My Two Favorite Words

From my tongue you taste like honey
Dripping like nectar from an endless pot
Of the Carniolan’s most illustrious
Lust for life’s boundless divinity
Yet for as sweet as you truly are
Your nectarous heart is tainted
by bitter doubt and trepidation
Artic reality from life’s stings
and other leather restraints
too often and even once
even once is too often
You are but a shadow
on a clear sunny day
unpleasantly displaced
irrevocably replaced
unforgivably misplaced
and neglected to silence
so if my love
I do not profess
and to my stranger alike
please, oh please forever realize
I am more grateful than you could
ever possibly know and even though
I do not show it or allow you to hear it
Today your sky it will will not cry
Today your sun will forever be bright
Today the stars will align inside the moonlight
That sparkles inside your conflicted eyes

Co-Written By

Kelly McNulty

Bryan Hayes


Ship wrecked

Ship wrecked
Upon the sands of time
Jolted from the mask
Of separate illusions
Catapulted into reality
But, what is real
When nothing is left
To hold onto except
Life itself and that too
May be but a dream
Or an utter nightmare
With voices drowned
Out by silent screams
That one day may turn
Into dreams as the story
Unfolds and that chapter
An awakening of once
Ship wrecked souls
~ Bryan Hayes