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These Days….

These days…..

The sun does rise.

These days…..

The rain does fall.

These days…..

The sky is blue

These days…..

The water is too

These days…..

The world is ours

These days…..


What is wrong with These days…..has more to do with our own personal perception, because These days…..are not that much dissimilar from those golden days of yesterday when we romanticize and glamorize their brilliance while fantasize about tomorrow’s eternal glow when today is all we really know.

Most certainly These days…..are not without fault, but then again, there has or will not ever be a time when there is not this or that, because that is the contrast we call life.

Heaven, nirvana, utopia whatever it may be might not be so far off in the distance as it may seem, because These days…..we have the capability to tap into a mind that can transform the state of being.


These days…..there is corruption.

When was there ever not?

These days…..there is manipulation?

When was there ever not?

These days…..there is division?

When was there ever not?

These days…..people have lost their way?

Have not I, at one point or another?

These days…..the kids are self-absorbed?

Have not I, at one point or another?

These days…..adults act like children?

Have not I, at one point or another?

These days…..they have something really stupid?

Have not I, at one point or another?



Let’s Play

No matter where in the world
No matter what  country
No matter what region
No matter how rich
No matter how poor

Children just want to play


This past weekend, I had a conversation with a gentleman who had traveled the world in the military and now working for the government.  We were talking about how similar we are, as human beings, and he gave the example of seeing children all over the world all wanting one thing  – to play.

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“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul
than the way in which it treats its children.”
 — Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa


“Children must be taught how to think,
not what to think.”
  — Margaret Mead, cultural anthropologist


“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”
  — Fred Rogers, television personality


Keep It Simple, Sincerely

Why oh why do we inexplicably have such a propensity for name calling?

……unconsciously needing to call someone something derogatory – and that someone way too often can be ourselves with names like, “Stupid”?

……enigmatically think it is acceptable?

……reflexively believe there is no harm?

……compulsively put others down in order to somehow think we are raising ourselves up?

……mysteriously hold such pain within and the propensity to distribute that to others?

……mechanically see the faults and flaws in ourselves, in the people we meet, and the world itself instead of witnessing the strength and beauty?

……curiously deem kindness as a weakness?

……peculiarly believe that shame and blame is the only game in town?

……perplexingly not realizing the damage it inflicts on oneself, others, and the interconnectedness of all?

……inexplicably making life, and all that it is – including ourselves and everyone else in it, so damn complicated?

…..sadly underestimating the power of…..

                Keeping It Simple




Shame, It is, A Losing Game

I have not the wisdom to know the solution
nor the foresight to have THE answer
but, then again, who really does?
if it was that easy, would there not already be
an answer or even better a viable solution?
but then again maybe, just maybe, that thing
called life is a bit more complicated? than that…….
and maybe, just maybe, we don’t really know?
those that say they do, do they really? really???
for as easy it is to look at someone else’s
situation and to frown upon them for their lack
of judgment and their action and/or inaction
with clarity and hindsight as unfortunate as it
may be have we not ourselves — ALL OF US
had our moments of transgressions where we
might have had the good fortunate of doing so
in the solitude of our own misfortunes where
only a few were on the scene and we had not
the cameras pointed at us when we were lapsing
in our judgment, because maybe one day it will
be and while public shame is the game of the day
where the lynchings in the court of public opinion
is rampant and it is not only ok but advocated
until that one day it happens to be us and then
just maybe it won’t be quite the same when it is
our father, our mother, our son, our daughter,
or yes……even ourselves, are put into the center
spotlight of public shame when the world passes
out blame hand and foot without regard to who
you are, or they are, as a person but only see one
situation and deem that to be all there is to know.
Maybe we know so far less than we like to think
we do…..maybe, just maybe…..
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there is a level of humanity that we may be missing.

We are taught to be good,
but don’t necessarily
learn to be healthy.
We all breathe
but don’t always live.
We are taught to sit
but don’t necessarily
learn to stand.
We may look
but don’t always see.
We are taught to do what’s right
but don’t necessarily
learn to be kind.
We might talk
but don’t always listen.
We are taught to recite
but don’t necessarily
learn to think.

Just Because…..

​Just because someone is rich
Doesn’t mean they have everything
Just because someone is poor
Doesn’t mean they have nothing
(to offer)

Oh, My God

Just because someone professes to have all the answers
Doesn’t mean they have any solutions
Just because someone asks questions
Doesn’t mean they don’t know the problem
(or the resolution)


Just because someone is gorgeous
Doesn’t mean they are everything
Just because someone is not
Doesn’t mean they are nothing
(and are not beautiful)

 Lies of the Beautiful People

Just because someone is different
Doesn’t mean they are wrong
Just because everyone is doing the same
Doesn’t mean they, or it, is right
(or healthy)

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Just because someone is glorified
Doesn’t mean they are good
Just because someone is vilified
Doesn’t mean they are bad
(or evil, even)

The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Just because someone stands alone
Doesn’t mean they are weak
Just because everyone stands together
Doesn’t mean they are strong
(or united)


Just because someone is talking
Doesn’t mean they are an expert
Just because someone is silent
Doesn’t mean they are stupid
(or wise)

The Sound of Silence


In a world where public shame is the name of the game and where no holds are barred in the perceived justified online lynching of those who are deemed “deserving” of such, and using the most recent rally as an example and specifically the subsequent posting of the faces of those in attendance, did anyone ever stop and think of the ramifications and/or how easy it would be to ruin someone’s life?

Ever heard of Photoshop?

All someone needs to do is take the photo of  someone in attendance and Photoshop the face of someone they want to seek revenge upon, or they simply do not like, and insert the face over the person who was actually there.

Then, it falls upon the innocent victim to prove that they were not even remotely in attendance, but that is not enough.  It may be too late.  Once a picture goes viral, the damage may already be done.

It only takes a matter of hours, but beyond that scenario, where is the line drawn?

Does anyone stop and think:

  • What is it that you (we/I) did that would have been most embarrassing if someone were watching?
    • Nothing? Ever??? Really?
  • How has your (our/my) viewpoints changed since you (we/I) were young and stupid?
  • Have you (we/I) ever done something incriminating in your life?
    • Has your parents?
    • Have your children?
    • Have your significant other?
  • Have you gone someplace or done something that is not within societal norms?
  • Have you done something you regret?
    • Has your parents?
    • Has your children?
    • Has your significant other?
  • Have you done something stupid, or childish that could have done harm to another whether you(we/I) meant it?
  • Have you done something you regret?
    • Has your parents?
    • Has your children?
    • Has your significant other?

What is deemed as appropriate public shaming, and what basis is the justification?

Is public shaming a positive response to a negative act?

More aptly, is it an effective response?

If so, when?  And, how?

And, most importantly, what are the consequences?