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Daily Declaration from

Today, I align myself

with all that’s good

and all that’s light.

I am one with the universe,

and the universe is one with me.

From this moment forward, I am free.

I am a magnet attracting continual abundance

in the form of wealth, health and happiness.

With wave after wave of healthy,

happy and prosperous opportunities,

I simply flow.

Peace surrounds me, love surges through me

as I give and receive graciously and live gratefully.

Thank you. It is done.


Daily Declaration from


From NFL Cheerleader to Activist – Crissy Peacock, our new Wellington Supermom!

Not every mother was an NFL cheerleader, but Crissy Peacock stands out not only for her professional accomplishments but for her contributions to the community as well.  Just recently, Crissy became a member of the “March Against Monsanto, Wellington, Florida.”……(for the rest of the article, see below)

Living Green, featuring Crissy Lynn (former NFL Cheerleader)

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