Running Can Help You Live Longer?

I read that running can help you live longer.

That is great news just as long as…..

  • you don’t run out of options…..
  • you aren’t running from the law….
  • you don’t run out of hope….
  • you aren’t running for cover….
  • you don’t run out of money….
  • you aren’t running from your problems….
  • you don’t run out of energy….
  • you aren’t running on empty….
  • you don’t run out of excitement….
  • you aren’t running in circles….

But instead, you are running for all the right reasons.




My Birthday Wish….

That somehow, someway we find a way to show extreme acts of kindness and compassion.   Please share.  I’d love to hear what others have done for you, what you have done for others and what you are doing for yourself.  As they say, It starts within.

I almost forgot!!!!

This weekend, someone approached me with a question and although I did not give her a full answer I would like to do so here and now sharing it with you.    She will remain anonymous.  We will call her Michelle, so Michelle here is the answer to your question.

“Why are you always so positive?”

Being positive is like anything else. It is a mindset.   I am quite fortunate. I wake up in the morning. I see the world as beautiful and bright.  When I see the sun shining through the window, my first thought is that it is going to be a great day.

That is not to say that I do not encounter my share of problems, struggles and hardships like everyone else.  I do not share them in public and certainly not on social media.   Having a good support system is key.

I have had money in my pocket, and I have had none.   Most likely you will not know the difference.

A great lesson I learned by example is from a dear friend of mine.  He shall remain anonymous. We will  call him George.  What I find so remarkable about George is whenever you call him and ask him how he is doing his answer is always the same.  “Excellent”, he replies.

Excellent he is, indeed.   And, so are you.   We all have something to offer.  Something to give. We may not see eye to eye, we may vehemently disagree, but we deserve to live.  All of us.

When you see a grandmother or grandfather, they typically beam with excitement when hearing of their children and grandchildren living a great life.   Most parents want to see the best from their children.   That is the least we can do for them.

Be good to yourself.  Be good to others.  Let’s Try it.  Let’s start with just one day.

My One Wish


You may be a sports fan. You may not be. It really does not matter. The message of inspiration transcends that and brings truth to the core by bringing to light the truth of what truly matters.

It may be Stuart Scott who is fighting a public battle with such great courage. It may be someone you know personally. It may even be you.

It may not be disease. It could be a whole slew of battles that must be overcome. There are a lot of people in this world fighting. And yet, we may never know who that may be.

For myself, that is why kindness is such a critical component of each and every day; why compassion is so essential to be intertwined too, because it may not be you right now in this moment, but you may never know when it will be.

So if you’re in it right now, in the ring with whatever it is that you’re battling even just to stay alive, whether your individual struggles are one in the public eye, or you are fighting it alone, don’t give up. Don’t ever give up. That is the message that I hear, but please take away whatever it is that resonates for you.

Live, my friends.   Live.

Stuart Scott’s Emotional Speech

I’m old ? ! ?! ? ? !?

I’ve come to this conclusion that I am old. Old like decrepit.

So old that back then there was a time when if you did something really stupid and crazy the idea was to keep it really quiet so no one would find out (not filming and broadcasting it for the world to see). So old that back in kindergarten the rules applied: be nice to one another, and if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all (those principles still apply today, don’t they). So old that if when sending out a message to someone it would require pen and paper, and too often times the paper would end up in the garbage and never get sent (rather than the instantaneous “Send” or “Post”). So old that separated were we by miles and distance (rather than one).


So, while though old and antiquated in my ways I will say that while back then “those were the day” they are nothing compared to today. For all that yesterday offered, it is past. The only living is in the present. So may all of what today brings, as change is ever evolving, we are all able to adapt and come together – as one. Not one thought, one ideal, one way, but rather one common goal of not looking past this precious day.