*** Your Photo Has Been Reported ****

Such was the message this morning after logging onto my Facebook account. This was then followed by the explanation that a particular picture I had posted was removed for violating the “nudity and pornography” guidelines.   What is the picture in question?

More intrigued now aren’t you?

Sorry, but the picture itself is not the focus after this.   It is rather an opportunity to ask some questions.    What questions are they?

Let me start by first offering a slice of imagination for your non-viewing pleasure.    While it appears that I may have been not wearing any clothes, in fact, I was.  The photo was shot in a studio with costumes, and the shorts I had on were hidden as part of the shot.

That’s it.  Not much to see here.  (Pardon the pun).

Now, back to the questions as I feel this provides an ample opportunity to question our societal norms.   Does not what we deem as “inappropriate” define us as a culture just as much as what we deem as “appropriate?”

I find this equally interesting, because I myself reported a Facebook group in the past.  Why?    The title of the group was “Beat the crap out of XXX.”    That in itself to me is offense.   The description goes on to say that this particular individual killed a young child.   No other information is provided.   The comment posted in the group?   “If you find him torture him.”

I did not investigate further on this person.   I did not want to waste my time. It was not until this morning that I even remembered the group or that I had even reported it.   I did see though that Facebook deemed this to be “appropriate” content as I see they took no action.

If I understand this correctly threatening someone physical harm may be ok, but the human body is not?

This is something else to think about.   The group that is set up with the intent to encourage violence toward this individual has me wondering if 1) this person has not gone to trial, which in my very old fashion mind, consider his actions to be alleged and 2) if he has gone to trial, he has already gone through due process.

When someone broadcasts anything negative about someone or something, unfortunately, there is very little recourse.   With social media, when posting in public, and naming names, the person named does not have the opportunity to directly defend themselves.

There are several people that I know of directly, as well as numerous stories where lives were altered, businesses ruined, and all because of fallacious postings.  The beauty of the internet is that anyone can say anything. The freedom of speech is truly a free for all.  There is no such thing of validation of sources, and sadly, too often what is seen is believed whether there is any factual basis or not.

This to me is a far greater issue than postings that are deemed “inappropriate”.   This also is a testament of our culture.   Now granted, I am someone who does not understand the misgivings toward the human body in general.

Putting tape over nipples?  What is that?  Seriously!?!

I have witnessed firsthand two people kissing in public and hearing bystanders yelling “Get a room.”   Likewise, I have seen two people fighting with one person badly hurting the other and bystanders yelling, “FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT” and cheering it on with great enthusiasm.

Are we simply immune to violence?  Not merely physical, but also mental, emotional, and the myriad of other forms of violence?

Likewise, what makes us so petrified of our own bodies?  And those of others?

The questions, they are far reaching.  They reveal not only about us, but us as a society and as a culture.

My Conversation With God

My Conversation

With God

I am Athletic,

Although, I find myself stumbling through life.

I am Beautiful,

Although, the mirror can sometimes get in the way.

I am Creative,

Although, the canvas does not always see the labor of my thoughts.

I am Driven,

Although, I’m not always sure of what road to take.

I am Enlightened,

Although, it is the darkness, which often prevails.

I am Free,

Although, I find myself a captive to the world around me.

I am Gifted,

Although, I forget that giving also means to myself.

I am Humble,

Although, my ego can get in the way.

I am Independent,

Although, I do need you.

I am Joyous,

Although, it is sad to see how we treat one another.

I am Kinky,

Although, life can be such a prude.

I am Loving,

Although, I hate to look out into the world some days.

I am Modest,

Although, I am perfect in every way.

I am Noble,

Although, I don’t have the most charitable thoughts.

I am Open-minded,

Although, the night can be so intolerant.

I am Perfect,

Although, I often forget I was made in the eyes of you.

I am Quick witted,

Although, don’t always respond as such.

I am Resourceful,

Although, I have a hard time finding the right tools.

I am Strong,

Although, sometimes I just don’t have the strength.

I am Trustworthy,

Although, I don’t always trust myself.

I am Useful,

Although, the outcome can seem truly useless.

I am Vivacious,

Although, my energy can become so drained.

I am Wise,

Although, I can make such foolish decisions.

I am X-rated,

Although, the street is not exactly G.

I am Youthful,

although the day can get so old.

I am Zealous,

Although, the enthusiasm can get the best of me.


-Bryan Hayes

@2002 All Rights Reserved

Today, The Greatest Day

Today is greatness personified
Greatest day, indeed, to be alive
Venturing outside the comforts
Of home to the vast unknown
Void of trepidation for whom tolls
The bell because it’s more than
Mere body and skin deeper inside
Leaving the past behind mattering
Not what have attained, or not,
Or did, or did not, as the moment
She’s here arriving just in time to
Be alive and free from chains of
Uncertainty as today is the greatest
Greatest day, indeed, to be alive
Today is greatness personified.

~ Bryan Hayes