Love It!!!

Do You Love Life?
The darkest hour
And, the brightest light
Seeing no separation
From good or bad
Whether happy
Or when sad
Knowing everything
Is a growth opportunity
Beyond the known
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Does Life Love You?
Embracing you
In the darkness hour
And, the brightest light
Seeing no separation
From good or bad
Whether you’re happy
Or when you’re sad
Showing you everything
Is a growth opportunity
Beyond the known






I Love
I Love
I Love
…The Sun
I Love
…The Moon
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
…The rich
I Love
…The poor
I Love
…The sinner
I Love
…The saint
I Love 
…The nun
I Love
…The whore
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
….The elderly
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love
I Love


…The ocean breeze

I Love Me!

Love, the only energy there is.  Only a few days ago it was reported that a football player, possibly one of the dirtiest in the league, may have his career threatened due to concussions.  He may no longer be able to play due to compounded blows to the head.  And, while he may play outside the rules I cannot wish him harm.  I cannot say, “karma” because all I can see is not just him, but the collateral damage, which is his family.   Everyone has parents, and while I don’t know if he is married and has kids, but if he does, then they too will suffer from him not being able to make a living doing what he does.

Love, the only energy there is.  In this political environment, it is said that we are more divided than we have ever been before, which is a sad testament to history because there is a little thing called The Civil War not too mention have we not always been divided in our thinking?  So, while the circus has gotten crazier by the second someone professed that they wanted to see “Trump die”, to which I had to reflect back to only a few years back to when Obama was in office and I heard someone say that “Obama should be hung”.  What is the difference?  Matching hate with hate is never going to win, (and bombs never drop in a straight line, because there is always collateral damage), so just because someone may not coincide with the a belief system or is acting in ways that is misrepresentation of their position it does not mean that someone has to sit idly saying that is ok.  To the contrary, there is a time to stand and a time to sit (or kneel).  There is a time to fight and a time to retreat.  So, while the visceral cries that it is ok to call Hillary degrading names, and thinking that is ok, it is not.   Worse, professing that Trump is a child and in response calling him degrading names is the epitome of acting childlike, although that in itself is a disservice to children, because children we would punish for the same behavior.   And, yes, these are crazy times but there is a way to agree to disagree without needing to get nasty, because “an eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”

Love, the only energy there is.  The day after 9/11, in one of the darkest times of US history my neighbor came to me on the steps out front of my apartment where I asked where he was on the fateful day before.  He was traveling, but because of the mass hysteria, I got caught up in it because he was from Saudi Arabia.  The wave of fear screamed, “You can never be too careful” and that systematic discrimination is ok, and yet standing before me was a friend.  We played basketball together.  We hung out, and as we talked I realized something.  He did not over night change. It was I who did, but then I remembered who I was, and when he invited me to the mosque I accepted.   My kids and I not only went once, but we went back on many different occasions, although the initial time I sensed they were more scared of me than I was ever of them.  They shared horror stories of living during this time, and what they had to endure.   It was not long after when driving home from Miami, and bored, I turned on the AM radio to hear a preacher claim that we need to “kill all Muslims”.   It still gives me chills to think those words were actually broadcast.  And, only this week I was reading about the million and some Muslims held in captivity in camps in Russia when discovering that there was a strong sentiment, not an outrage, but rather that this practice should also be done here in the United States.   And, then I remembered all of the men, women, and children I became friends with while at the mosque. I recalled my former neighbor, Omar, who I spent hours with talking about everything and nothing at all. I saw them all not as Muslims, but as human beings.   I saw the love that they shared with me, so I can only reciprocate the same.

Love, the only energy there is.  When driving down the road, there is nothing more infuriating than the terrible drivers who are out there.   Driving on the shoulder while everyone else is stopped, honking insensibly, just to name a few.   Although one of them was a friend of mine whose husband had stomach cancer.  They could not afford the many times that they had to go to the hospital, so an ambulance was out of the question.  Instead, they would go by car necessitating they get their as quickly as possible.  So, when I hear someone being impatient, I never may know where they are going and how critical it is that they get to their destination.

Love, the only energy there is.  In December, I went to the tree lighting ceremony in West Palm.  While I could take or leave the ceremony itself, I was in awe by the diversity in age, in ethnicity, and I loved seeing so many people come together and get along, have a good time no matter where they are from or what their politics may be.   The same for when I went to a concert and saw 70 some year olds getting down, dancing the night away with kids right along side.   Everyone having a good time!

Love, the only energy there is.  Gossip travels at the speed of loose lips, and it matters not whose hips may be involved it seemingly gets attention because someone somewhere thinks that whatever someone is doing behind closed doors is acting immoral.  Yet, for as many times in the past when I have heard women talking negatively about the men in their lives it is equally as much men talking negatively about women.   The worst I hear is that all women from Boca are “bitches”, which begs to question how the imaginary line is drawn and how someone from Delray or Deerfield is somehow so much more angelic.  Or, if they cross over the line do they automatically turn to the dark side?

How about people are people.   Everyone has a bright side and a dark side.   Everyone has a story – good, bad and ugly about them self.   Everyone is doing the best they can, right?

No. Not in terms of pure potentiality, but in terms of the best they can with the resources they believe are available to them at any given moment in time.

Who am I to say?

The world, it has its share of problems.  Are they worse than ever, or is this merely a matter of continuation from then to now.  The only real difference is the 24/7 seven days a week scrutiny on everything and everyone.

Oh, yes, those journalists.  They too are “bad”, but then again I am one of them.  I write interviews, and a lot of them people may not only disagree but not like, or even like me because I write them.  So, be it.

I am not going to treat others based upon their reflection of me.  I am going to treat others how I want to be treated.  I am going to see no difference between the sane and insane, the sinner and the saint, men and women, rich and poor, democrats and republicans, the religious and the atheists, or…..

…..from me and you.




Can You Help Me Find It?

“I really wish I could just die.”

Look down, look away
But, look at yourself
In the mirror
Because, most
Have thought it
(as this morning)
Even said it
Out loud

Where has it gone?
The kindness and compassion

Look down at them
For they are less then
They the losers
In this life
They are not the same
as we the winners
In our castles of gold
Far away and removed
From the dirty streets
In our chariots of steel
Never even once stopping
To wonder how it must feel

Where has it gone?
The kindness and compassion

Look down at the kings
Resting comfortably
On their thrown
When they too
Have their own problems
Their own pain
Their own suffering
They like we
Pour out the same blood
Red with screams
Although their riches
Appears further than it seems

Where has it gone?
The kindness and compassion

Look down on the failures
Of others and see their scars
Look at all that they have not done
No tangible value to society
As they are an ugly
Mark on the world
With their criminal activity
As they steal to survive
As they drink to get by
But, have we not stolen
From the coffers of life
And, have we not also
Drank away our sorrows
The weight of the world
So great that even
Crawling out from under
The pillow is too much
Of a struggle
And, while in the comfort
Of that 4 bedroom corner house
There is someone outside
Who has not even a pillow
To from life to hide

Where has it gone?
The kindness and compassion

Look down on the opinions
So outrageous stupid even
For having such beliefs
To see life from such a narrow
Point of view
As they are so much different
Of no redeeming value
Because, we all must think
Look, act and be all the same
From the right side
As there is but truth
In what we believe
In what we say
And, they are but lost
In their way

Where has it gone?
The kindness and compassion

Look down upon me
Please, because I want not
To be equal but only to be
Me, and that will not align
With what you see
What you want
Where you think
I should be in this life
With my perspective
Of what I see in this world
And, how it should be
So, when I received it
This morning, the message
From the one so close
Yet, so far far away
Professing, that they could not
Go on any longer
That they wanted it all
The perpetual struggle
The chronic pain
The tears that fall
Like rain
To end

Where has it gone?
The kindness and compassion

Look down upon giving up
Until finding how familiar
A feeling it is
When being true with self
Because, the rain falls
Down upon everyone
And, not everybody
Has the same coping
Or support systems
So, while there may not
Be anything tangible
That I can do
I can, and I will
Know where I am going
Because, we will also
Soon be gone
So, while I can I will
Never forget

The kindness and compassion


Can I complain for a second?

When I complain,
and I do,
please forgive me.
(speaking to the universe)

I know not what I am doing in those moments, because I am not fully engaging in the present.


If I get angry when a car cuts me off in traffic, that anger is healthy and a normal reaction in the moment.  That is being real with my emotions.  But, if I honk my horn as a result of my anger, then I am living in the past. They are already passed, so that moment is gone.   Worse yet, if I complain about their driving after I get home and to anyone and everyone both physically and virtually, then I am living in the past.

There are so many times we are cut off in life, and so many times we cut others off, because that is a part of being out on the road of life.

It is healthy to complain, as everything has a place. It is healthy to release.  But, by releasing it is like rinsing off the frustration by taking a shower and cleansing it from the system rather sitting and bathing in it.

When I complain about someone, I am dismissing them without seeing them as a gift from the universe.  If I am living in Heaven – right now, then they are but an angel here to provide me with something.

But, as much as I philosophize as such we are all human.  And, complaining is as much as being human as living itself.  Not to mention being angry, sad even, as they are all a part of the human experience.

So, while it is positive and healthy to reduce the amount of complaining what if when we do that we do not feel guilty about doing so?  Reducing the guilt we feel is as much as something to overcome as fear itself.

Life is not always roses, and everything being perfect.  Life is drama.  Life has its ups and downs.

How we react to those ups and downs is everything, but what if everyone is doing the very best they can right now?

What if we simply feel compassion, and kindness a little more every day?

What if the person who cut us off just lost a child? Or, found out they had cancer?  Or, simply wasn’t paying attention?  As we all do at one point or another…..

What if when we complain about someone, or something, we can reflect upon it later and realize more often than not what someone has done is something we have done ourselves – or something similar.   And, that when we complain we refrain from seeing them as being the same as us and that we are all in this together.  None of us are immune, and we are all someone’s crazy.

There will always be someone that says whatever we may about someone else whether it is “stupid”, “lazy”, “idiot”, or whatever the words may be whether personally or professionally.

And, as much as we often focus on what we want, how about if we focus on what we have?

What about seeing life from someone else’s perspective?

From a different point of view?

What if we will never know someone else’s story?

Their real true story that even themselves try to hide from their own self not to mention the entire world……

So, when you hear me complain, and I do, please forgive me as I am human living a human experience.  I am grateful. I am blessed.  And, I am love.  (speaking to the universe).

I Am Free

Life is Life

We all have one

But, how many days

Are spent actually living?

How many are wasted?

And, never really fully tasted?

The moments that pass by

Without any conscious



How many opportunities









Pass us by each and every day?


How many times do we hesitate

Because, of fear

Or out of guilt

Or getting caught up

In thinking

Judging the moment

Instead of being in flow

Letting our minds go

Allowing ourselves to be free

To explore


Today, I have really galvanized what I want out of life and who I want to be. Ironically, the two coincide:  Peace, Love and Joy.

These are not just emotions but a state of being.   They are also available every moment of every day.  I need not wait for someone, some thing, or some place for me to be in that state.
In order to get to that state, my focus is on gratitude.   Unconditional gratitude and appreciation for everything and everyone.    Being consciously aware of the moment, and to get to a place where I can find:
Peace:  For it is with peace, that I allow self-acceptance to flow as well accepting of others as they are wherever they are.
Joy:     Through joy, I find fun and happiness that culminates in celebration, which can be for no reason whatsoever.

Love:   With the intention of love, it is my focus, and through such I find freedom.

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Through these, I experience ultimate freedom because no longer does anyone (family, friends, coworkers, colleagues, strangers, etc.) or anything (money, location, job – or lack thereof,  etc.) can control me, because I am free.
Free to be,


I choose when and where, and with who, I spend my time with those that exemplify peace, love and joy in their own life in their own way.
I no longer need to wait to have fun.  I no longer need to wait to be happy.  I no longer need to wait for anything to be at peace, to be in joy, or be in a state of love – for self or others.
The world may be chaotic, but it always has and most likely always will.   We can wait forever for it to change, but waiting is not tasting, and life is meant to be spent living.
What is fun?
What brings you Joy?
Going to a movie
Staying home and watching TV
Going for a walk
Making out
 Going to a concert
Heading out on a road trip
Going on vacation
Taking an extended nap
Going to the spa
Meeting someone new
Going to the park
Making money
Going to the zoo
Making love
Going absolutely nowhere
Eating in
Going to the most amazing restaurant
Learning something new
Going to an art exhibit
Making art
Going to a meet a friend
Video chat
Going dancing on the town
Being in a movie
Going for a long kayak trip
Closing a great deal
Going to work
Getting unexpected money
Going out
Playing a sport or an instrument
Going to the mall
Watching the sunrise or sunset
(Or Both!!!)
Going to the beach
Taking a drive up the mountain
Going for a picnic
Jump out of a plane
Going to someplace new
Going for a weekend getaway
Going to the gym
Take pictures
Going to have pictures taken

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practice resignation, unless it was quite necessary. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to live so sturdily and Spartan-like as to put to rout all that was not life, to cut a broad swath and shave close, to drive life into a corner, and reduce it to its lowest terms…”

― Henry David Thoreau