Monday, I’m in Love

I love Mondays!!!

That was how I felt several years ago. Monday was my favorite day of the week. Why?

Because of a particular gentleman who truly knows the meaning of living life, and while his name escapes me his attitude is inescapable. Every Monday I would seek him out at work so he could tell me his adventures from that particular weekend.

Clubbing? Partying? Grand escapades?

None of that. Both he and his wife, both of retirement age, would set sail Friday evening in their pickup and hit the roads. There was never a destination. Only the open road was their guide.

From Michigan they drove to Atlantic City one weekend, for example. They did not map it out, because they did not have any intention of going there but rather just went with it enjoying the ride wherever it may take them. Where ever they ended up, they would then map their way back but everything was spontaneous.

That spontaneity is what is so inspiring to me. I love the fact that every weekend they had a road trip.   The fact that they continued to live life far long after they stopped working full-time shows that they understand the value of life, they honor the moment, and because of this they have grown closer together the long they have been together.

Through their love and their inspiration I truly found myself being in love with Mondays.  The day he shared with me their latest and greatest adventure.