The juxtaposition of our position

while we may be adept

proficient even 

….in caring for others

while being equally negligent
in caring for ourselves

….in exposing our breasts (or dicks)

we may be complacent
in exposing our feelings
our heart and soul
and our true vulnerabilities

….in giving to others

but have a terrible time
in receiving
the same love and kindness
shown to others

….in receiving

but cannot give
in kind

…in being environmentally conscientious

while polluting our own personal
space with toxic energy

…at making money

but horrible at making
relationships work

….in creating beautiful art

although at the same time
are starving
for the beauty that
life’s canvas holds

…in taking great care of our bodies

yet hate the way we look
no matter how great our body
may look

….in finding peace within

but cannot find peace
out in the real world

….at changing the oil

although cannot change
a diaper

….in multitasking

but may suck at focusing
on just one task

…at being the big boss

but have a horrible time
being the bigger man
(or woman)

…at managing tasks

yet unable to
not only manage
but lead

….at fooling the world

but cannot ever
fool the one person
looking back
in the mirror



Human, We Are, Even If We Forget Sometimes

Sometimes, we forget or neglect
the fact that we are
and whether it be
an act of kindness,
a time of sadness,
a touch of love,
a moment of joy,
or a moment of anger,
it is human to feel
it is human to touch
it is human to weep
it is human to wonder
it is human to doubt
it is human to remember
it is human to seek
it is human to enjoy

Are You An Artist?

Are you an artist?
I would profess that whether you consider yourself one or not, we all are.
We are an artist, and the canvas is our life.  Our medium is the choices we make every single day in creating the masterpiece, which is our existence, and the legacy that we leave for others.
We continually make decisions that shape our life, which corresponds to the way we see the world.  In fact, the world we see is as much a reflection of ourselves than anything else.
Everyone we meet, do we see them as a completed masterpiece (love at first sight) or we do we see them as completely the opposite?  How often do we see someone blank slate?   When we see someone we are only seeing how they show up to us in that moment, but there is so much more to the picture.
As an artist, we are creative by nature.  Some of us tend to forget as we get older what it was like to be a child and play with colors, to laugh and to play – for no reason other than for the pure joy.