Out Of The Haze

Bio: There are so many delightful morsels of delicious moments that add flavor to each and every day. Grateful and appreciative am I, for it all. My intention is to inspire myself and others by way of the written word (as a Soulful Writer), through the beauty of light (as a Provocative Photographer), by way of the spoken word (as an Inspiring Speaker), through the cultivating of the unlimited possibilities (as an Innovative Inventor), and by creating captivating characters (as an Authentic Actor). My personal philosophy is: Destiny: To help create a more loving, hopeful and connected planet. Cause: To have an authentic provocative global impact on the world. Calling: To speak from the heart; write from the soul; and to lead by inspiring myself, and others, to greatness. Thank you for dropping by and saying hi. It is a pleasure to connect.

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