Are We Friends?

Is there anything more frivolous than the way the word “friends” is thrown around today?

It happens every once in awhile when I am walking around somewhere and I am approached by someone who says something like, “Hey, I know you.  We’re friends.”

My first thought is that a precursor to being a friend to someone is to actually know that person.   If I am not able to recognize them, then how are they a friend?  That is at least my question.

But, typically the person will smile and say something like, “Yes.  We’re friends….on Facebook.”

It really comes to a theory I have that even though we are more connected than ever through the advancement in technology and especially with the internet and yet we are in some ways as equally disconnected.   There is something amiss when we connect with someone and call them a “friend” although in terms of marketing it is genius, because there is truly a consecutiveness that is associated with being a friend.

In some ways we do connect with people and even on a level of depth although we may never actually know them in person.  Likewise, we may have a relationship with someone in the real world, if you will, and really not know anything about them at all.   That is the fascinating quandary of the lives that we live.

While the dictionary may have the definitions for “friend”, we all have our own definition of what it means to be a friend.   For most of us, we are truly lucky if we have even a handful of true friends at any given time.  Sometimes, even in a lifetime.

Then again, that is coming from a place of where my definition of a friend derives.  For some, they have 4,000 friends.  If even one of those friends, for whatever reason, “unfriends” them then that becomes a real life issue for them.     That is ok.  That is the beauty of life. We all view it a little differently based upon where we are standing at any given moment.

I have been very fortunate throughout my life to be surrounded with such amazing friends.    The reason I believe that friends are so important, no matter what our individual definition is, is that our environment is stronger than we are.  We are a product of that environment.

It is very difficult to be incredibly positive when every one of your friends (and this includes online as well) are completely negative in their thought patterns as well as their actions.

Truth be told, we tend to assimilate ourselves to those that are like us.  We like people who are like us, said in a different way.

I am though rather unique in that regard. I enjoy finding people who are quite diverse in their ideologies, their politics, religion, and so forth.  For me, the commonality is that they are all incredibly positive, bright, creative, fun, and intelligent people.  It matters not if someone thinks like me, but it is essential that they are positive people of impeccable integrity who are contributing to the world.

What does the word friend mean to you?  Do you see your online friends the same as your more traditional friends?  And, how many friends would you say you have?

One person’s frivolous is another’s serious, so either way, if you see me out and about or we are “friends” feel free to say hi.


Not Just A Dream…How Can I Help You?

Do you remember your dreams?

How much emphasis do you put on your dreams when you do?

Are you able to manipulate your dreams?

I do remember my dreams, although I am not yet at a place where I am able to manipulate my dreams.   I do though have some interesting experiences including myself changing from one person to another, scenes changing within scenes, and lately premonitions.

It has become practice of mine lately to focus my attention on my intention just prior to me going to sleep.  That requires me first defining my intention, and then I ask a question with the intent of having the answer presented within my dreams.     Sometimes I receive an answer, some of the time the answer is straight forward and other times the dream itself is completely arbitrary.

One recent one that had significance for me came was the thought that I ask a 100 people a day how I can help them.  How can I be of service to 100 people a day?  The vision is that the more we mutually help one another, the more that we all mutually benefit.

The next day I decided to go with the dream and start contacting people individually sharing the dream and asking how I can be of help.   I have since continued doing this daily although I have yet to reach a 100 people in one day.  The number to me is merely a goal anyway while the intent is what is important to the project.

By focusing my energy on helping others it really changes the dynamics.   Others have asked what kind of responses I have received so far.  To me, that too is not important.   Everyone is battling something, and there may be nothing that anyone else can do to assist. It is theirs to find their own answers.

Other times though, and this to me is the greatest lesson of all, there are really wonderful people who really could use someone else’s  help in one way or another but are either too proud or simply do not know how to ask.   By reaching out to them, it offers them a means by which they can quite possibly get the assistance they seek.

We are all connected.   There is very few who is completely independent of others.  The more we can help one another, the more it helps us all.