This is the end…..

My friend. The end.

Thanks to all who participated in making the last 30 days so memorable.  During this time, I have consciously made it my intention to be of service to 30 random people and it has certainly worthwhile.  Every day is an opportunity for learning for me, and through this experience I have been able to expand upon so many different things.

I have been able to not only practice hypnosis but also traded to be hypnotized myself.   I was fortunate enough to assist someone with a writing project that positively impacted their professional career.   And, getting an updated profile picture will hopefully help someone else make a great first impression that will in turn connect them with their next professional opportunity.

It is all about opportunities.  Every morning as the sun rises on another day so too is the availability to choose how we are going to spend the day.   For me, my choice was (and is) to find ways to be of service and to help others.  In turn, I gained more than they did probably by simply enjoying the experience of living in the moment and being present.

The end is really just the beginning. The beginning of something new.  Another new horizon to be looked upon with great anticipation for whatever beauty may arise.

Image     Here’s to a new bright, beautiful beginning!!


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