My Birthday Wish….

That somehow, someway we find a way to show extreme acts of kindness and compassion.   Please share.  I’d love to hear what others have done for you, what you have done for others and what you are doing for yourself.  As they say, It starts within.

I almost forgot!!!!

This weekend, someone approached me with a question and although I did not give her a full answer I would like to do so here and now sharing it with you.    She will remain anonymous.  We will call her Michelle, so Michelle here is the answer to your question.

“Why are you always so positive?”

Being positive is like anything else. It is a mindset.   I am quite fortunate. I wake up in the morning. I see the world as beautiful and bright.  When I see the sun shining through the window, my first thought is that it is going to be a great day.

That is not to say that I do not encounter my share of problems, struggles and hardships like everyone else.  I do not share them in public and certainly not on social media.   Having a good support system is key.

I have had money in my pocket, and I have had none.   Most likely you will not know the difference.

A great lesson I learned by example is from a dear friend of mine.  He shall remain anonymous. We will  call him George.  What I find so remarkable about George is whenever you call him and ask him how he is doing his answer is always the same.  “Excellent”, he replies.

Excellent he is, indeed.   And, so are you.   We all have something to offer.  Something to give. We may not see eye to eye, we may vehemently disagree, but we deserve to live.  All of us.

When you see a grandmother or grandfather, they typically beam with excitement when hearing of their children and grandchildren living a great life.   Most parents want to see the best from their children.   That is the least we can do for them.

Be good to yourself.  Be good to others.  Let’s Try it.  Let’s start with just one day.

My One Wish


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