Stairway to Heaven?

2014-09-16 07.00.32 (2)

What does the picture invoke?  A stairway into the heavens?   A beautiful shadow leading upwards into eternally?

In reality, everything is as it appears although reality may be much more than what it seems.   This photo above I took this morning while gazing up into the early morning sky.  There is something majestic about the new day and the sunrise.

Truth be told though, this was not what I saw when gazing upwards.   No. In actuality, the real picture is below and captures what I really saw.   All I did was simply turn the picture upside down, and instantly I saw a completely different photograph all together.  As I did this I understood the analogy that was present before me.

Life has its challenges, its beautiful moments, its triumphs, and its heart breaks.  Every day there is a myriad of events, circumstances, people, and things that encompass all of these.  Moments within each day can seem so dark that we do even notice how bright and wonderful the world around us is, because ours is so consuming.    It is though a matter of simply looking at something from a different perspective that can make all the difference.

That stairway?  That heaven?  How beautiful a reflection it is of life’s wondrous journey right here right now.

20140916_065537_Richtone(HDR) (2)

See the beauty in the moment

Wonder in the day

Grace in the second

Heaven in the sky

Sky in the heavens

No matter where you are

Or whatever your struggles

Lose not sight that there is

Even if not in this moment

Wonder in the day

Grace in the second

Heaven in the sky

And sky in the heavens

Whatever that means

To you