Hosed? Or Smelling Like Roses?

From dreamland to flying off the bed, it was not until I had my hand on the door handle did I look down to notice that without clothes it probably would not be the most conducive move for me to go outside at 8 in the morning as everyone in the neighborhood is either going to work or walking their dog.  So instead of plunging forward, I retreated from the door and back into the bedroom where I found enough clothes to at least not get arrested, then went back to the front door again.  This time I opened it to the already searing sun and to my chagrin my intuition was correct.  What I forgot last night, I certainly remembered this morning, about 8 hours too late.  I left the water sprinkler running all night.

That is one way to start the day I thought.   Two choices I have.  I can either say to myself, “this is starting out to be a lousy day” or I can say, “well, if this is the worst thing that happens to me all day I’m good.”   Either way, I can decide. I have that choice.

Being conscious of my choice, I decided to spend a few moments meditating on being grateful and mindful of my mindlessness that attributed to me forgetting to turn off the water last night.    I do not spend time questioning why something happens or why someone does something.  Why is such a difficult question to answer and really there so often no real answer to be found.  Instead I tend to focus within, looking at myself and where my imbalances are occurring to correct those by becoming more centered.

Centered I was, and back ready to tackle the morning full steam ahead I charged ahead.   With today being the day I had my appointment with the surgeon (little thing called a hernia), I sent an email via my voice recognition software, instead of typing, to my friend.  I told her that I keep visualizing the hernia healed already and now it’s merely a matter of going through the healing process.  Granted, part of the process is listening to what the doctor recommends and taking his professional advice very much into account in order to do what is best for me both short-term and long-term.

I am not quite certain how the message got misinterpreted by the software but am very glad that I looked down at my phone prior to hitting the send button.   In part, the message read “I’m going to go kill myself”.   Not exactly the message of self-healing.  In fact, totally different connotation all together.

Now I figure at this point of the day the universe is not only laughing with me, but at me.  I am good with that. I love a good joke, and do have a rather sarcastic sense of humor.

Not to be deterred though, and with full speed ahead feeling there is simply too much living to be done to be sitting around letting the day waste away, I figured that after some thoughtful introspection and peaceful from reflection, the next best task to tackle was to blog about the sprinkler mishap.

That I did, or at least tried to do.   The problem was I could not log into the site.  My WordPress account hacked?

That was my first thought especially after the last couple of days.  Two days ago, my email account was hacked sending out spam to those on my contact list.  That was after I had just changed my password. I thought you were supposed to change your password in order to prevent the account being hacked??  Guess not in this case.

Feeling the need to update my anti-virus software I ran a repair tool. Upon completion I needed to reboot the computer. I did, or rather, I tried.

The computer would not load Windows. Knowing the basics, I went through the checklist of options before realizing it was over my head and it needed more tender loving care than I could provide.   So off to the computer tech who could not resolve the issue any better than I could without fully tearing it apart.

Thus, with the computer getting hacked and the focus being on the malfunctioning computer, I figured that had something to do with me not being able to log into my WordPress account. I tried throughout the afternoon but to no avail.

Did I mention that since my computer was down I went back to my old faithful back up laptop?   The only issue with my laptop is, besides being painfully slow, it has the number two key missing.  What is the significance of the two key?  Among other thing it is critically important when entering the email address such as the one needed to log into WordPress.

What I did not realize until just a few moments ago, prior to beginning this piece of writing, is that instead of pasting the @ symbol I pasted the © symbol.   Big difference.  At least, I realized it only seconds before sending an email to the WordPress account recovery team.

Now I’m happy to say  I am back fully present and accounted for.  Well, that was until a mere five minutes ago when I realized I left my groceries in the car.  Did not have much. Just eggs, almond milk and strawberries.

The beauty of today is the opportunities to laugh.  Amusing is how I would say I see the world.  Always something fascinating and always something going on all the time.

However we start the day does not dictate how the rest of the day will transpire.   Each moment though connected is independent of the others.  It is within each moment where the opportunities reside.

Am often asked, “How is your day?”  by one person or another.

That is a rather auspicious question.  In what regard?  Personally, professionally, emotionally, financially, physically, mentally, emotionally, and so on, and so forth.

The day is also a whole story in of itself.  There are many chapters inside that story with some more memorable than others. Again, it is our choice what we choose to remember, as well as what we choose to focus our attention, and our intention.

An equally auspicious label is the declaration of ones political affiliation.   While someone may profess to be conservative or liberal, there are a myriad of layers that are all tied together.   A persona may be a fiscal conservative, but very liberal when it comes to social issues and moderately conservative in terms of foreign policy, and so on, and so forth.

Like life, there are many layers.   Years within a lifetime, months within  a year, days within a month, minutes within a day, and seconds with a minute all telling tales of who we are.   And, where we have been as well as where we are going.

Each provides us with growth and learning opportunities.  Whatever we believe, is.   That too can change as our belief system also has layers.

It can be easier to see the world as beautiful when the world is presenting itself beautifully whether it be on a bright sunny day void of stormy weather or when everything seems to be going our way, just as it can be easier to view a person as loving if they are being lovable.

Far more difficult is it to see the same beauty when there is severe weather in the forecast and in the air, whether literally or figuratively, just as it is more difficult to love those that act in unloving ways.

Whether we see the world as beautiful or not, the world is as it is.  Whether or not see someone as loving, they are who they are.  It is merely our perception of them and our interpretation of the world around us.

Beauty is there.  It is here.  It is everywhere.

Like the flowers that grow in the yard.  The pedals they may be what your eyes might see.  Or, it might be the weeds that you choose to see.

Not everyone sees it.  Not everybody  finds it.  Not all of us appreciate it, in the same way.

Thank you.  I am grateful.

Every Day, In Every Way, Life Gets Better and Better



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