Shame, It is, A Losing Game

I have not the wisdom to know the solution
nor the foresight to have THE answer
but, then again, who really does?
if it was that easy, would there not already be
an answer or even better a viable solution?
but then again maybe, just maybe, that thing
called life is a bit more complicated? than that…….
and maybe, just maybe, we don’t really know?
those that say they do, do they really? really???
for as easy it is to look at someone else’s
situation and to frown upon them for their lack
of judgment and their action and/or inaction
with clarity and hindsight as unfortunate as it
may be have we not ourselves — ALL OF US
had our moments of transgressions where we
might have had the good fortunate of doing so
in the solitude of our own misfortunes where
only a few were on the scene and we had not
the cameras pointed at us when we were lapsing
in our judgment, because maybe one day it will
be and while public shame is the game of the day
where the lynchings in the court of public opinion
is rampant and it is not only ok but advocated
until that one day it happens to be us and then
just maybe it won’t be quite the same when it is
our father, our mother, our son, our daughter,
or yes……even ourselves, are put into the center
spotlight of public shame when the world passes
out blame hand and foot without regard to who
you are, or they are, as a person but only see one
situation and deem that to be all there is to know.
Maybe we know so far less than we like to think
we do…..maybe, just maybe…..
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there is a level of humanity that we may be missing.