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Time…She Loves Me? (Not)

O​H​  WOW! 
It’s already been what?​!?!?
30, 40, 50, 60,70, 80 some  years?
Oh, where does ​ (did)​  it go?
That time we thought we had?
Where were you then?
Did you know me?
Did you know me when?
How about now? 
Do you really?
And, where will you be?
And, where will we go?
Will I know you?
​10? ​ 20?  30?
Years, months, hours?
How about me?
W​here am I going to be?
I ​ (we) guess we’ll
have to wait 
and see​!​

Less and LessDo I feel the needTo ShareWith just anyoneEverythingOr, to be heardBy EverybodyOn Any little thingOr, to have to walk In line with everyoneOn something


What Do you Want…Today


There is someone who feels full.

There is someone who feels empty.

There is someone who feels loved.

There is someone who feels loneliness.

There is someone who feels joy.

There is someone who feels sadness.

There is someone who feels worthy.

There is someone who feels worthless.

There is someone who feels something.

There is something who feels nothing.


Is there an answer to the question or a question to the answer?

Have you woke up today, enough to say good morning, are are you still asleep? Is it all a dream? Or, is the dream but your awakened state of being?

Maybe there is duality? Even plurality?   Could there be?

Have you ever fell in a well so deep that there was no escape?   Did you fall, or were you pushed?   With walls too high and the floor too deep, was the only way out for someone to come by to help with your release?  Did you wake up in a cold sweat or did you cry yourself asleep for a temporary reprieve?

If there is a reason for everything does that not also mean there is a reason for nothing? Because nothing is a part of everything, is it not?

You must not blame others if you are to truly be free? Conversely then, must you not commend others if you want total freedom?

Have you ever been so sick that you could not move and the world began to spin?  Out of control, trying to grasp for something to hold onto, with but a singular thought but to survive?   Wondering how ever will I get out of this alive?  Were you closer to death or inching closer to being alive?

If there is something bigger than ourselves, then is there equally so something smaller?

Are you blinded by your own sight or are you only seeing what you see?   Is truth hidden or staring you in the eye?   Is truth but a blink away or are their truths beyond your line of sight?

If all comes from within, then should not full gratitude and praise go also to that which is within?  If no external force is part of your proverbial falling then is it not the same for your eventual rise?

Are you but everything and nothing at the same time?   Perfect for your imperfections, greater than the sum of all your blemishes, beautiful for the beauty that is?

If everything is but an illusion of your consciousness, is not then your consciousness itself an illusion?  Or, is the illusion the illusion all too itself?