Can I complain for a second?

When I complain,
and I do,
please forgive me.
(speaking to the universe)

I know not what I am doing in those moments, because I am not fully engaging in the present.


If I get angry when a car cuts me off in traffic, that anger is healthy and a normal reaction in the moment.  That is being real with my emotions.  But, if I honk my horn as a result of my anger, then I am living in the past. They are already passed, so that moment is gone.   Worse yet, if I complain about their driving after I get home and to anyone and everyone both physically and virtually, then I am living in the past.

There are so many times we are cut off in life, and so many times we cut others off, because that is a part of being out on the road of life.

It is healthy to complain, as everything has a place. It is healthy to release.  But, by releasing it is like rinsing off the frustration by taking a shower and cleansing it from the system rather sitting and bathing in it.

When I complain about someone, I am dismissing them without seeing them as a gift from the universe.  If I am living in Heaven – right now, then they are but an angel here to provide me with something.

But, as much as I philosophize as such we are all human.  And, complaining is as much as being human as living itself.  Not to mention being angry, sad even, as they are all a part of the human experience.

So, while it is positive and healthy to reduce the amount of complaining what if when we do that we do not feel guilty about doing so?  Reducing the guilt we feel is as much as something to overcome as fear itself.

Life is not always roses, and everything being perfect.  Life is drama.  Life has its ups and downs.

How we react to those ups and downs is everything, but what if everyone is doing the very best they can right now?

What if we simply feel compassion, and kindness a little more every day?

What if the person who cut us off just lost a child? Or, found out they had cancer?  Or, simply wasn’t paying attention?  As we all do at one point or another…..

What if when we complain about someone, or something, we can reflect upon it later and realize more often than not what someone has done is something we have done ourselves – or something similar.   And, that when we complain we refrain from seeing them as being the same as us and that we are all in this together.  None of us are immune, and we are all someone’s crazy.

There will always be someone that says whatever we may about someone else whether it is “stupid”, “lazy”, “idiot”, or whatever the words may be whether personally or professionally.

And, as much as we often focus on what we want, how about if we focus on what we have?

What about seeing life from someone else’s perspective?

From a different point of view?

What if we will never know someone else’s story?

Their real true story that even themselves try to hide from their own self not to mention the entire world……

So, when you hear me complain, and I do, please forgive me as I am human living a human experience.  I am grateful. I am blessed.  And, I am love.  (speaking to the universe).


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