This is for You

Be great,

and everyone will support You?

Be happy,

and everyone will be happy for You?

All your friends and loved ones will be overflowing with joy for your success?

The world will love and honor You?

Not exactly. Human beings are emotional creatures with sometimes irrational behaviors. Judge not what others do for the one place we are forever forbidden to dwell is inside someone else’s head. Never will we truly know another’s pain and suffering, for they may not even know it themselves.

The perfectly unruffled exterior may be but a veil. Likewise, they who cry the most may be crying for attention; they who scream the most may be screaming for someone to hear them; and, they who are seemingly the most unloveable may be needing the most love of all.

At the end of the day, “Strive to to Always do what is right – not in the eyes of others, but in your Own heart. Others thoughts are transitory – one moment they will Love You, the next they will not. Act on what is right in your Own heart, and there will be victory.” ~ Daniel Levin, Zen Cards

Victory my friends

in the form of Peace


and Harmony

with Yourself

and with the world

around You.

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