The Door Opens Both Ways

With the news being predominately bad how could this of all days be the most beautiful day?
We may receive bad news throughout the course of the day, we may receive good news too but the more we are swayed by either of the two the less in balance we are with ourselves.   Certainly, some days may be better than others,.   Equally so there are some who are battling such insurmountable odds not only physically but mentally as well.  For every person who may say they had a bad day because they did not meet a quota at work, for example, there is another who is having a good day simply due to them not being in excruciating pain.   By simply not being in pain is a good day for them.  It is all a matter of perspective.
That perspective is a matter of internal and external.  We all view the world through our own eyes.   Each of us may see the same thing a little differently.
For me, I went and spent a few moments of my time at the cable company.  In all actuality it was more like a couple of hours than moments, but as I sat down I realized something.  I had a choice.  The door opens both ways.  If I felt that the time was taking too long, I could simply leave and come back at another time, I could have them send the equipment I was replacing by mail, or I could have them send out a technician.
The point is that my options are numerous, and my guess the same can be said for everyone else sitting in the room.   No one was forcing them to stay.  But from the groans, the hisses and the disdain it sounded as if some were literally chained to the chairs.
Usually when I am in a place where I know I am going to be waiting awhile my strategy is to bring my headphones, listen to some music and simply relax.   This time though my phone battery was exhausted so I tried practicing meditating with my eyes open. What I felt at the time was that there was a reason for me to be there.
About that time I looked over and saw my son’s tutor walk through the door.  She was in the back, so I got up and went over to her and we both found a seat.   We spent the rest of my time waiting catching up until my name was called.
When it did, I walked up to the gentleman behind the counter.
“How are you, sir?”  He asked me.
I replied, “I’m excellent. Thank you. I’m not here for anything in particular I just figured I’d stop by here and chill.   Oh, and while I’m here I’d like to exchange this piece of hardware” and I handed it to him.
He laughed.  “So, you are here just to people watch?”  He asked.
“Pretty much.   It’s always fun.”  I said in exchange.
He responded back.  “If only everyone was like you.   The world would be a much better place.”
He explained that I was pleasant, nice and quite a change of pace from what he normally gets.    I explained to him the principle of “the door opens both ways” and that I believe we have a choice.  We can exit just as easily as we enter, if we so choose.
There is also another component.   We can get so caught up in our own emotions and not realize that others may be suffering far greater than we are.   I am very fortunate.  I went to this place of business with no place to be at any certain time, so I was not rushed. I was not in a hurry, which may not have been the case for many of them.  Others may have been trying countless times to get resolution to no avail.  I do not know.  I also cannot take their actions at face value, because I do not know what they are going through.  Maybe they are being chained to the chair, if that is how they feel at the time.
Furthermore, as painstaking as it may be to sit waiting for an hour and a half to two hours, that is nothing compared to the employee behind the counter who is there for eight hours listening to one person after another screaming.  In just the time I was there the manager on duty looked like she had aged 10 years.   She held her composure well outwardly, but her eyes told a much different story.  They were tired and worn.
We all, at some point of time, have felt that we are in a no-way-out situation.  There is no going another way. Maybe that is true.  But, maybe the door through which we walked through we can also walk out. if need be.
The door it opens both ways.
Even today, the most beautiful of days!?!?!


*The above picture is not mine.   All others are pictures I have taken myself. This I found at


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