What can I do to support you?

How can I 
support you,

This one question I ask of everyone, whether it be professionally or personally.  The basis of this is that 1) it is not about me, 2) you never know what someone may need and, more often that not, people have a difficult time asking, and 3) we all are going through something whether it be professionally or personally where we could use some assistance.

That support may be in the form of having someone to listen to (without judgement, feedback, or even advice) but merely to be heard; that support might be in the form of needing a referral;  that support may be in needing someone that can be trusted (and inspiring rather than deflating) who can provide feedback on a new idea or a new venture;  that support may be in simply knowing someone is out there in the event that it may be needed in the future for reasons unbeknownst now.

So, with that in mind if there is anything I can do to support you, please feel free to let me know.




Let’s Play

No matter where in the world
No matter what  country
No matter what region
No matter how rich
No matter how poor

Children just want to play


This past weekend, I had a conversation with a gentleman who had traveled the world in the military and now working for the government.  We were talking about how similar we are, as human beings, and he gave the example of seeing children all over the world all wanting one thing  – to play.

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“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul
than the way in which it treats its children.”
 — Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa


“Children must be taught how to think,
not what to think.”
  — Margaret Mead, cultural anthropologist


“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”
  — Fred Rogers, television personality

(A)Wak(en)ing Up

I woke up
this morning!
Yes, I did!
Can you believe it?
It is true

* It is not fake news *
(ok, that was bad)

that I not only woke up
but, I am awake
alive and free
to be
M  E

Totally, committed
to this moment

Completely, in love
with this day

Absolutely, grateful
for everyone
and everything
as everyone
and everything
is serving me

and my
higher good

sunset (2).jpg

Ode To Thee

I love you
for your pretty face

though it is upon
that brow
that I long
to embrace
with but my lips


to trace
a thousand
of caresses
I would make

and a thousand
if that is what
it would
to peer
so deep
into those big

and place
but a peck
on your soft
download (8)
yet it is not
your pretty face
that I love

but your precious
that buckles
my knees
yet it is not
your pretty face
that I love

but your
with lobes
I could nibble

for days
yet it is not
your pretty face
that I love

but your simple
that leads me
to your loving
download (9).jpg
yet it is not
your pretty face
that I love

but all of you
that I
do miss
because when
without your
I am remiss

In saying
I am but a boat
with no oars
download (10)
when I am not
at your
pretty face

My Dear Love


It Was Not Until I Realized That…

I used to not see compassion, kindness and love as being so instrumental to this world’s future (and to all of humanity) and furthermore would never have thought that these three words would define my consciousness…

until I realized that
I am who I am –
and learned to be
in love with that
who I am

I used to feel uncomfortable hearing that I am “really nice” and being able to see it as the compliment (as was the case with embracing other compliments as well) it is and was…

until I realized that
I am who I am –
and learned to be
in love with that
who I am

I used to see the world (and people therein) as a big scary place, especially those places (and those people) in the far distance over “there” where “they” reside….
until I realized
I am who I am –
and they are
who they are –
and learned to be
in love with that

who I am

I used to talk a lot, or more aptly, way too much because it did not allow myself the opportunity to listen (and yes, I have very good hearing and often hear even that which I am not supposed to hear, but whether someone says something positive or something negative about me, it really has little to do with me) and it was not until I got really quiet that I heard what was really important. But that lesson, as so many others, it was not…

until I realized that
I am who I am –
and I learned to be
in love with that

who I am

That I found
with myself
and who I am
And I learned to be
being only

You And I…..we….

I understand that
the 5 people who
we most surround ourselves
makes us who we are;
So, who are we then?
are we chained?
Or, are we free?
Are we blind?
Or, do we see…

Untitled design (1).png

…the world as a plethora
of potential and opportunity;
believing that faith
is stronger than hope;
knowing that people driven
by passion can get more done
than just about anyone?

Untitled design.png

I am you
You am I
And we together
Make 3
With whoever
we invite
Into our inner
with the divine



Keep It Simple, Sincerely

Why oh why do we inexplicably have such a propensity for name calling?

……unconsciously needing to call someone something derogatory – and that someone way too often can be ourselves with names like, “Stupid”?

……enigmatically think it is acceptable?

……reflexively believe there is no harm?

……compulsively put others down in order to somehow think we are raising ourselves up?

……mysteriously hold such pain within and the propensity to distribute that to others?

……mechanically see the faults and flaws in ourselves, in the people we meet, and the world itself instead of witnessing the strength and beauty?

……curiously deem kindness as a weakness?

……peculiarly believe that shame and blame is the only game in town?

……perplexingly not realizing the damage it inflicts on oneself, others, and the interconnectedness of all?

……inexplicably making life, and all that it is – including ourselves and everyone else in it, so damn complicated?

…..sadly underestimating the power of…..

                Keeping It Simple




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