Are You?

“I am worthy.”

You don’t hear that very often do you?

More often than not it is a slip of the tongue that takes one form or another of the phrase “I’m not good enough.”   This short sentence is quite powerful, though.  How many times do you hear people say things like:

“I can’t do that.”

“They won’t like me.”

“I’m going to get hurt.”

or, one I heard most recently

“I’m so self conscious.”

All of these have something in common.  They are all limiting beliefs for one.  Also how does it make you feel when you hear someone say any of these to you or to someone else?

Listen the next time you hear it and listen to what words they emphasize the most?  A lot of times you can literally hear their voice change when they hit  the action verb.  It is an action, too because it is reaffirming what they are thinking thus thoughts become action.

I have been very conscious of my own thoughts as well as the words that I choose to speak.  Throughout the day I focus my attention on my thoughts. If I have a negative thought I try to first recognize that I am having it then questioning why I am having it.  A question I often ask myself is, “Is that true?”

For example, if I think that I am going to struggle because of an unexpected bill I will ask myself if that is true.  Next, I focus my attention on gratitude instead of lack by being mindful of all that I have to be grateful for literally in my mind saying “I am grateful for” and making a list of each of them. I continue the list until the feeling of the initial negative and/or limiting thought fades away.

Another tactic I use is if I am encountering a period where my thoughts are not aligned as I know they should be I will sit quietly and meditate or I will actively do something for someone else.   Sometimes doing something for someone else is as simple as making a phone call. We often forget how much a phone call can mean for a person especially if they are not in the best of health.

There is a woman that I call about every week, and I am so appreciative of our conversations.  It is a beautiful reminder of keeping myself centered, because I could not fathom calling her while she is bed ridden and complain to her about anything menial that may be happening in my life.  No matter how she is feeling, whether she is in pain or not, she is always cheerful and happy to be alive.  What then do I have to complain about?

A Buddhist monk once told me the reason why meditation is so important.  He professes to the theory that through meditation we are able to control our thoughts.  Without meditation our thoughts control us.

Throughout the day we have not only our thoughts but the thoughts of those around us.  We can choose which of these we listen to or not.   The more we focus on listening the more we hear the individuals words and how powerful they are.

There was a woman I was working with recently who kept saying that she “can’t” or she “won’t” succeed, and the exercise I asked her to do was to literally count and keep track of every negative thought.  She began and quite quickly realized that most of her thoughts were not in line with where she wanted to be.  She is normally a very positive person but she has some situations of late that have knocked her off her game.  Luckily for her she is ready to get back into the game and work on getting back to where feels good about herself.

The great thing about is that once you change yourself the whole world looks differently.

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