starting each morning,  most of the time the first thing I think about is how grateful and excited I am to start the day.   If I wake up earlier than expected, I am even more excited because that means I can get a jump on everything I want to accomplish.   But, this attitude did not begin overnight.

It takes a lot of work, but of all the investments ever made investing in oneself is certainly one of the best investments any of us can make.  I have, for example, hired a business (life) coach and have been working with her for over ten years now.  Sometimes people will ask me, “Why do you have a coach?”

My reply is always the same.  “Why wouldn’t I have a coach?”  I explain.

For me, self-introspection has been something that has always been intriguing to me. The first memorable moment occurred while a junior in high school.  One of the senior’s approached me in the hallway and asked quite firmly, “Why are you always smiling?”  to which I simply smiled, shrugged my shoulders and walked away.

It never really occurred to me that I smiled all the time.  It did though become the catalyst for a little quasi research on my part when I simply would ask random people what made them happy. The results were rather intriguing.  A majority of the answers revolved around some type of external stimuli whether it be a boyfriend, girlfriend, job, or something of that nature.

For myself it was, and is, important to find those answers within.  As I said, I hired a coach. I also meditate, and concentrate daily on improving myself and therefore my situation. Circumstances may change, but it is how I respond to those circumstances that is important.

Curiously, the more I work on myself the less influenced I am by outside circumstances.  This is again in part attributed to my work with my coach.  I also have my own exercises that I have made up for myself.

One is almost a walking meditation that works nicely while walking my dog.  As I am walking I think of a person and mentally see them as healthy and happy. Then, I visualize saying “I love you” to them.   It does not matter who it is, I go through this same process allowing different names just to come to me. I don’t judge the names but let them flow one after the other.

Along with this, I consciously focus my attention on being grateful while also being aware of any negative thoughts that cross my mind.   The two work in tandem.  As a Buddhist monk once told me, “the reason why meditating is so important is because through meditation you are able to control your thoughts but without meditation your thoughts control you.”

So, now that I have provided a little background into what my days look like I will provide an update on my 30-30 initiative.  More than anything else, I have to say it has really been a great experience.  My focus has been enjoying being of service to others.    In doing so, there has been some really amazing experiences.

One of those was a photo shoot for a non-profit event.  There were a large number of people, most of them kids and it is amazing how everyone was really enjoying being a part the festivities.   Donated school supplies, including shoes, were given to children.  Both the volunteers and the kids were having such a great time.  They did a great job of offering a lot of different activities, including free haircuts for the kids.

If it were not for the 30-30 initiative I most likely would have never been involved with this charity event.  The same can be said with the other wonderful people I have been able to work with whether it was photography gigs, helping someone with a writing assignment, practicing hypnosis, reiki, and offering coaching advice.

Even after my 30-30 initiative has been completed, I will continue practicing extreme self-care.  I have come to this place where I believe that my thoughts create my realty.   They say that perception is reality, and for me perception is based upon how I see the universe.  And, I do have to say that this is an amazing universe with unlimited opportunities.

There is no better time to take advantage of those opportunities than right now.


MMG: Mastermind Meditation Group

Have you heard of the power of group meditation and/or prayer?   Have you ever been a part of a Mastermind Group?  How about combine the two?

That is my thought exactly.   Think of it as a street light at night.  One street light is equivalent to one person meditating on their own.   But, group meditation is equivalent to entire streets full of lights lighting up the city.  Couple that with the ideology of the Mastermind Group whereby like minded individuals come together for a common goal of helping each other achieve optimal success and you have the formation of the Mastermind Meditation Group.

With a traditional Mastermind Group typically six highly successful people come together with an idea or project that they are currently working on with the ideology being that six minds are better than one.  It is highly confidential with each person trusting the other knowing that all members benefit from group collaboration.   By merging the concept of the Mastermind Group concept with meditation, instead of each person offering their brain power to the group all of them meditate together visualizing the successful completion of each person’s goal.

If you would like to be included in this group of happy, healthy and wealthy collaborators achieving personal growth and making a global impact on the world, please contact me directly.Image

How do you know if you’re a right fit?  Do you feel that you may not be happy, healthy or wealthy enough?  Not to worry.  If you already believe that you are deserving of being happy, healthy and wealthy, then feel to join us.  If you can see yourself already there, no matter where you are at currently physically emotionally or economically, then feel free to join us.

Kindness? No. Not here!

“You are welcome to go ahead of me.”  I exclaimed as she walked up behind me holding one item while I was standing in line waiting to check-out at the quaint little grocery store that always draws a large crowd no matter the day.

She looked up at me with almost a look of shock in her eye that I could say such a thing.   “Wow, thank you so much.”  She said with a big smile.  “That is so kind of you.”

Once in front of me, this woman in the flowery red shirt with silvery gray hair (at the roots) hiding under the short cropped blonde curls explained how versatile the vegetable was that she held in her hand.  With just a little olive oil, garlic and a bit of spices the green little leafy piece of vitamins could be tossed over pasta or served a myriad of other ways even for someone like her who was not a cook.

Not only was she not a chef, having grown up in Buffalo it was much different than in South Florida.  She explained.  There was simply too many rude people for her liking in Florida, although my “kind gesture” was memorable for her.  “It simply doesn’t happen, kindness that is, anymore”.

I smiled entertaining her on the idea that “I meet and see such amazing beautiful people in South Florida all the time. They are everywhere.”  I proclaimed.

She replied.  “No, they are not.  No one does what you just did”.  And, continued.
“That was just so nice. I cannot thank you enough.”

“It really was nothing although maybe this will be the catalyst for you to meet some really great people.”  Whimsically, I tried persuading her.

We were getting close to the front of the line with only one young woman ahead of us.  Wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt she was bobbing her head side to side to the beat of the music in her earbuds.    She had been looking down most of the time scrolling over her iphone until it was her turn in front of the cashier and in doing so turned off her music and laid the iphone down on the counter.   As she was about to pull her items from her cart she turned to see the woman in front of me with her one item and almost instinctively asked, “Would you like to go ahead of me?”

“No. No. We are in the middle of talking.”   She responded without even a moment of silence between her answer and what appeared to me was a very polite act of kindness on this young woman’s part.

My phone rang, and I apologized but took the call. It was the cable technician at my house. An issue with the cable?  Who would have thought?  When can I there?  “About ten minutes”.  I told him.

I hung up the phone as she looked up at me.  “The wifey?”  She quizzed.

Not quite.  I thought.

She reverted back to her previous commitment that kind people in Florida do not exist.  They are apparently extinct.  And like the dinosaurs, they have been so for years and years.

She continued on as she handed three dollars in cash to the cashier, took her change of three quarters and looked over her shoulder at me.  “Thank you so much for your kindness”.  She said.   “That really changed my day.”  Then continued.   “And, I just really appreciate you being so kind.”

I replied in kind (pardon the pun) telling her that maybe it was the start of something new for her.   “It may be the beginning of you meeting more and more nice people”.  I thought, thinking it would be a refreshing view of the world for her.

For me I seem to find them everywhere, these kind-hearted people who seem so elusive.  Not merely here either but where ever my travels take me.  Then again, my mantra when I wake up is that I am going to meet the most amazing people.  It is my intention always.  I see it as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you think you are going to meet great exciting wonderful people, you will.  And likewise if you think you are going to meet rude people, you will.

Standing in the check-out line I meet all kind(s).


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