What is your choice?



Release In Peace

Woke up from a dream

Although not last night

But, yet in the darkness

And, not the light

In the longest of hours

Therein gleamed much insight

IMG_6240 (2)

Expansion and opportunity

Not to struggle and fight

Rather to be at peace

Shifting from hapless plight

Oppression and chains

To powerful and ultimate might


The distinction between

Is the ultimate foresight

Not blind by I, we, and they

  Nor black and white

Fake and real (what and who)

Neither wrong or right


But to look beyond reality

That there is no copyright

The voice free to express

Or silent as the torchlight

Eternal is its flame

That burns so bright



“We need UP people. You are an UP person.  I am an UP person.”  She proclaimed with childlike enthusiasm.

IMG_20160221_183515Then, she continued.  “My neighbor on the other hand, she will be outside on the most beautiful day, and when you remark about how gorgeous it is she will find a way to see the negative by saying that it probably will rain tomorrow.”

The draining negativity, the malicious calling others names, and the inability to enjoy life is what both of us agreed were who we wanted to surround ourselves with.


“Which one is your favorite?”   I asked after sitting down sitting down looking out at the art exhibit that was on the walls before us.

Often, I hear how difficult it is to open a conversation with someone.  “What do I say?”  That is one of the most common questions.

Instead, I simply ask questions.  After she pointed out the paintings, and photographs, that were the most intriguing (although we mutually liked all of them) I followed up by asking where she was from originally.   That led into a lengthy conversation about her family, her children, and included her mother who lived to be over a 100.

“My doctor said he is going to keep me alive to be a 100.  That is nice, as long IMG_20160215_153859as I have my health, but equally so that I have people to lay with because we need to be connecting with others.”

Each of us was equally shocked when we revealed our ages.  She thought I was somewhere around 30-35, and I thought she was around 60-65 years old.

“I know.”  She smiled. “There is no way you would have ever known that I was 91 years old.”

Her kids, spread out across the nation, all tell her to live and enjoy.  Her son who is a teacher, him himself being in his 60’s, tells her often to “go out and do whatever you like.”

Such great advice no matter the age, simple yet powerful – live!

She does and it shows.   There are no visible signs of wrinkles, she moves about freely without any hesitation or limitation and her mind is completely coherent.

IMG_20160219_182913Living life to its fullest has a unique meaning to each individual person.   We all live, but we are all living our lives a little bit differently.   Each of us our own perspective on how we view the world, and our place in it.   What gives each of our lives’ meaning, it is ours alone to find.

Some may view my time as being wasted as I sat there for what was probably an hour speaking to a woman who I will never see again.  There was no monetary gain to be had nor was there anything either of us wanted from each other.

We simply sat there and enjoyed one another’s company.

“I really enjoyed our conversation.” She expressed as she was leaving to go get ice cream with her two other female companions who came with her to the gathering.   “I really enjoyed connecting.”

There is such beauty in letting go and being present.   I gain so much connecting to others in a genuine authentic way.

It feels good.   And feeling good is, at least for me, what it is all about.




We are but worlds
yet intertwined
connected by the yarn
that binds
from distant planets
place and time
dancing to a rhythm
but separate
in our beat
swaying to the notes
following no lead
holding hands yet never
ever touching
two strangers too caught up
unable to concede
powerless to completely
to the moment 
or stopping long enough
to have an experience
of what it is to be
truly living
is the
the passion
that is only here

20161102_074831 (2).jpg

Shade of Gray

The world
It is not as clear cut
as it is made out to be

The world
It is not
Black & White

But, more of a shade
Of gray

We, you and I,
We are more alike
Than we
Are different

Our race
Our creed
Our sex
Our nationality

It is but only a fraction
Of who we are
We live and breathe
The same air
We want the same thing
To smile more than
We cry
To live and be fulfilled
Before we die

Our religious and political
Views may be the
Deciding factor
To divide and to

There are well over
Christian denominations
The world over

Judiasm is not
But one singular
But rather diverse
Conservative Judaism
Orthodox Judaism
Reform Judaism

Buddhism equally so
Whether it is
Theravada Buddhism
Mahayna Buddism
Tantric Buddhism
Zen Buddhism
Pure Land Buddhism

With the variances
In denomination and sect
Is it possible
Could it be
That not all Muslims
All act the same?
And, have exactly the same

Do Catholics and Mormons
Believe exactly the same?
Baptist and Scientologists?
Protestants and New Age?

Yes, and no
Yes, in Love
No, in differences
That are accentuated

The ideological differences
Between card carrying
Conservatives and Liberals
May be too much a divide
To bridge
And, yet could there be
Some semblance of

Is there not some
For the issues
They are a plenty
Between everything
Foreign policy
Domestic policy
Social Interest
National security
Crime and punishment
And, the like

But, the labels they are
A plenty
To nicely fit into a box
While the entire world
It is round
Yet some still
Profess it is flat

So, round and round
We go
Where we stop
No one knows

Until we destroy
One another
In the fight
To be right
To hold up the
To what is just
What is

The world
It is not as clear cut
As it is made out to be

It is not
Black & White
But, more of a shade
Of gray

We, you and I,
We just might be
More alike
Than we are different

Our race
Our creed
Our sex
Our nationality

It is but only a fraction
Of who we are

We live and breathe
The same air
We want the same thing
To smile more than
We cry
To live and be fulfilled
Before we die

We will
No matter
Who we are
No matter
How near or far
We will
Without a shadow
Of a doubt

The question is
How is it
That you
To live