Didn’t You See The Horse?

I sat eating lunch with a friend at a restaurant.   It was yet again another gorgeous south Florida day.  As we were engaged in conversation I nonchalantly turned my head and asked out loud, “Is that a horse?”

“That’s not something you see every day.”  I quipped as I peered out the window taking another look realizing there was not one horse but two.   These were not the Clydesdale type that would tower over everything but rather two quaint miniature horses that politely stood next to the table as the family ate their lunch.

I wonder if when finished they offered the two an apple for their good behavior?

Seeing a horse standing at a restaurant is certainly not the norm, at least not in this day and age, but I equate them as being the elephant in the room.   How can we possibly miss a horse standing there?   Yet, every day there is an elephant in the room in one shape or form that goes largely unnoticed.

Several years ago, for example, I was witness to what was by far the most magnificent day at the beach.  Staring out into the ocean I noticed there were these dark spots all about.

What were they?

I wondered the same thing, as I kept straining my eyes trying to figure what it was.   Finally, a big wave rolled in and within the wave was the largest culmination of fish I had ever seen.  The dark spots, I instantly realized, were schools upon schools of fish.  The bigger the wave the more it reminded me of an aquarium as I stood there in total awe of this remarkable sight.

After several minutes simply soaking in the experience, I turned and started walking down the beach. As I did, I happened upon a couple sitting on the beach in their lawn chair covered by an umbrella.   I would have stopped and shared in the experience of witnessing such vast schools of fish with them, but they were totally oblivious of the situation.

There they sat not even looking in the general direction of the ocean. Instead, they had their backs to the water  facing a large cement condo building.   For me, part of the reason I venture to the beach is to be away from the cement and to get back to nature.  To see and feel the water is where I find the greatest pleasure.

We all find pleasure in our own little way.  It is not how we are alike that makes us truly magnificent but rather those special qualities that make us unique.  Each of us have our own opportunities to find beauty in this great big dazzling world that we live in today.

Finding the beauty though is like seeing the horse standing outside the restaurant for all to see.    There they are in plain sight and yet how many walk by without even a clue of what they missed?   It happens every day, people so caught up in themselves they can’t get out of their own way.

While it is most certainly a much easier task to see the beauty in the world when you’re own world is going beautifully.  It is during the times of the most turmoil that the world around appears unsettling.  When life has got us down, it can be quite a struggle to turn that around.  Sometimes it takes a giant elephant in the room for us to finally see what we have been  missing, or quite possibly in this case, two horses.

They are majestic animals, horses are,  who symbolize beauty and grace.   Today as they stood before me I was grateful to be watching something unique, something different.  I am eternally thankful for every opportunity to see the beauty of life that is all around me.



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