You, The Goddess

May the goddess arise
In both women and men
Embracing the divine
And the beauty within
That is much deeper
Than any skin
To the very soul
Complete and whole
Connected and intertwined
But forgotten and neglected
In these troubled times
When separation and division
Neither adds or multiplies
But rather subtracts and divides

May the goddess within awaken
In both women and in men
No line drawn in the sand
Instead a unification of holding
Space and of holding hands
Where love reigns true
And kindness shines through
As one light and into the darkness
Greed, shame, and blame
Like guilt and suffering fade away
To a new dawn of mutual respect
A new dimension of living
Where there is no misgiving
Of peace and harmony within

For the very chaos itself
Is but a cry out for love
As the most unlovable
Is the most love deprived
So the world needs but a hug
Not another prescription
Of hate and fear
Or another drug
Of power and control
But a kiss of orgasmic bliss
As this is the time
For all the stars to align
We need not wait
For a neon sign
Or for the second coming
As this is when we look inside
To where the goddess resides
Waking up to face all that is
Beautiful within each of us
We are not too blind
We simply have forgotten
Or have neglected to see
How beautiful we can all be

Morikami flower white (2)


You Are Beautiful

Look not away

But here in my eye
When to you I say
You are beautiful

Whole complete
A divine goddess
From head to feet
For you are you
Authentic and true
Beautiful you are

Complete whole
Goddess so divine
Inside and out
For you are you
See it see it too
How beautiful you are

Strong and brave
A divine goddess
Intelligent and wise
There is only one you
This is nothing new
You are Beautiful

Love and light
A divine goddess
Day and night
You being you
Through and through
You are beautiful as is

Look not away
Meet me in my eyes
When to you I say
You are beautiful


The juxtaposition of our position

while we may be adept

proficient even 

….in caring for others

while being equally negligent
in caring for ourselves

….in exposing our breasts (or dicks)

we may be complacent
in exposing our feelings
our heart and soul
and our true vulnerabilities

….in giving to others

but have a terrible time
in receiving
the same love and kindness
shown to others

….in receiving

but cannot give
in kind

…in being environmentally conscientious

while polluting our own personal
space with toxic energy

…at making money

but horrible at making
relationships work

….in creating beautiful art

although at the same time
are starving
for the beauty that
life’s canvas holds

…in taking great care of our bodies

yet hate the way we look
no matter how great our body
may look

….in finding peace within

but cannot find peace
out in the real world

….at changing the oil

although cannot change
a diaper

….in multitasking

but may suck at focusing
on just one task

…at being the big boss

but have a horrible time
being the bigger man
(or woman)

…at managing tasks

yet unable to
not only manage
but lead

….at fooling the world

but cannot ever
fool the one person
looking back
in the mirror


Human, We Are, Even If We Forget Sometimes

Sometimes, we forget or neglect
the fact that we are
and whether it be
an act of kindness,
a time of sadness,
a touch of love,
a moment of joy,
or a moment of anger,
it is human to feel
it is human to touch
it is human to weep
it is human to wonder
it is human to doubt
it is human to remember
it is human to seek
it is human to enjoy

Are You An Artist?

Are you an artist?
I would profess that whether you consider yourself one or not, we all are.
We are an artist, and the canvas is our life.  Our medium is the choices we make every single day in creating the masterpiece, which is our existence, and the legacy that we leave for others.
We continually make decisions that shape our life, which corresponds to the way we see the world.  In fact, the world we see is as much a reflection of ourselves than anything else.
Everyone we meet, do we see them as a completed masterpiece (love at first sight) or we do we see them as completely the opposite?  How often do we see someone blank slate?   When we see someone we are only seeing how they show up to us in that moment, but there is so much more to the picture.
As an artist, we are creative by nature.  Some of us tend to forget as we get older what it was like to be a child and play with colors, to laugh and to play – for no reason other than for the pure joy.

Come On In…You Are Welcome….

You Are Welcome!
And, Thank you….

Copy of Copy of “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”– William James

You are Welcome!

Come in, take off your shoes and stay awhile.
It matters not where you came from
or where you are going either,
it matters not your race or creed,
your gender, or your religious
beliefs, (or lack thereof),
because here in this sanctuary
here you are free and you
you can be yourself.

The rules there are not many,
and they are simple in their complexity.
Treat others as you would like to be treated
with kindness, compassion and empathy
in thee.  Because, here in this sanctuary
here we are free and we
we can be yourselves.

Copy of “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”– William James
And, thank you….
For seeing beyond this body and this face
beyond any race, because the only competition
is with myself and with no one else
Much love and gratitude for comparing me not
to anyone or anything

For seeing me as but a man, it limits severely all that I am
For seeing me as young, it limits severely all that I am
For seeing me as old, it limits severely all that I am
For seeing me as a leader, it limits severely all that I am
For seeing me as a follower, it limits severely all that I am 
Much love and gratitude for comparing me not
to anyone or anything

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”– William James

Continue being you,
because the world it needs you
for your gifts, your thoughts, your unique
insight into life and all its magical charm.
Continue being you,
through and through 
and not what the world thinks you
should be limiting your very 
gifts, your thoughts, your unique
insight into life and its magical charm.


Husband Of The Year Award

Good morning,

And, how are you today?  First, the sunrise this morning was unreal.  I love both sunsets and sunrises equally and today was purely magical – as is everyone I have been blessed to witness.

This particular sunrise was in Boca as I was picking up two passengers to take to the tri-rail.  From there, I picked up a gentleman who had flew in from Brazil this morning.  He was on his way to see his wife who is here on a student Visa.  He comes back and forth staying here for a couple of weeks at a time.   An engineer, he had a company that was very successful.   He sold that to a foreign investor for a nice profit and put those profits into real estate, but the economy in Brazil has tanked so over half of his buildings are vacant.

Between the cost of living between two countries, college costs and expenses for his wife, and his son-in-law who is also in college, he averages over $200,000 in those expenditures alone.   Having that in savings, he can do it, but it has been a struggle not having a return in investment to compensate.

They are on their third year ($600,00), and she has applied to Lynn University for her Master’s Degree.   They will find out soon.   His pressing need is to change his status in the US, because right now even though his business is in Brazil and not in the US, he is having to pay taxes.

But, he fully supports his wife’s education along with his son-in-law.  He continues going back and forth.  He continues to make the best of it.

Is that not what marriage is about?  

Supporting one another through it all and seeing the bigger picture of one another’s dreams.

Is that not what relationships are about? 

Giving and receiving, mutually respecting, honoring one another (and the collective conscious of the whole) and co-creating – whether on a personal and/or a professional level.

Is that not what life is about?

We are all in this together.

And, on that note​….​

How can I support you today?
How can you support me?  
How can we support one another?

….as one big happy family cohabitating on this
most beautiful plane of existence we collectively
call Earth as we mutually benefit from one another’s


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