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People Either Add To, Subtract, Or Divide

I love you

Whether you come from the left

Or you come from the right

I love you

Whether you are incredibly rich

Or you are incredibly poor

I love you

Whether you believe

Or you don’t

I love you 

If you have it all put together

Or if you are picking up the pieces

I love you

Whether you are from right here

Or if you are from so very far away

I love you

Whether you are straight

Or if you are gay, bi, or whomever you love

I love you 

Whether you share the same beliefs

Or if you have completely different ideologies

I love you

Whether you like it or not

Or if you and I never speak

I Love You

As long as you are good to me

And, you are good to others

As you practice kindness

To myself, to yourself

And, to others

That is all





The world it is already divided enough

There is enough subtractions, and distractions

That only add to the problems

There are not enough solutions but plenty answers

Everyone saying that they are right

That everybody else that does not fit is wrong

Or worse, that they do not belong

That world needs to realize we are not divided

We can together add to each other

By subtracting all that has divided for much too long

So we can multiply our efforts

In coming together, building bridges and finding lasting

Solutions for one and for all

we are all connected.jpg

A Practice in Love

There is an exercise, and I have done this with clients: You count and keep a running log of every time you have a negative thought throughout the day. Through the tabulation process, you first start acknowledging those thoughts, and through practice, are able to decrease them until eventually getting to a place of controlling them – instead of them controlling you.
The same exercise would be fascinating right now. How many times does (insert political figure that you ‘hate’) come into your thoughts? For example, how many times do you think of “Trump”?
For many, I am guessing, the number would be staggering. But, all that is doing is giving attention (and most importantly energy) to that, which you don’t like. With the self-fulling prophecy, you will then find anecdotal evidence to support those thoughts.
The question becomes, if that is the case, how’s that working for you?
Maybe it is, or maybe you don’t even realize that it is happening (just as you don’t realize how many times you are thinking a negative thought).  Maybe once you recognize that you energetically being consumed by one, or a few people, that are not serving your higher good.   It may result in additional frustration, anger, lack of sleep, and overall displeasure for the world as a whole.  That can not only negative affect yourself, but your family, your coworkers, and even strangers on the street.
Using politics as an example is easy, because in today’s climate it is so divisive, and it is a slippery slope that can quickly become all consuming.   The same though can be said for your boss, your significant other, or everyone on the road while you are driving.  That exercise of counting how many times you have a negative emotional outburst throughout the day can be quite enlightening.
The point and significance is understanding that we do not have a “Trump” problem, or a a “Hillary” problem, but rather we have an issue with giving outside stimuli control over not only our emotions, but our feelings, thoughts, and worst of all, our actions.
It is absolutely natural (healthy even) to be angry, frustrated, sad, disappointed, but allowing ourselves to become consumed in it, is not taking control of the only thing we can truly control, which is our own thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions.
Maybe it does work for you.   Maybe you are so inspired by the current political climate that you are taking action by not only volunteering, but running for office.  Maybe you have such a strong desire for change that for the first time you are participating in the voting process.
It is also not necessarily that having repetitive negative thoughts is a bad thing, either, but how those are being utilized.   Are they a motivating factor, or are they debilitating?  Elite athletes, for one, have used negative thoughts of not being good enough as a motivational tool to be the best in the game.
The key question is still the same.  Is that working for you?  And, for you, that means specific to you not your parents, your children, your spouse, your friends, your fans, the media, or anyone else in the world.
For devil’s advocate, let’s say for a second though, that it is not working.  What is the answer?  Better yet, what is the solution?
For starters, stop giving it energy.  If you don’t like a particular politician, stop constantly talking about him (or her) and find a healthy outlet to replace those thoughts and actions.   Stop posting about them, and stop arguing about them.
Negative thoughts though can be quite addicting.  If it seems impossible not to talk, post, or argue, about a particular thought or person maybe it is time re-evaluate it.  The stronger the emotional attachment, possibly the greater the need to let go of it, and them.
If we replace negative thoughts with positive ones, is that being non-authentic?  It can certainly feel that way, especially in the beginning.
A much more radical solution is to give them, or whatever you have such a strong disdain for, love.   Love thy enemies.
That seems counterintuitive to everything that feels right, and often everything that we are taught.  It is also a very disciplined practice.   And, the mind can easily play tricks by saying, “What difference can I make?”
It is true that unconditional love has not been historically sustaining.  We have seen periods through religious figures such as Jesus Christ, Buddha, and Muhammad.  They all have a common theme of love.
The message is the same, but how everyone interprets that message is personal to each individual.
Love, as well as peace, is a very powerful tool.  Ghandi, for example, shut down an entire country in an incredibly short period of time without resorting to violence.   As equally incredible is how quickly upon his demise did everything go back to “normal”, or more precisely back to the way it was.
Maybe that was because he had such unconditional love, peace, and passion for the cause himself but those others who his followers had not yet found that own internal love for themselves.   And, maybe that is truly the answer (to all problems) is to focus on within.  Maybe if each and every one of us were so filled with unconditional love, peace, gratitude, and acceptance, what would a world like that look like?

Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things #1

My philosophy is that we can only focus one thing at one time, and as such, we can either focus our energy on what we want (which is what is most common) or what we have. I have chosen to focus on the latter by practicing unconditional gratitude for everything and everyone.   In doing so, the more I am thankful for what I have, the more I feel deep satisfaction with life in the moment.   Coupled with that, what I want will manifest itself organically if I only allow it to be through my thought and action.

It was only a couple of years ago when I taught vision board classes, and up until last year, I have had multiple vision boards up in my office.   When I became really honest with myself what I put on those boards were not really what I wanted, but rather, what I thought I wanted.  Those are two very different things.

Through my research, I would ask those I worked with the question not only what do you want, but “What do you really want?”  The reason?  Because, while a relationship, for example, was often an answer was it really what they wanted?

Being in a relationship does not necessarily equate to instant happiness. In fact, many relationships are toxic, abusive even.  Worse, a lot of them were miserable being themselves and their thinking was that by being in a relationship it would save them from their own demise.  Some it did, but most of the time, whatever they felt prior to the relationship was what caught up with them while in the relationship.

Through this, and other personal revelations, I became increasingly more focused on the daily practice of being grateful for what I have and where I am right now. If I am single, I am making the very best of being single and enjoying it to the hilt.  If I am in a relationship, I am doing the same.  And, this is my practice across all aspects of my life.

This also is not something that is part of a new year tradition.  In fact, as much as I honor and love to celebrate, I am partaking less and less in conventional norms like making resolutions for the new year. That is, in part, due to time becoming more and more of an illusion.

I saw no difference between my day on Monday (the 31st) and Tuesday (the 1st).   The calendar may have changed, but that was about it.   Instead of focusing on time in a more traditional linear line, my only reality is now.

All I can control is right now.   Everything else I cannot. I can plan for tomorrow. I can hope that tomorrow will be better than today, and I know it will be, but my energy is staying present and enjoying whatever I am doing right now.

No matter the day, the year, I may not know exactly what I want, but I can always be grateful for what I have.  It does not mean I do not have goals, dreams, ambitions, but those I put out into the universe and detach from the outcome.

I write letters to myself, and write stories about how it feels to have received whatever it is I want or to have something I desire accomplished.  I see it as already being done, but again, I give that attachment away.

The common question is, “What do you want?”  or “what are you doing?”  (meaning what are you doing to get closer to what you want) but quite unique is the question, “What are you grateful for?”

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I Love
I Love
I Love
…The Sun
I Love
…The Moon
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
…The rich
I Love
…The poor
I Love
…The sinner
I Love
…The saint
I Love 
…The nun
I Love
…The whore
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
….The elderly
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love


…The ocean breeze

I Love Me!

Love, the only energy there is.  Only a few days ago it was reported that a football player, possibly one of the dirtiest in the league, may have his career threatened due to concussions.  He may no longer be able to play due to compounded blows to the head.  And, while he may play outside the rules I cannot wish him harm.  I cannot say, “karma” because all I can see is not just him, but the collateral damage, which is his family.   Everyone has parents, and while I don’t know if he is married and has kids, but if he does, then they too will suffer from him not being able to make a living doing what he does.

Love, the only energy there is.  In this political environment, it is said that we are more divided than we have ever been before, which is a sad testament to history because there is a little thing called The Civil War not too mention have we not always been divided in our thinking?  So, while the circus has gotten crazier by the second someone professed that they wanted to see “Trump die”, to which I had to reflect back to only a few years back to when Obama was in office and I heard someone say that “Obama should be hung”.  What is the difference?  Matching hate with hate is never going to win, (and bombs never drop in a straight line, because there is always collateral damage), so just because someone may not coincide with the a belief system or is acting in ways that is misrepresentation of their position it does not mean that someone has to sit idly saying that is ok.  To the contrary, there is a time to stand and a time to sit (or kneel).  There is a time to fight and a time to retreat.  So, while the visceral cries that it is ok to call Hillary degrading names, and thinking that is ok, it is not.   Worse, professing that Trump is a child and in response calling him degrading names is the epitome of acting childlike, although that in itself is a disservice to children, because children we would punish for the same behavior.   And, yes, these are crazy times but there is a way to agree to disagree without needing to get nasty, because “an eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”

Love, the only energy there is.  The day after 9/11, in one of the darkest times of US history my neighbor came to me on the steps out front of my apartment where I asked where he was on the fateful day before.  He was traveling, but because of the mass hysteria, I got caught up in it because he was from Saudi Arabia.  The wave of fear screamed, “You can never be too careful” and that systematic discrimination is ok, and yet standing before me was a friend.  We played basketball together.  We hung out, and as we talked I realized something.  He did not over night change. It was I who did, but then I remembered who I was, and when he invited me to the mosque I accepted.   My kids and I not only went once, but we went back on many different occasions, although the initial time I sensed they were more scared of me than I was ever of them.  They shared horror stories of living during this time, and what they had to endure.   It was not long after when driving home from Miami, and bored, I turned on the AM radio to hear a preacher claim that we need to “kill all Muslims”.   It still gives me chills to think those words were actually broadcast.  And, only this week I was reading about the million and some Muslims held in captivity in camps in Russia when discovering that there was a strong sentiment, not an outrage, but rather that this practice should also be done here in the United States.   And, then I remembered all of the men, women, and children I became friends with while at the mosque. I recalled my former neighbor, Omar, who I spent hours with talking about everything and nothing at all. I saw them all not as Muslims, but as human beings.   I saw the love that they shared with me, so I can only reciprocate the same.

Love, the only energy there is.  When driving down the road, there is nothing more infuriating than the terrible drivers who are out there.   Driving on the shoulder while everyone else is stopped, honking insensibly, just to name a few.   Although one of them was a friend of mine whose husband had stomach cancer.  They could not afford the many times that they had to go to the hospital, so an ambulance was out of the question.  Instead, they would go by car necessitating they get their as quickly as possible.  So, when I hear someone being impatient, I never may know where they are going and how critical it is that they get to their destination.

Love, the only energy there is.  In December, I went to the tree lighting ceremony in West Palm.  While I could take or leave the ceremony itself, I was in awe by the diversity in age, in ethnicity, and I loved seeing so many people come together and get along, have a good time no matter where they are from or what their politics may be.   The same for when I went to a concert and saw 70 some year olds getting down, dancing the night away with kids right along side.   Everyone having a good time!

Love, the only energy there is.  Gossip travels at the speed of loose lips, and it matters not whose hips may be involved it seemingly gets attention because someone somewhere thinks that whatever someone is doing behind closed doors is acting immoral.  Yet, for as many times in the past when I have heard women talking negatively about the men in their lives it is equally as much men talking negatively about women.   The worst I hear is that all women from Boca are “bitches”, which begs to question how the imaginary line is drawn and how someone from Delray or Deerfield is somehow so much more angelic.  Or, if they cross over the line do they automatically turn to the dark side?

How about people are people.   Everyone has a bright side and a dark side.   Everyone has a story – good, bad and ugly about them self.   Everyone is doing the best they can, right?

No. Not in terms of pure potentiality, but in terms of the best they can with the resources they believe are available to them at any given moment in time.

Who am I to say?

The world, it has its share of problems.  Are they worse than ever, or is this merely a matter of continuation from then to now.  The only real difference is the 24/7 seven days a week scrutiny on everything and everyone.

Oh, yes, those journalists.  They too are “bad”, but then again I am one of them.  I write interviews, and a lot of them people may not only disagree but not like, or even like me because I write them.  So, be it.

I am not going to treat others based upon their reflection of me.  I am going to treat others how I want to be treated.  I am going to see no difference between the sane and insane, the sinner and the saint, men and women, rich and poor, democrats and republicans, the religious and the atheists, or…..

…..from me and you.




Can You Help Me Find It?

“I really wish I could just die.”

Look down, look away
But, look at yourself
In the mirror
Because, most
Have thought it
(as this morning)
Even said it
Out loud

Where has it gone?
The kindness and compassion

Look down at them
For they are less then
They the losers
In this life
They are not the same
as we the winners
In our castles of gold
Far away and removed
From the dirty streets
In our chariots of steel
Never even once stopping
To wonder how it must feel

Where has it gone?
The kindness and compassion

Look down at the kings
Resting comfortably
On their thrown
When they too
Have their own problems
Their own pain
Their own suffering
They like we
Pour out the same blood
Red with screams
Although their riches
Appears further than it seems

Where has it gone?
The kindness and compassion

Look down on the failures
Of others and see their scars
Look at all that they have not done
No tangible value to society
As they are an ugly
Mark on the world
With their criminal activity
As they steal to survive
As they drink to get by
But, have we not stolen
From the coffers of life
And, have we not also
Drank away our sorrows
The weight of the world
So great that even
Crawling out from under
The pillow is too much
Of a struggle
And, while in the comfort
Of that 4 bedroom corner house
There is someone outside
Who has not even a pillow
To from life to hide

Where has it gone?
The kindness and compassion

Look down on the opinions
So outrageous stupid even
For having such beliefs
To see life from such a narrow
Point of view
As they are so much different
Of no redeeming value
Because, we all must think
Look, act and be all the same
From the right side
As there is but truth
In what we believe
In what we say
And, they are but lost
In their way

Where has it gone?
The kindness and compassion

Look down upon me
Please, because I want not
To be equal but only to be
Me, and that will not align
With what you see
What you want
Where you think
I should be in this life
With my perspective
Of what I see in this world
And, how it should be
So, when I received it
This morning, the message
From the one so close
Yet, so far far away
Professing, that they could not
Go on any longer
That they wanted it all
The perpetual struggle
The chronic pain
The tears that fall
Like rain
To end

Where has it gone?
The kindness and compassion

Look down upon giving up
Until finding how familiar
A feeling it is
When being true with self
Because, the rain falls
Down upon everyone
And, not everybody
Has the same coping
Or support systems
So, while there may not
Be anything tangible
That I can do
I can, and I will
Know where I am going
Because, we will also
Soon be gone
So, while I can I will
Never forget

The kindness and compassion


Love, It Is The Answer

If you don’t like the press
Think they are evil even
Then, go meet some local journalists
Take a tour of a newspaper
Or, a news station
Get to know them as real people
And, maybe, just maybe
You’ll see that they are just that
They are people
​We must not lose our humanity
Or we will be forever doomed
For without humanity
Who and what
are we?
If you don’t like all police officers
Think they are all bad
Then, go meet some local officers
Visit and tour a jail
Volunteer for the sheriff’s department
Spend some time
With them talk to them without an agenda
Get to know them as real people
And, maybe, just maybe
You’ll see that they are just that
They are people
We must not lose our humanity
Or we will be forever doomed
For without humanity
Who and what
are we?
If you don’t like every politician
Call up your local officials
Find out who they are
Beyond their policies
Who they are as a person
Or better yet run for office
Be a part of the change
Instead of complaining
Get to know them as real people
And, maybe, just maybe
You’ll see that they are just that
They are people
We must not lose our humanity
Or we will be forever doomed
For without humanity
Who and what
are we?
If you don’t like Conservatives or Liberals
Guess what?
There are already know who are already
Real people
You like them because they are real people
Not as their politics
They offer something more than that
There are others too
On both sides who are good people
Get to know them as real people
And, maybe, just maybe
You’ll see that they are just that
They are people
We must not lose our humanity
Or we will be forever doomed
For without humanity
Who and what
are we?
If you don’t like people from other countries
Other cultures who come here
Offer them a gift of a smile
A present in the form of kindness
Get to know them as real people
And, maybe, just maybe
You’ll see that they are just that
They are people
We must not lose our humanity
Or we will be forever doomed
For without humanity
Who and what
are we?
If you don’t like gays
Someone you know is one
Hold them close
Instead of pushing them away
Have a cup of coffee
Sit down and see one another
Beyond however they love
Or how you love
Get to know them as real people
And, maybe, just maybe
You’ll see that they are just that
They are people
We must not lose our humanity
Or we will be forever doomed
For without humanity
Who and what
are we?
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If you don’t like Muslims
Visit a mosque
I’ll even take you
The only thing to fear
Is the unknown
So embrace it
Without judgment
Or, and agenda
They are no different
Than you and I
If only you look beyond
Their faith
See that they have value
As we all do
Get to know them as real people
And, maybe, just maybe
You’ll see that they are just that
They are people
We must not lose our humanity
Or we will be forever doomed
For without humanity
Who and what
are we?

The juxtaposition of our position

while we may be adept

proficient even 

….in caring for others

while being equally negligent
in caring for ourselves

….in exposing our breasts (or dicks)

we may be complacent
in exposing our feelings
our heart and soul
and our true vulnerabilities

….in giving to others

but have a terrible time
in receiving
the same love and kindness
shown to others

….in receiving

but cannot give
in kind

…in being environmentally conscientious

while polluting our own personal
space with toxic energy

…at making money

but horrible at making
relationships work

….in creating beautiful art

although at the same time
are starving
for the beauty that
life’s canvas holds

…in taking great care of our bodies

yet hate the way we look
no matter how great our body
may look

….in finding peace within

but cannot find peace
out in the real world

….at changing the oil

although cannot change
a diaper

….in multitasking

but may suck at focusing
on just one task

…at being the big boss

but have a horrible time
being the bigger man
(or woman)

…at managing tasks

yet unable to
not only manage
but lead

….at fooling the world

but cannot ever
fool the one person
looking back
in the mirror