I will share something that came to me last night – and I couldn’t sleep afterwards. But, I had this thought, feeling, revelation – whatever it may be, but the idea that came to me is that we should pray for peace at 9:11 tonight.

By peace it doesn’t mean peace for for our country, peace from wars, or peace on our planet. Rather, it is peace within.

It is my own ideology that nirvana, heaven, bliss or whatever that may look for someone can be summed up in one word “Peace“.

I believe that for everyone I know I don’t pray that they will get better, that their circumstances will improve or such but rather if they, and everyone around them can find peace, then everything else works out naturally.

If someone in our lives is suffering, we want so badly for them to feel better and to improve. That is natural, and in some ways selfish on our part, but I think though that if we simply ask for peace that is in of itself enough.

When speaking to people who know someone who is close to death, they often times become really peaceful beforehand. There was a woman I met in the keys who had a son who had died in a freak accident (lightning strike), and a husband who died a year later. She told me that with her son he was very much at peace right before the accident. Afterwards, they found a note from him that said in part that they needn’t worry he was in a better place and he had found peace. Now granted, I’ll repeat by saying that he died in a freak accident. There was no warning or anything, which makes the letter from him that much more freaky if you will.

The point of the story is basically that it matters not as much what one believes, or how they perceive the world to be but rather it is universal that everyone is trying to find one thing among many things, peace within.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s 9:11 as time is what it is. What the idea is though is a time, if you will, to focus on a greater sense of peace for ourselves and for others.

And, with that I will leave you with a mantra shared to me most recently that is Hawaiian in origin and goes along very well with this I think:

I love you; I am sorry; Please forgive me; Thank you.

I simply add one word to it after: