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How connected are we, really?

We reside in a world that is more connected than ever, and yet in some ways, we can be equally disconnected.  That disconnect extends, more often than not, from ourselves.

If I may share what has been incredibly beneficial for myself (both professionally and personally) is two of my practices. Through sharing my hope is it may beneficial to you, or someone you know.

They are:

1) Living in complete Joy –  In order to achieve complete joy, my first step is to become mindful of the moment and to be able to feel the emotion of enjoying whatever it is I am doing not dependent upon circumstance or situation.  Like any other exercise, it takes commitment to achieve results, and part of this includes daily meditation. A very simple one is breathing in, smiling (visualizing my entire body smiling) and then breathing out releasing (and letting go of) whatever is no longer serving me.  Through meditation, I am able to control my thoughts rather than having my thoughts control me.  The focus though is not only on my thoughts but also my emotions, and feelings, while taking full responsibility for my actions and behaviors.  The more I allow myself to acknowledge that joy is possible at any place, and any time, the more I allow myself to embrace joy right now, which transcends all that I do and all that I am.

2) Unconditional Appreciation –  Coupled with living in complete joy is my practice of unconditional appreciation. Not only am I grateful, but I am consciously appreciating everyone and everything that is present in this moment. My focus is on what I have rather than what I do not in conjunction with focusing on the solution(s) rather than the problem. Every single person who comes into my life is for my own higher good. Every thing that I encounter is an opportunity to learn and to grow, and the more I am able to appreciate all I have right now, the more I am able to enjoy all that life has to offer.

How can I support and/or be of service to you?



The Thought Before You Think


No more words are needed.

It is a complete sentence all to itself.

It is a complete thought all by itself.

While some see the world as Hell, I see Heaven above, below, and all around me.  I see it now. I see it every day.

While some see Fear and Hate, I see  Love. I see it above, below, and all around me. I see it now. I see it every day.

Thought of the Day:

The Thought Before You Think

When someone asks, “How are you?” that is a loaded question.

How am I physically, mentally, spiritually, financially?  At this moment?  Or, overall?

The answer really is not about them, it’s about us.   How can we tell where are at in any given moment?    Recognizing the thought, before we think, which is the first thought we think before we starting consciously thinking.  For example, what is the first thought when:

  • I wake up in the morning?
  • I see myself in the mirror?
  • I look at my checking account?
  • I open the mail to an unexpected bill?
  • I open the mail to an unexpected check?
  • I am paid a compliment?
  • I notice someone looking at me?
  • I look at them and they smile?
    • And, they are of the same sex?
    • Of the opposite sex?
    • Younger?
    • Older?
    • Same race?
    • Or, different?
  • I hear someone say, “I need to talk to you?”
    • And, it’s a boss
    • Or, a significant other?
  • I step inside a church?
    • Or, a cemetery?
  • I step into a crowded room?
    • And, it’s full of strangers?
  • I am all alone for any length of time?
  • I walk into a room full of models?

Increase Your Productivity & Ease Feeling Overwhelmed: A Tip for Writers

There is a common theme that I hear from people.   I hear either 1) I am overwhelmed, or 2) I want to be more productive and do more.    Both can cause a lot of anxiety and stress as well as frustration.   There are though ways that you can alleviate that anxiety by changing the process.

For example, right now I am following my own advice by changing my own process.  As a writer, I found that the entire method was taking up a lot of time.   What were my procedures?  They were pretty standard.

First, I would sit down in front of the keyboard and start putting my thoughts down by typing it into a document.   What involved the most time was the actual typing but also thinking about what I was going to type.   As such, I wanted to find a way to increase my productivity while also alleviate my feeling of being overwhelmed and not having enough time in the day to write as much as I would like.

There was another frustration that I had, and I have a feeling I am not alone in this.  I may have an “ah ha” moment, with what I think is a brilliant idea, but I am not in front of a computer or a piece of paper to write out my thoughts.  What I do have around me almost exclusively is my cell phone.

I started to realize that the phone can be a very powerful tool to assist me with my writing.   It is exactly what I am doing right now, and I will explain to you the procedures that I am using.   All that is required is a smart phone and a voice.

The first step I take is to open up an email on my phone and then begin composing a message. I will be sending the email to myself, so I put my own email address in the “To:” line, and typically leave the subject line blank because I will know recognize the email upon receipt.   From there, I click on my voice recognition software.   I find that Google Now (Android app that is similar to Apple’s version of Siri) works really well.   Then, I simply start dictating my writing into the phone.  What would take an hour to type now takes me 5 minutes to dictate.

What I really enjoy about this new method is that I can in essense write anywhere.  If I am walking, I can be writing an article or a story.   The same for any place that inspiration may hit me.

There is also a piece of mind associated with this, because so many times in the past  I may have had a great idea but I ended up forgetting it later.    I did not have a means to transcribe what I was thinking onto either paper or a computer.  Now, I am able to capture those thoughts more readily.  In the process, I am more productive.

And, I hope this can help you be more productive too.

Happy writing, my friends!