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Today, Monday, How I Love You!

I woke up this morning

Jumped out of bed

With a burning desire

So ready to start today

I didn’t want to miss

A single second

That could be the one


That is just for me

Feeling so blessed

And honored to be here

Not concerned about

if I got enough rest

Because, it’s a new day

With everything flowing

And going my way

I kiss this, the beautiful

gorgeous new sky

So high I could touch

The clouds

Not needing to know

Or wonder why

Because, life it is on

My side

I am ready to rock

Ready to roll

I am the heart

Am the soul

On this life

I have been given

I am completely  sold

As I follow my bliss

And oh how one more time

I have to give a kiss to

The sky, the clouds, the moon

This day it could not come

Too soon

Because, this is my day

The day I am all about bliss

I do what I want

Receive all that I need

No matter how many shots
I take I cannot miss

As I truly love and am

Showing up as authentic

As I truly can

Being me

Wild and free

With a kiss a hug

Love, my only


As high I am

On loving


All my own

So, awake I am too

to this new beginning

No need for losing

Or even winning

Going with the flow

Giving and receiving

In kind

Without residing in the past

Letting go of all that has

Lapsed freely allowing

Each moment of this

Day today being

The only ones

I am giving

My time

And energy






It's a Beautiful Day It's a Beautiful Day Today!


Love, Unconditionally

Thank You

I Appreciate You

For Being You

I Honor You

For Being Yourself

I See You

As You Are

I Hear You

Without Judgment

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Thank You

You Add Value

You Bring Something

To the World

By Being You

You are Special

You are Unique

You are Needed

Just The Way You Are

Right Now


download (7).jpg

Thank You

You Are Doing Your Best

You Are A Gift

To The World Being You


Not every Saturday night, but more often than not, the unassuming priest would walk through the cafeteria with the message.  “When I see those boys. I see Jesus in their eyes.”

Maybe Jesus, in this case, is LOVE and not a religious statement but rather a life statement.

  • What if he only sees LOVE in their eyes?
  • What if WE could only see love in each other’s eyes?
  • What if we could see LOVE without conditions?The life statement is more symbolic because of the environment.  These are not boys, that as parents are so proud of as displayed by bumper stickers on the back of cars, who are honor roll students.   Nor are they the “good” boys that are applauded, and most importantly, loved.

No, to the contrary, these are the “bad” boys.  These are the boys who are locked up, in a cage, and despite all of our rage they will still be the rat in the cage.  For the cage does not necessarily leave them, when they get out, but rather it may well stay with them forever.

  • Furthermore, are we not all in so many ways locked in our own cages?
  •  Are not the emotions locked inside of us, unable to express the feelings, directly leading to dis-ease?
  • Those emotional knots that culminate within, like the jail, protecting them from us – and us from them, is it not what is cause for so much social displacement of fear?
How often is it declared that the “truth must be spoken” although whose truth may that be?   Is truth not THE but rather A?  And, even if for arguments sake it is THE truth, is it that more important than kindness, love even?Or, are we incapable of seeing love in our own eyes?  Are we incapable of seeing love in the eyes of “them”, or “they” who are incrementally separate from the (a) truth, and “we” who are always right?   And, “they” who is not only wrong but equally bad?

  • What if we can stop all the bullshit, and it’s all bullshit, and simply love ourselves right now as we are in this moment?
  • What if we can stop all the bullshit, and it’s all bullshit, and simply love them for who they are now and even beyond their current state?
If he can see Jesus in the eyes of every boy who sits in jail, why cannot we?The retort is that, “they won’t learn their lesson?”   They must be punished for their misdeeds, right?  They must pay for their transgressions?

Instead of putting someone else in jail for being “lazy”, or being “fat”, or “stupid”, or simply not good enough, according to our standards, how about simply loving them.

The truth is:  you are overweight.  The truth is:  you are not living up to your potential.  The truth is: you are  not doing enough.  The truth is:  you will never be enough.

Or, that is A truth by our own perception based upon time and space and most often a reflection of our own current state.

If he can see Jesus in the eyes of every boy who sits in jail, why cannot we?Why cannot we see how often we put ourselves and others in a cage with the label of being bad, because we have had emotional trauma in the past that keeps us locked up and unable to be fully free?

And, yes, there are crimes against humanity but is not the most criminal of all the systematic lack of humanity itself?

When we reclaim our own humanity, 
when we are grateful for everything and everyone 
void of conditions and merely love, 
it can not only change the world 

but save the world.

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Right Here, Now

I know the day
When I hit old age
Will be when I disparage
The youth of today
As somehow separate
From my youthful mistakes
Of Yesterday

I know the moment
When I become blind
Will be when I fail
To see
The beauty of here
The Heaven that is now
The life that is present

I know the moment
When I become deaf
Will be when I stop
Hearing the voice
Of my own intuition
That is my guide
Of what works for me
And, begin listening
To outside influences
Who are deafening

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I Love You, Thank You!

I don’t have time to do anything but love you, and yes, I fail a thousand times over whenever I judge, whenever I complain, whenever I do anything that is not loving and kind, because Heaven is right here right now in this moment. It is the only reality there is, and everything else is an illusion.

If you are here with me,
thank you.
I love you.
If you are away from me,
somewhere else,
thank you.
I love you.
If you agree with me.
Thank you.
I love you.
If you disagree with me.
Thank you.
I love you.
If you like me.
Thank you.
I love you.
If you don’t,
thank you.
I love you.

There is too much living to be done before my life turns to dust, so this day I must not crawl to a start but rather I must spring to the finish knowing I have given it my all.  I have left someone feeling better than than they arrived. I have made someone laugh, or even someone cry, out of love and happiness.

If I am alone
I am happy
to be here and now
in my own company
If I am with someone
I am happy
To be  here and now
in their company
If I succeed
I am happy
That I tried,
and it worked
If I fail
I am happy
That I tried,
and I will try again

I cannot lose, because there is no win or lose, but rather merely a single thread of existence with moments that only judge as being good or bad.  It is only that feel happy or sad, but I know not 99.99% of the world around me.  I only know what is real, which is this moment, and I cannot assume or judge, or try to alter or change anyone else’s moment.

I am so incredibly grateful
For you
Thank you
I love you
I am so incredibly grateful
For myself
Thank you
I love being me
I am blessed
To have have you in my life
Thank you
I love you
I am blessed
That you were in my life
Thank you
I love

I am blessed
And loved
so how can I do anything
but love myself
and others

Thank You!.png

Can I complain for a second?

When I complain,
and I do,
please forgive me.
(speaking to the universe)

I know not what I am doing in those moments, because I am not fully engaging in the present.


If I get angry when a car cuts me off in traffic, that anger is healthy and a normal reaction in the moment.  That is being real with my emotions.  But, if I honk my horn as a result of my anger, then I am living in the past. They are already passed, so that moment is gone.   Worse yet, if I complain about their driving after I get home and to anyone and everyone both physically and virtually, then I am living in the past.

There are so many times we are cut off in life, and so many times we cut others off, because that is a part of being out on the road of life.

It is healthy to complain, as everything has a place. It is healthy to release.  But, by releasing it is like rinsing off the frustration by taking a shower and cleansing it from the system rather sitting and bathing in it.

When I complain about someone, I am dismissing them without seeing them as a gift from the universe.  If I am living in Heaven – right now, then they are but an angel here to provide me with something.

But, as much as I philosophize as such we are all human.  And, complaining is as much as being human as living itself.  Not to mention being angry, sad even, as they are all a part of the human experience.

So, while it is positive and healthy to reduce the amount of complaining what if when we do that we do not feel guilty about doing so?  Reducing the guilt we feel is as much as something to overcome as fear itself.

Life is not always roses, and everything being perfect.  Life is drama.  Life has its ups and downs.

How we react to those ups and downs is everything, but what if everyone is doing the very best they can right now?

What if we simply feel compassion, and kindness a little more every day?

What if the person who cut us off just lost a child? Or, found out they had cancer?  Or, simply wasn’t paying attention?  As we all do at one point or another…..

What if when we complain about someone, or something, we can reflect upon it later and realize more often than not what someone has done is something we have done ourselves – or something similar.   And, that when we complain we refrain from seeing them as being the same as us and that we are all in this together.  None of us are immune, and we are all someone’s crazy.

There will always be someone that says whatever we may about someone else whether it is “stupid”, “lazy”, “idiot”, or whatever the words may be whether personally or professionally.

And, as much as we often focus on what we want, how about if we focus on what we have?

What about seeing life from someone else’s perspective?

From a different point of view?

What if we will never know someone else’s story?

Their real true story that even themselves try to hide from their own self not to mention the entire world……

So, when you hear me complain, and I do, please forgive me as I am human living a human experience.  I am grateful. I am blessed.  And, I am love.  (speaking to the universe).

I Am Free

Life is Life

We all have one

But, how many days

Are spent actually living?

How many are wasted?

And, never really fully tasted?

The moments that pass by

Without any conscious



How many opportunities









Pass us by each and every day?


How many times do we hesitate

Because, of fear

Or out of guilt

Or getting caught up

In thinking

Judging the moment

Instead of being in flow

Letting our minds go

Allowing ourselves to be free

To explore


Today, I have really galvanized what I want out of life and who I want to be. Ironically, the two coincide:  Peace, Love and Joy.

These are not just emotions but a state of being.   They are also available every moment of every day.  I need not wait for someone, some thing, or some place for me to be in that state.
In order to get to that state, my focus is on gratitude.   Unconditional gratitude and appreciation for everything and everyone.    Being consciously aware of the moment, and to get to a place where I can find:
Peace:  For it is with peace, that I allow self-acceptance to flow as well accepting of others as they are wherever they are.
Joy:     Through joy, I find fun and happiness that culminates in celebration, which can be for no reason whatsoever.

Love:   With the intention of love, it is my focus, and through such I find freedom.

download (4).jpg
Through these, I experience ultimate freedom because no longer does anyone (family, friends, coworkers, colleagues, strangers, etc.) or anything (money, location, job – or lack thereof,  etc.) can control me, because I am free.
Free to be,


I choose when and where, and with who, I spend my time with those that exemplify peace, love and joy in their own life in their own way.
I no longer need to wait to have fun.  I no longer need to wait to be happy.  I no longer need to wait for anything to be at peace, to be in joy, or be in a state of love – for self or others.
The world may be chaotic, but it always has and most likely always will.   We can wait forever for it to change, but waiting is not tasting, and life is meant to be spent living.
What is fun?
What brings you Joy?
Going to a movie
Staying home and watching TV
Going for a walk
Making out
 Going to a concert
Heading out on a road trip
Going on vacation
Taking an extended nap
Going to the spa
Meeting someone new
Going to the park
Making money
Going to the zoo
Making love
Going absolutely nowhere
Eating in
Going to the most amazing restaurant
Learning something new
Going to an art exhibit
Making art
Going to a meet a friend
Video chat
Going dancing on the town
Being in a movie
Going for a long kayak trip
Closing a great deal
Going to work
Getting unexpected money
Going out
Playing a sport or an instrument
Going to the mall
Watching the sunrise or sunset
(Or Both!!!)
Going to the beach
Taking a drive up the mountain
Going for a picnic
Jump out of a plane
Going to someplace new
Going for a weekend getaway
Going to the gym
Take pictures
Going to have pictures taken

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practice resignation, unless it was quite necessary. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to live so sturdily and Spartan-like as to put to rout all that was not life, to cut a broad swath and shave close, to drive life into a corner, and reduce it to its lowest terms…”

― Henry David Thoreau