It is a Miracle

I woke up this morning
And that, in of itself, is a miracle
I opened my eyes
to see the world before me
And that, in of itself, is a miracle
I breathed in life
without consciously thinking
And that, in of itself, is a miracle
I got out of bed and walked
with my legs propelling me forward
And that, in of itself, is a miracle
I was afforded another day today
to choose how I will spend it
And that, in of itself, is a miracle
I thought about the infinite opportunities
seeing everything as possibilities
And that, in of itself, is a miracle
I found humor in the moment
laughing hysterically in joy and happiness
And that, in of itself, is a miracle
I embraced the love within me
and the love all around me
And that, in of itself, is a miracle
I gave thanks for everything
being in total gratitude
And that, in of itself, is a miracle
I felt in peace and harmony
that everything was going to be ok

And that, in of itself, is a miracle


Today, and Everyday!

I don’t celebrate today,
but everyday.
I am not one year older but one more year alive.
I accept presents, of loving kindness, always.
I won’t forget to give thanks today,
but everyday.
I am Love and am surrounded with loving kindness.
I accept my responsibility to be present, always.
I won’t forget to give thanks today,
but everyday.
I am grateful that I am afforded this amazing time.
I accept every breath of life’s precious gift.
I won’t forget to give thanks today,
but everyday.


…Must We?

…We must
a different path
than the one we’ve walked.

…We must  

on a different way
than what we’ve always done.

…We must 

into the eyes
of others and be compassionate.

…We must 

peace within
that resonates without borders.

…We must 

to be Love
because it is the only way.
Throughout history neighbor has turned against neighbor, comrade against comrade, and family against family.   Friend or foe is as fine a line as between love and hate, genius and insane.

We must find a different path that is a bridge of consciousness as well as an awakening of spirit that guides us not out of fear, nor hate but out of Love.

Throughout history there are voids in what is exposed, explained and detailed.  Education is a mighty, powerful weapon that is kept out of the hands of the masses over and over again.

We must decide that we are going to learn from our mistakes, or we will continue to bury sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers,  sons, and daughters.  It is not enough to simply know what is happening, but we must stand up and be a part of the solution rather than being a part of the problem.

Throughout history we have looked the other way as injustice happens all around us.   We have seen “them” as being bad, as lesser than or even as cockroaches, as vermin, as subhuman.

We must find within ourselves the will to engage in the same fervor and price for price as we do for water.  We must celebrate the heroes who have fought for peace with as much admiration as we do for those for war.

A World A Way…Or, not……

Throughout history we have failed generations by believing we are somehow
better, morecivilized, more intelligent, and ours is the only way.

We look but do not see; we hear, but we do not listen;
we know, but we do not understand.

We must
choose Love.
We must
or we will perish,
literally and figuratively.

Tabula Rusa

Tabula Rusa
a blank slate to be written on by knowledge.

Whether we are born with nothing, or with everything needed to survive, it is ours to choose each and every day how we work and how we play.  Whether we go or if we will stay.

We can give to the  world all of ourselves at work at home and within the community.   Our hearts, our souls we can or we can keep it to ourselves that precious gift that is our light.  Each of us carries that special something that does not separate or divide, but merely makes us unique.

There is something for everyone, whether great or small, unnoticed or celebrated forever.   There is a place for everyone in there own little way.  The question though is do we let go, free of fear and simply be?

Have you ever laughed so hard that you could cry?  Cried so hard you thought you were going to die? And, fell so hard you knew surely you would.

Or, felt so  scared that the chasm was too wide to cross, but once you successfully navigated it for the first time actually breathed the first breath of living.

How far reaching is your passion?  And, your dream? Do you keep it local or expand it to the entire universe?  Is your arms extended wide?   Is it your priority to even give?  Or to receive?

Does life provide such great abundance, and yet you feel that you still have but nothing?   Are you holding on afraid to let go? Suffocating?  Unable to breath?  Is there that feeling inside – that twinge of loneliness even with someone in the same room?

In the days of confusion we so often neglect the fact that we all are born as individual precious gifts.  With each passing day so easy it is to grow more and more alike to be but cattle in herds that like everyone else we follow.

Lost, searching for unsolved answers and navigating unresolved issues as hours turn to weeks, weeks to years, and years to lifetimes exploring the complexities more and more confused and frustrated.   Answers they are a plenty but solutions they are few.   For all the exploration for external acceptance and revelation so little time is spend delving into what is on the inside.

We needn’t look too far.  There is no distance between the energy of two souls.  What is there is here as life is like peering into the pool of water and seeing but a reflection.

Forget not that you are unique, and that you are special.  You can and will go far.  Just have to know who you are.

Love you for you

by being you.

Honor yourself,

your dreams

and your passion.