Taking Action – Act 1

Took part in a weekly mastermind group this evening with the topic of the night being “Taking Action”.   Quite a rather appropriate subject for the audience I might say.  The meeting began with the facilitator speaking about taking action, what is limiting us from taking action, why, and what are we doing about it?   Then, we had a round table discussion about it all.

The call prompted me to start “taking action” by highlighting those who have crossed my path over the years and honor them through the writing.   It may be family, friends, acquaintances, or quite possibly someone I do not even know but they did something to make a positive impact on my life.

The “Taking Action” project is also something quite similar to a meditation that I practice. I am not sure anyone else does this but it is something I created for myself whereby I first relax, then close my eyes and put myself into a meditate state and set my intention on letting names flow through my head.  Whatever the name, I don’t judge it.  I simply visualize the person seeing them as being happy and healthy.

I say to myself “I love you. Thank you.”   It matters not if they are male, female, living, or not.  It does not matter if they are someone I necessarily like, or not.  It is a practice of expressing gratitude towards everyone that comes into my head equally without judgment.   It is based on the philosophy of either being able to see God in everyone, or not being able to see God at all.

Why is it that we wait?  Procrastinate?  Hesitate?  Deliberate?

Any one of these have a myriad of answers.   We all experience moments in our lives when we have waited until it was too late.   Or, procrastinated until the moment passed and the opportunity is no longer available.   Sometimes we hesitate instead of taking action, and that hesitation costs us again that window of opportunity.  The deliberation becomes analysis paralysis if you will.   And, the same can be said for honoring people in our lives.  How often do we actually publicly share the positive contribution of others? Sure we do that at funerals, but really, isn’t that a little too late?

With that in mind, I will begin my “Taking Action” project by providing you a glimpse of someone who I have known professionally for over 10 years.   She has grown to become my best friend, confidant, and my coach all rolled into one.   Her repertoire includes being the mother to six children, numerous grandchildren, a former executive in the hospitality industry when it was not in vogue to be a female executive and much, much more.

In fact, the most notable thing I can say about Judi Hedge is the fact she is the only person I have ever met who when people meet her in the course of the initial conversation the other person will inevitably say “I love you” to her.  It does not matter the age, if it is an adult or a child, she has the same kind of affect on others.

I get the question all the time.  Why do you have a business/life coach?

What does Judi do for me, both professionally and personally?  Both are logical questions. I typically answer the same to the first.  Why wouldn’t I have a coach?   To me, all successful people surround themselves with coaches.  Whether it is in those exact terms or not is a matter of pragmatics.

I look at having a coach much like having a sports coach, except instead of engaging in a sport, I’m engaging my professional life.   A basketball player, for example,  may have the utmost talent but that talent alone does not make for a winning team.  It takes a coach to get the most out of the talent of not only one player but all the players working together.

The key point here is that the coach takes the raw talent and molds it into something special.   A good coach is able to understand strengths and weaknesses, is able to motivate the individual, and teach the player how they can improve.  Great coaches not only build better players on the court but also in life.

For myself, I want to be a better player in the game of life.    I have no intention of being ordinary.   Having an ordinary life is not really living, but rather is wasting the gifts that each of us have been given as each of us have something special to offer the world.

Thus, being extraordinary is the only goal, and the only objective.  In doing so, I want to surround myself with those with the same mindset.   I want to meet extraordinary people living extraordinary lives.     And, one of the most extraordinary people I have met thus far in my travels has been Judi Hedge.

Judi has taught me more about myself than anyone ever has, and as I continue to grow I am very proud to say that I have her by my side as a professional asset to my greatest investment.    Investing in myself has always been, and always will be, a priority of mine.   If I do not invest in myself, who else will?   (Of course, if you would like to do so, you are more than welcome.  Investors are always encouraged).



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