The beauty of my life
is that I have
in so many ways
throughout found
Love, Kindness and Compassion
not from the left
or from the right;
not from the rich
or the poor;
not from the saints
or from the sinners;
not from men
or women;
not from black
or from white;
not from young
or old.
The beauty of my life
is that I have
in so many ways
throughout found
Love, Kindness and Compassion
from the left
from the right;
from the rich
from the poor;
from the saints
the sinners;
from men
AND women;
from black
AND from white;
from young
AND old.

Healthy By Design

It seems a world away, but really it was only a mere ten years ago. I did as most

do. I went to the doctor when I got sick, which was more often than I would have

liked although overall I was really rather healthy. It was not until I was

introduced to a new line of thinking though that I realized how unhealthy my

choices were.

It was not until I was introduced to Chinese medicine did I realize the real

difference. Instead of going to a doctor when I was sick, I began going to the The

Lotus Center of Oriental Medicine when I felt fine. Instead of a doctor spending

two minutes with me, they were (and are) partners in my health. My first session

was probably 60 minutes in length and included every facet of my diet, exercise,

sleep patterns, prior injuries, illnesses, and others.

I have been to acupuncturists before, and have had different experiences. My

first was someone who was very cold in his approach. Not only the room itself,

but his approach was one where he did not explain what I was going to

experience. Instead, I laid down and he inserted the needles. It did not hurt at

all, but I felt very uncomfortable not being able to move and he simply left the


This did not sway me from trying it again, and I found someone who was exactly

the opposite. He had a great bed side manner, was very professional and a really

good person. The acupuncture itself was really helpful, so I started going

whenever I could.

People often ask me what do I go to acupuncture for specifically, and it is a great

question but more than anything it is to increase my immune system. I relate it to

taking your car into the shop for an oil change. There may not be anything wrong

with the car, but it routine maintenance that keeps the car running at peak

performance and is what keeps the engine running much longer.

It was more coincidence and location that brought me to The Lotus Center of

Oriental Medicine. A friend recommended it, and it was closer to where I lived.

Because of the convenience, I started going there and I still do to this day.

It is not merely for acupuncture that I go, though. They offer a slew of services

beyond acupuncture. I have tried quite a few different treatments as well as

herbs and supplements.

In combination with my regular treatments, I also have changed my lifestyle

especially in terms of my diet. It is these changes that positively impacted all

aspects of my well being. I feel better, and I rarely get sick.

Traditional western medicine has been beneficial for me, and I will continue to

utilize it as a resource but I am overwhelmed with appreciation for finding

alternative medicine as an additional resource. It is one that has given me results.

If you have never tried acupuncture, or any other many different treatments

offered through Chinese medicine, a great resource is:

 Lotus Center of Oriental Medicine

And, if you live in South Florida you can visit their office located in the heart of

Boca Raton. Their phone number is listed on their website.


Emotion trumps logic and reason

Evoking an emotional response is the basis for headlines, plot lines, story lines and so much more.   The more emotionally captivated an audience, the less a need for logic and reason.

If one only looks only at the body of work that is the news it would be easy to assume that every category of violence and crime has increased dramatically to the point of overtaking every fabric of society.   Even if categorically false, and can be proven statistically, it matters not.   What is seen is a never ending constant visual barrage of rape, ravage and pillage 24 hours a day seven days a week.

It was not that long ago, though, when the newspaper and the 5:00 a clock news were main sources of information.   The newspaper delivered daily, and sometimes only weekly depending on how rural the area.  The news segments lasted a merely hour (coupled with late night news and the morning news).  That is a stark contrast to today’s world, but is their more news worthy events?  Or, do we have more time slots to fill and as such less than news worthy material ends up making the headlines?

When emotions run high, logic and reason can be thrown right out the window.  It is only through time, looking back, that the picture becomes much clearer to see.   Part of that is disassociating from the emotion of the moment.

Has life really changed that much, or rather has the coverage of life changed?  Or both?

May history be the guide.