Today, I Love You

Today, I’m in love with you.
You bring me everything I need,
want, and desire. I am complete,
and thank you for this opportunity.
In love I am with you, Today.



I am In Love
With myself
And the world
Around me

Beyond the veil
Of good and bad
Of mistakes and failures
Of loss and gain
Of rich and poor
Of beautiful and ugly
Of masculine and feminine
Of strong and weak

To the most beautiful
Unconditional authentic self
And the world around me
In Love I am

I am in Love
With the Moment
And all the opportunities
Enveloping me

Beyond the veil
Of what was or could be
Of hurt or anger
Of lack or insecurity
Of guilt or resentment
Of doubt or uncertainty
Of tomorrow or yesterday
Of limitations or expectations

To the most beautiful
Unconditional authentic self
And the world around me
In Love I am

Help Is On Its Way

The young girl peered out the window seeing an elderly man in looking like he was walking aimlessly. Lost.  She rushed out and went up to his side.

“Where are you going?”  She inquired.

He looked down at her, and smiled.  “Where are you going?”

The girl wrinkled up her nose and whined, “OK.  Look, I’m just trying to help you, Mr.  What’s wrong with you out here wondering about?”

With but a smile, the withered figure hobbling on a crooked leg and a limp in his walk, continued down the path of an empty dirty road.

He said nothing without breaking his lumbering stride.

With a look of shock, the young girl looked out in the distance to see the decrepit house at the end of the trail, stopping in horror at the thought of what lies ahead.

“You can’t go there.  That’s where that wicked man lives.”  The stories she had heard.  “He’s done very, very bad things.  It’s dangerous. You can’t. You can’t.”   She begged.

Without missing a beat, he responded in kind, “I have, and so have you, done bad things” as he continued on his same course.

“But, but, Mr. please.”  Trying to get him to come to his senses.  “He is sick. I heard he’s even dying.”

He turned not to her, but kept his gaze straight forward. “Yes, he is.  We all are. And, so are you.”  His only reply as he continues forward.

Exasperated, she throws up her arms and screams.  “I am not responsible if you fall on your way down this path.  I’m not going to come get you if you start screaming for help.”

“Help, yes we can, when we help ourselves.  Help others we must, as we should ourselves.”  His voice trailing off at the end.

“Why do you talk in riddles?  That’s not very nice.” She inquired. “And, why don’t you slow down?”  As she tried to keep up.

There was silence.

The silence grew louder, as the little girl became more and more frustrated with this grumpy old man who refused to understand the danger he was in by going to places he shouldn’t be going and seeing people he shouldn’t be seeing.

Finally, he spoke as he walked.  “One day, you too may be living in that old broken down house, sick, alone, and dying. And, if that day should come to pass, I’ll come and see you too.”

Stammering away, she looked down at herself no long a little girl. In fact, she wasn’t a girl at all.  She, herself was as old as he, and she too had a crooked leg and walked with a limp.

I am Sorry

If I ever
Neglected To show
Appreciation and gratitude

If I ever
Any pain or hurt

If I ever
Forgot To say
“Thank you”

If I ever
Out of turn

If I ever
To not
Be listening

If I ever

If I ever
To Say
“You Are Welcome”

If I ever
Even Once
Then I
I Am Sorry

I am, Not

Resentful, I am not
For that which I have lost
For I am so incredibly thankful
For all that I have gained
Sad, I am not
For those which are now gone
For I am so absolutely grateful
For those memories I have engrained
Hurt, I am not
For those myriad of falls I have taken
For I am now so much stronger
For every time I got myself back up
Devastated, I am not
For the multitude of failures
For I am that much better
For the lessons learned
Bitter, I am not
For being let down
For I am so at peace
For I forgive myself, and others
Crippled, I am not
For the crushing blows I have endured
For it has toughened me
Forever more
Hateful, I am not
For I am engulfed in love
Loving myself, and my world
For love changes everything

~ Bryan Hayes
October 17, 2016