I love being a goofball

I love being such a goofball!!!

Don’t you absolutely love laughing at yourself?

I provide myself quite a few opportunities! Today, I went through my neighborhood and asked everyone who was outside, “Do you need anything?” To a man (or woman) they all looked at me like I have four heads. Sometimes, I get that shake of the head like, “You are such an oddball.”

I do this anyway. I always ask, “do you need anything?” or “how can I support you?” Those are simply part of my vocabulary. I don’t see myself as being “good” by doing it but rather it’s something that feels completely natural. Do whatever feels good and feels natural, right? (Sometimes, not so much).

For me, I believe it is hereditary. Something in the gene pool, because my parents are absolutely radical when it comes to helping people – including total strangers. My sister she is always helping others.

For me, I like being a problem solver. I probably love making people laugh as much as anything there is. I enjoy that look when someone lights up from being excited, or that feeling that someone is smiling on the inside, to making someone blush to the point that her face completely changes color.

What does this to anything? It helps me provide a sense that someone may be the exact opposite of me, but maybe it is just in their DNA as well. That’s who they are.

Went for the most glorious walk a few minutes ago. Love long walks. Tonight, I was even more introspective than usual.

  •   The good thing that happens to one may be the bad thing that happens to another.

    It is the reason that I do not get excited when the hurricane misses me. Yes, I am extremely grateful beyond belief. I am equally humble that my relief is at someone else’s expense. That helps me stay grounded.

  • * Left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right……if you can’t see me right now, I am talking faster and faster as I go along.

    I, as of us this morning have made a commitment to myself to watch 0 hurricane coverage and news in general. Why? Because, I am preparing no matter what. I am going to be going through the same process. Is the news helping me or is it hurting me? For me, it is the latter. It creates anxiety in an already anxious time.

  •  What a beautiful sight it is, and I am taking it all in every ounce, every drop, every savory one to the very last that is all around me.

    It won’t be long when the landscape may very well be changed to the point of being unrecognizable. Granted, life is in constant flux and change so I practice being cognizant of the fact that when it comes to nature it is ever evolving and if we look close enough it’s not the same twice.

  •  What lesson do I need to learn?

    Life provides opportunities to better myself, so I’m learning more and more about perspective. What is important? What matters? Who matters? And, what is not? And, who is less so? Because, our time on this plane is such a precious gift. We can lose it, in a fraction of a heartbeat but we have already lost it if we don’t see the amazing gift it is.

    Life provides obstacles that helps me to provide introspection. How can I be better? As a person? As a human being? As a contributor to this planet? How am I serving? And, how am I hurting?

    Life provides a matter of perspective. We look at the calamity that is, whatever it may be but how often do we put it in perspective. For example, how much differently would be drive (if at all) if on the news every day it was provided in the most graphic of details every car accident that happened during the day. It would soon delve into the psyche that driving is not only dangerous but borderline insane And, yet how many of us on a daily basis get into the car without hesitation and without any regard of ramification that it may be the last time we are on the road again.

    I’m drunk.    While I may have never been drunk on alcohol, I’m drunk on the liquor of life. She is intoxicating. And, I can’t get it enough. I wouldn’t say I have a problem, but then again, maybe that means I do have one. But, then again, some things are better done in complete and utter excess, so I shall have me another and then another. Because, life, oh baby she is beautiful!!!!




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