New Year New Life

The new year for me is not about resolutions, although I am resolute in the fact that it is a time of transformation on a grand scale.    I am transforming myself physically, mentally, emotionally, financially simply in the fact there are constantly in motion.    The focus though is single minded that there is an opportunity, although not merely because of the change of the date on the calendar.   Prospects for and of something bigger and better, brighter and new, are on the horizon of every single day.

Just as the sun rose today, and as it does without fail, so too will opportunities as well as challenges arise.   As they say, it matters not what happens to any of us but rather how we handle what happens to us.   Each and every second we are afforded the ability to choose, and as with everything, it begins within.

In this fresh beginning, I am not looking for a job.   Nay.  I am seeking a career of epic proportions. I do not want to be a clog in the wheel that chugs along without adding value.  No.  I am eager to add value in more ways than one.   No matter what the position I want to see myself and be seen as a leader and someone who inspires.

Money is not the focal point, although is it a means to an end?  Absolutely.   We do not exist in a comprehensive barter situation but rather ours is a system of monetary exchange.    It is a matter of survival.

I am not one to profess being a survivor.   Instead, it is my intention to thrive instead of simply survive.   I often hear that being afforded the monetary means to pay the bills is sufficient enough, although there is a correlation.  The more one accelerates their increase in cash flow the more there are bills to be paid.

Money, it will come and go but how we handle ourselves through the good times and the bad is what transcends time.    If we are successful, kind and considerate people there is not only no harm in being successful but it is a part of the responsibility of living life to be the best we can be.

The real investment in oneself is in our own thoughts and our own body, because that is really the only thing that we can control.   We can only do what we can do, surround ourselves with the superlative support teams and put ourselves in to be successful.   The same is true of teams we lead, providing others with the same latitude to be at thC6091Color300(2)eir finest.

I know without a doubt that today will be better tomorrow, that tomorrow will present me with something better and I am in control of my own destiny.   For myself and many others, the path may be murky and without a visual destination.  For us, it is a matter of faith trusting that each step forward is closer to where we are going.

Grateful am I to be brought here to this today, and honoring am I that which I have been provided knowing that in appreciating what is here and now will only strengthen my bond with the future knowing  we will get there.   If we can only relish in the progression, the progress as well as the failures stumbles and falls, because each and every rung on the ladder is taking us to the top.