In the end

In the end
I can only hope and pray
That I can
With confidence safely say
That I

Achieved far greater success
Than monumental failure

Broke more unsubstantiated rules
Then played it safe

Caught a higher number of fly balls
Than committed unforced errors

Delivered on more promises
Then made frivolous excuses

Encountered much healthier days
Than sick time

Found greater inner peace
Than internal strife

Gained further financial freedom
Than shackled in debt

Harbored more authentic friends
Than true enemies

Invested extra time in people
Than to things

Joined healthier conversations
Than engaged in gossip

Kept closer distance to great wealth
Than extreme poverty

Loved life at a far higher quality
Than hated anything

Moved weightier mountains
Then got stuck running in place

Narrated more positive dialogue
Than negative thoughts

Performed at a higher standard
Then called upon

Questioned better
Then responded in kind

Reacted less to others opinion
Then formed my own

Swallowed more pride
Than ate unwanted flies

Touched the lives of far more
Than touched mine

Under promised at greater frequency
Than under delivered

Viewed more genuine good in others
Than focused on the bad

X-rayed greater depth of being
Than wallowed on the surface

Yelled much less
Than need be

Zeroed in on the right thing to do
Than followed others blindly

Shall I
With confidence safely say
That I did
I can only hope and pray
In the end.

~Bryan W Hayes
@ August 20, 2014



Live an Extraordinary Life!

After attending a funeral today of a friend I began to reflect.  Reflect on what?  The bigger picture. What might that picture look like?

It is our duty to live extraordinary lives.

All of us.   We not only deserve to be happy.  It is our duty.  It is not only our hope to do well. It is our duty.

Words like “OK”, “good” and “fine” all are lacking in excitement.  There is no enthusiasm.   Why can we not replace them with  “great”, “brilliant”, “amazing”, “fantastic”, and “excellent” into our normal vocabulary?

Living with a purpose, and having a purpose for living is a driving force.

Why not include them in our normal vocabulary with our children?  At work, with our employees?

The best we can do to honor someone who has passed on before us is to live an extraordinary life.  The happier we are, the more successful we are (both personally and professionally), the more at peace we are (with ourselves and others), the bigger the contributions we make to society, they all are ways to life to the fullest.   Whatever our job, whatever our role, we can make a difference.  We can be great at whatever it is we do.

My friend who was buried today what made him extraordinary was his level of loyalty to others, his drive and dedication, as well as simply being a truly down to earth nice guy.   There are not enough of these people who are willing to do for their friends and others without fail.  They are rare commodities, and we can learn so much from them.

One lesson is that it is never too late to start living and never too early to begin, because we never really know when it will be too late.   Every day, every moment we are here, in every way we have the opportunity to get better and better.   Don’t wait.